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Paint Colors Of Empowerment

What do pastels, waves, and mindfulness have in common? Empowerment.

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Yellow: The Beginnings of Spring

Whenever I see this plant flower I know spring is right around the corner. I planted two plants last summer, they were randomly chosen at a huge nursery so I had no idea what they were, and it was a … Continue reading

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How To Discover Your Color Style

What is your color style? Continue reading

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Yellow Is The Color Of Joy, Empowerment and Healing

Not only is yellow the color of Joy and Empowerment it’s also a very healing hue. Think of how good you feel when you see the sun or even these yellow roses. Incorporate yellow into your home for not only … Continue reading

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Need A Little More Empowerment In Your Home? Try Yellow.

Did you know that you can achieve that with color? Yellow is a very empowering, energetic color. It’s not for the faint hearted. Now the question is, where does one use yellow in the home?

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