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Color and Crystals for January

While we are still in the first month of the year, I want to start, “Color and Crystals.” This will show you a deeper look at the colors you choose for your home, and, perhaps why you choose them.

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Colors and Crystals: Malachite

As I start this “Colors and Crystals” series, I want to briefly tell you a bit about my intentions. As you all know by reading my blog here on Decorating by Donna, I am ALL about the color. As you … Continue reading

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Colors and Crystals for Your Home

I will start a relatively long series about color, crystals, and how both are so strongly related. More importantly, I will detail how color and crystals relate to your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll definitely want these colors and crystals … Continue reading

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Paint Colors To Help Depression

Let’s connect color with objects just for a moment. Here we have some crystals that are visually soothing. Warm peach, creamy yellow, and a watery blue. GOLD: I know from first-hand experience that most gold hues are very uplifting. I … Continue reading

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Colors, Crystals and Angels

Colors, crystals and angels, it all fits in. You’ve heard me mention these three elements before and now, let’s dive deeper into those mystical colors.

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What Does Your Desk Look Like?

From color to the cosmos, my desk! Continue reading

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Color Can Get VERY Deep

After talking about color for over thirty years, I find comfort in knowing that there’s more to color than just pigment on the wall. There’s color in EVERYTHING so pay attention to those things that catch your attention.

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