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Colors That Speak Softly

Sometimes color should be seen and not heard. Color can be heard? Well yes! Did you ever go into someone’s home and the first thing you noticed is the very bright color? Maybe a really bold blue on the wall … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Historic Home?

Historical homes need special care when it comes to color and design.  It seems like we are always sinking money into our homes whether they are new or old. Fixing this, painting that and updating decor seems to be the norm of … Continue reading

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Colors that heal. How does this work?

Colors have power but which colors will help you heal? I have clients of all kinds. Clients that have new homes, old homes, homes that need to be staged and even clients with Historic homes that need a very specific color palette. Every … Continue reading

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What will the colors of 2015 look like?

… well I can tell you this. My graphics will have a new look and a new feel. Sound exciting? Yes, I think so too! You may have seen a few of the new graphics already but take a look … Continue reading

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Colors That Make You Want to Snuggle

Well Fall has just about arrived and I have so much to say about the Fall color palette so hold on to your hats and I’ll get it them out as soon as I can. One of the first things … Continue reading

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Ah!! For Once A Client Did NOT Have The Dreaded Orange Cabinets!

Every now and then I have a client that has a really pretty kitchen. It’s not the standard builder’s kitchen that came with the house or at least they had an option to design their kitchens before it was built. … Continue reading

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One Photograph, Many Color Possibilities

Coastal colors for the home are still very popular. Have a picture of inspiration that you love? If it’s a coastal picture then you have enough color possibilities to design a color palette for your entire home. Come see how … Continue reading

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Need Some Color Suggestions for Just One Room?

It’s nice to have a new color palette for your entire home but what if you only need color for your bedroom or the bathroom or just the living room? I have the solution for you! I now offer single … Continue reading

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Color May Look Good in a Photograph but That Doesn’t Mean It Belongs in a Color Palette

I woke up way too early today but had a chance to sift though all my social media streams. I came across an unattractive photograph, from a high profile tweeter but I’m not going to mention them, and they posted … Continue reading

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Blue, Teal and Gold Color Palette

I’m always hunting for a unique color palette. I’m a little tired of the blue-gray color trend that’s out there now and am in search for something that has a little more kick. I took this picture during my last … Continue reading

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