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Love Art? Bring Those Colors Into Your Home

We all have favorite paintings, photographs or art in our homes. Take it one step further and bring those colors into your home BUT on the walls. Here is a detail of a painting I did for someone and I … Continue reading

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A Caribbean Color Palette For Your Home

This was a fun request for a Virtual Color Consultation. She wanted a light and airy “Caribbean feel” for her home. Here’s the graphics that I designed for her.

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Color Quickie: Bringing Green Into The Coastal Color Palette

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The Flip Side To Coastal Colors

Love Coastal Color schemes? The smokey blues, beach glass greens, sandy beiges and all the colors in between that capture the look of the beach are simply gorgeous! Did you know there is a flip side to coastal colors?

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Why Do People Like Coastal Colors So Much?

I have been designing coast color palettes for years, years and years now. Honestly, I don’t see it ending either. If anything it’s higher in demand than ever before! “I want something spa-like in the bathroom” or “Can you choose … Continue reading

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Grab a Handfull of Shells and You’ve Got Yourself the Perfect Color Palette

Do you want to get the look and feel of the beach in your home? The color palette of the beach if a very desired look and it’s really easier than you think to capture those hues for your home. … Continue reading

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