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Unconventional Colors For The Living Room

Who sees Crown Chakra colors first? YES! I can’t help but choose colors with the chakras in mind; after all, we need to start choosing colors with intention, agree? First of all, I personally would not have so much white … Continue reading

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Color Quickie: Lavender to Calm

Purple/Lavender – is so calming. On the days you feel your knickers twisting, focus on this color. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

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Color and Crystals for February

Ah, the color that represents the Crown Chakra! Purple, it’s the go-to color for all that is spiritual. How else does purple fit onto our color of the month? So many ways!

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Which Color Will Calm My Nerves?

Think of it as lavender visual therapy. It’s like a spa day for your senses. We all know how fast our nerves can get shattered, and thankfully, we know how we can instantly fix it with color. With the enchanting … Continue reading

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How To Create A Healing Home With Crystals

A good place to start would be with crystals. It sounds simple, and it is. What I have here are a few things that I love. When you surround yourself with something, you love you instantly create a healing home. … Continue reading

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Classic Coastal Colors For The Home With A Twist of Lavender

When you say “Coastal Colors” certain hues come to mind. However, there are so many more colors that can be found at the beach from pale yellows to lavender.

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How Do I Get The Names Of Your Color Palettes?

Getting to the nitty-gritty of my color biz today. Here are some popular services I offer. This is how you can get the names of any color palette you have, in the paint company of your choice. If all you … Continue reading

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When Decorating Your Bedroom, Keep Continuity in Mind

Decorating your bedroom? Think continuity. You have to have a color plan in mind before starting. Here I have a picture of a bedroom. You can see that the over all look and feel of this room is a cool … Continue reading

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Color Cures: Putting Healing into the Ceiling

We all know that color does way more than just look pretty on the walls right? It makes us feel good, heals us, makes us happy, triggers good memories and so much more. I’m taking color one step further with … Continue reading

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