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Colors That Belong Together

The other day I was watching TV and saw some colors that caught my eye. They were very similar to these two. The coral was cool and saturated, and the gray was crisp and clean. I had to write about … Continue reading

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Does Your Bedroom Scream For Color?

Don’t play it safe when it comes to color for your bedroom. Have fun and choose colors that bring your room alive! Let me show you three colors that will make your bedroom happy.

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What Color Should I Paint My Porch Ceiling?

If you said blue, you’ll need to read this. Everyone and their sister now have some form of blue on their porch ceiling. Typical look. Do you know why they chose blue? They don’t know; they are just following the … Continue reading

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Which Colors Go With Slate Blue?

What a great accent color! I wouldn’t necessarily use it as the main color because it is quite dark but this slate blue is a great starting point. What other colors go with slate blue? Let’s chat about them!

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How Do I Paint A Room That Has Crazy Angles?

Take charge of the room, don’t let the room take charge of you. See all those angles? Don’t let that intimidate you. I have many clients that have rooms such as this one and to keep it easy, I say … Continue reading

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Come Celebrate Spring With Pastels On The Ceiling

Happy first day of Spring! Now is the time to start fresh, dig into those new beginnings and perhaps even move forward with your spring home improvements. As we leave behind winter and the long, cold nights we can start … Continue reading

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Pink: A Very Healing Hue For Your Home

Pink is such a healing hue. It really needs to be in the home. Continue reading

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Happy New Year: 4 Ways To Add Something New To Your Home for 2019

Try something new elements in your home this year! Continue reading

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A Must Have INTERIOR Home Color Palette For 2019

Interior color has a new look and feel for 2019. It’s that time of year where I get excited to use some new, fresh, healing colors for the home. There is one element in this color palette that I’m super excited about!!! It’s going to be a new trend for sure! Come take a look.
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Look How Great Color On The Ceiling Looks

The other day I wrote a post “Say Good-Bye To The White Ceiling” and today, I want to show you how awesome color on the ceiling looks.

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