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How Can Yellow Help Me Feel Better?

Remember, you are in charge of how you feel; color will assist you with that. What color should you start with, yellow.  The shadows in our lives can be overwhelming, it’s an awful, heavy feeling, but it can be simply … Continue reading

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What Color Is Joy?

When you release the fear, the joy will flow. These colors will help get you there.

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How To Add Joy To Your Home By Changing Your Paint Colors

We all want our homes to LOOK good but it’s more important that they FEEL good. This can be achieved by using color. Come hear how to bring JOY in to your home using Color Stories by Benjamin Moore.

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Yellow Is The Color Of Joy, Empowerment and Healing

Not only is yellow the color of Joy and Empowerment it’s also a very healing hue. Think of how good you feel when you see the sun or even these yellow roses. Incorporate yellow into your home for not only … Continue reading

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Taking Time Out to Raise It Up

Just wanted to share some good vibes today with you all. Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat?” Well you are what you think and do. So, think and do good stuff people and watch what happens ❤

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What are the colors of joy?

When you say “joy” happy colors come to my mind. No grays, no muted hues, no dark dingy colors just crisp clean colors like the smell of fresh linens hung out on the line to dry and yes I just … Continue reading

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