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How Color Affects Balance In Life

Life is about balance, and it’s so hard being “in the black.” After a trying few days, I’m coming closer to the white. It’s the one and only time I welcome gray in my life.

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Do grey sofas, look better on orange hardwood floors?

This question came in from my Pinterest platform, and I thought it was a great question to ask. So many people have a gray so far because it coordinates with so many decors, I have one myself. But the question here … Continue reading

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How Can Color Calm My Mind?

It’s been a day! Family members having issues, people not knowing how to do their jobs, sick pets, and no time. The stress is high today. When this happens, I turn to my design board and create a color and … Continue reading

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The Best Colors For A Guest Bedroom

When I visit someone’s home, you know I check out the wall color. Does it feel good? Does it look good? Nothing says relaxing than a guest room with the perfect color.

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Color Expert Donna Frasca Taps Into The Soul of Her Clients

When I went to college to get my degree in interior decorating and design, I wish they had a course that taught us how to choose colors based on how we feel. 30+ years later, I realized that color is … Continue reading

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Color Cures: What Color is Boredom and How Do I Heal It?

From a person who can see color, boredom definitely has a look, color, and pattern. Can we counteract it with other colors?  I don’t know about you, but looking at this card makes me sleepy. This is what boredom FEELS … Continue reading

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The Classic Green, Gray and Cream

I could see this color palette in my house! Isn’t it beautiful? I have similar colors so yes, I would definitely recommend this color palette for your home.  Please know that all the color palettes I design will not have … Continue reading

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A Simple Blue, Gray, Beige Color Palette

Sometimes going back to basics is ok. This classic color palette highlights the dark blue and balances it out with some lighter hues. I love the light blue for the main wall color with that creamy beige for yes, the … Continue reading

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What Colors Go With Gray Bedding?

More than I can list here but I will highlight three colors that will certainly be a great place to start. Gray is a rather blah color so you can go wild with your choices to paint your walls as … Continue reading

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Colors That Go With Yellow

It’s a challenge to find the perfect buttery yellow let alone colors that go with it. Here I have a color palette for sale that shows you four colors that would be the perfect partners with yellow. Don’t guess when … Continue reading

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