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Art To Color Palette: An Easy Way To Design Color For Your Home

This is one of my favorite ways to develop a color palette – from art. If you like a particular piece of art, there’s a really good chance it’s because you are drawn to it’s colors. Here I have an … Continue reading

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Reaching for The Higher Realm With Purple

Do you ever wonder why purple is still such a popular color? It’s a great color for wardrobe, wall color and for the “inner self”.

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Cats and hope. Two great inspirations for your home

HOLISTIC COLOR What does “hope” feel like? Find your hope and bring those colors into the home.

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Merry Christmas from Decorating by Donna!

Oh what a year! Always so much to talk about in the world of color right? Oh by the way, have you noticed a change in my blog style? Well I hope you like it because it’s the new me!

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What I’ve Learned About Color Now That I Own Four Cats

Color  and decor choices are important if you own cats I’ve been in the interior design business for a really long time but it wasn’t until recently that I now have to consider color and decor choices since I own four … Continue reading

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The Cool Side of The Pillow

On Saturdays, I like to take a break from color chat and just talk. Today, apparently  trending on Google Plus, it’s #Caturday. Earlier in the month I wrote a post called “What Happens When Your Cat Wakes You Up Too … Continue reading

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Week in Review, it was a Doozie!

It was an EXTREMELY productive week. I think on Sunday I’m going to do a recap of the week for my blog. There are just so many new followers, great posts, and comments that I’d like to thank certain people … Continue reading

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How You Can Tell if Your Cat Hates your Paint Color

You made the trip to Sherwin Williams, picked out your own paint color, painted your room over the weekend and then find out  … your cat hates your paint color!

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What Happens When your Cat Wakes You Up Too Early on Saturday?

So I woke up obnoxiously early this Saturday morning. I wish someone would tell my cat that on Saturdays, all kitties can sleep in. So now that I’m up, thank you Jimmy, and the house is quite, I turn to … Continue reading

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