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What Colors Are Warm and Inviting Yet Still HOA Acceptable?

We all want the best color for our home – more than beige and more colorful than gray. Yes that falls into a lot of possibilities but what if HOA restrictions are thrown in as well?  

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Virtual Exterior Color Palettes Just $125

It’s that time of year when people are starting to spruce up their home. Worried about color? No need to! I’m offering an Exterior Color Palette for just $125. This is the type of graphic you’ll receive. Taking appointments starting … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My House?

• Do you have an HOA? • Do you live in the North? South? • Do you have a lot of shade on your house? • Can you paint your brick? • Will you be selling your home soon?

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Exterior Color Consultations Can Be Tricky

But they don’t have to be! It’s one thing to take a chance with color on the inside of your home where nobody can see it but on the outside? YIKES! I remember when I was a kid my Dad … Continue reading

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Don’t Rule Out Pink For Your Home Exterior

Pink would be the last color I’d choose for the exterior of a building or home but don’t you agree this looks gorgeous? I took this picture in Savannah Georgia and just thought it was stunning! I always keep my … Continue reading

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How to choose an exterior color for your home. Should it just be white?

How to choose color for the exterior of your home. Paint it white. It’s a no-brainer. NO! There is a lot to consider before you do and here’s a few reason why choosing white for your home may not be … Continue reading

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