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Can I Paint My Bedroom Purple?

Yes and I highly recommend it. Purple is a great color for so many reasons, it’s liked by both men and women. Plus, on a spiritual level, purple is a really hot color now.

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Color and Crystals for February

Ah, the color that represents the Crown Chakra! Purple, it’s the go-to color for all that is spiritual. How else does purple fit onto our color of the month? So many ways!

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Lavender Enhances Your Spiritual Awareness

Lavender and all shades of purple have been showing up for me for the last solid week. It’s the clothes I wear, the Chakra glasses I’m drawn to, the crystals I like and I even see my friends wearing a … Continue reading

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What Color Connects Me To Source?

I haven’t posted about Angels on my page for a while and since it’s Sunday, it feels fitting. Angels would also be the COSMOS part of my hashtag #FromColorToTheCosmos. See how it all fits in? As you all should know … Continue reading

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