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Uninhibited Colors

Uninhibited colors; ”Expressing one’s feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint.”  Can you just dive into colors without hesitation? If you feel you like certain colors, without a second thought, yes, then these colors are for you! This color feels … Continue reading

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Five Mind Soothing Colors

These colors can instantly invoke calmness and serenity for your mind. These soothing hues are delicate and have an incredibly calming effect for your mind and your spirit and body. The energy of this color palette is spiritual alignment; no, … Continue reading

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Greens To Get You Grounded

Grounding or earthing, is simply touching the earth’s surface with your bare skin by walking barefoot on the grass, dirt, or sand. New research is pointing to the possibility that connecting to the electrical conductivity of the earth’s surface may regulate … Continue reading

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How To Bring Love Into The Home This Valentine’s Day

Love is definitely in the air and now, it can be in your home. One of the main reasons green is my favorite color is because it represents the Heart Chakra. Green is the new color of love, but red … Continue reading

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Sherwin William’s Finally Taps Into Wellness and Holistic Hues When It Comes To Color For The Home!

No one is more excited than I am about Sherwin Williams right now! Finally, they’ve tapped into holistic hues and wellness when it comes to color for the home. I’ve been posting for years about holistic and healing hues for the home and I’ve … Continue reading

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What Colors Will Be Popular Fall of 2019?

Hands down, I say earthy colors to the core. Why? When life starts to spin and spin, the best thing to do is to ground. The quickest way to do that besides a good meditation is with color. I SO … Continue reading

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