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Bedroom Colors That Work

Our bedroom is such an important room, and you better believe the colors have to be perfect. Here are four suggestions for a cozy, beautiful bedroom. If you want to purchase ($55) this color palette (Sherwin Willaims, Benjamin Moore, or … Continue reading

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How Do I Choose A Color For My Bedroom?

Simple! To tie in the look of your bedroom, choose one color either from the bedding or drapery. Chose a lighter color for the main walls and a darker color if you have an area for an accent wall.  

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What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Seems like a simple question right? Still, we want to paint once and choose the perfect paint color the first time around. So what colors should we be talking about for our bedrooms?

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Why Do Kids Love Such Bright Colors For Their Rooms?

Well that’s a good thing! I’m a firm believer in letting kids choose their own bedroom colors after all, it THEIR room. However, if the color keeps you up at night, you should find a happy compromise. Here is a bright … Continue reading

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The Perfect Soothing Bedroom

Can this possibly be the perfect bedroom? Let’s talk about the color. This bedroom has the ever so popular gray wall. It’s modernized by adding a touch of yet another gray that has the slightest hint of a muted lavender. … Continue reading

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A bedroom doesn’t have to be blue to be relaxing … think Holistic Hues

Stuck in the blue and gray color trend? Come, let’s explore your options Holistic hues for the bedroom don’t have to be “soothing” they just have to be colors that resonate with you. I wouldn’t suggest bright orange or red but … Continue reading

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Pair Marsala With “New” Hues to Give it A Fresh Look

It just hit the cyber waves, Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. I really have a boat load to say about this color but just wanted to send this one out. Now this color will show up in … Continue reading

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Sexy Colors for the Master Bedroom

What are sexy colors for the Master Bedroom? Red? Blue? Purple? Well yes to all of the above. The trick is to find the right compromise in the bedroom to get the perfect color scheme. After all, isn’t that what … Continue reading

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Colors for kids bedrooms. They’re going to be bright!

I can almost put money on it – whenever I go into a clients home and get to the kids bedrooms, I can tell the age of the child just by looking at the color on the wall. Kids choose … Continue reading

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