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Can Color Make You A Grouchy Pants?

You better believe it!!! There were times when I walked into someones “gray” home and just felt like … well let’s just say it wasn’t a good feeling. I still don’t understand how people can have gray as the dominant … Continue reading

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Have The Winter Blues? Add Gold To Your Home

I can’t tell you how gold saved my life! I lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years and the winters were no joke. The Fall/Winter seasons were long and gray and if you had depression issues, you were in for a … Continue reading

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Color Of The Day: Pink

‪ Don’t think “baby girl” color here. This color is representative of the heart which … is love. Like the yarn, this particular pink teeters between pink and lavender. Doesn’t it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? When (notice … Continue reading

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Color Palettes for ADHD and Depression

We all know that when we see color, it makes us feel a certain way. Blue and green is very calming, red, yellow and orange have more energy, pink is relaxing and purple may make us feel fun and flirty … Continue reading

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