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Colors To Heal The Mind, Body, and Spirit

I talk about healing colors often. In my opinion, you can’t get enough of these soothing, healing hues in the home, especially when the home is unsettled by the news, social media, politics, and financial burdens. The list can go … Continue reading

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Colors For Wellness, Healing, and Mindfulness Using A Pendulum

Let me begin by telling you that these colors were chosen by my pendulum. When we talk about colors for wellness, healing, and mindfulness, it is 100% about intuition. These colors differ for everyone, based on their mind, body, and … Continue reading

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The Colors I Recommend For A Healing Home

Healing colors; that’s what Decorating by Donna is all about. As the year comes to an end, I am going to pick my top four healing colors of the year, and they are from Valspar. How do I know that … Continue reading

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The Best Beach Glass Colors For Your Home

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and loved the colors of beach glass! If there is one color palette forever etched in my soul, it’s the colors of beach glass.

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14 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A House of Healing

Healing: making or becoming sound or healthy again. Our homes should do this for us, and there are a few ways we can easily turn our homes into healing centers. Let’s look at fourteen was to transform your home into … Continue reading

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What Color Is Hope?

Is it the pastel hues of the morning sunrise?Is it the clear blue of the sky?Is it the white of our cotton clouds?Is it the red of our roses?Is it the inspiring hues of our sunsets?Is it the lightest pink … Continue reading

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The Five Best Sherwin Williams Colors For Your Home: A Post COVID-19 Color Palette

The arrival of the perfect Sherwin Williams color palette is here. These five colors will be the only five colors you’ll need for your home. No more searching for color trends, or waiting for the color of the year or … Continue reading

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Bring Amethyst Into Your Home To Soothe Your Emotions

Why is purple so soothing and relaxing? It’s in the spas, nail salons, and wellness centers. They use purple for a reason because it feels good. From having amethyst in our home to a lavender hue on the wall, this … Continue reading

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Color Wheel Wednesday: Bitter Chocolate

come see what color can do Continue reading

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How To Add Purple and Green To Your Bedroom

I love finding the perfect color combinations in nature. Here I have a Lamb Ear plant that has the perfect balance of purple and green. I partially love the silvery green in this plant. What makes it even better, it … Continue reading

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