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Why Do We Need Neutrals In Life?

Life can be too “colorful” at times. The anxiety and stress in life sometimes can be overwhelming and we need time and space to rest. I call neutrals “a resting place for color”. It is also a resting place in life.

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The Sound of Silence: When Your Colors are too Quiet

Neutrals have their place but should these quiet hues dominate the tone of your home? How can these very luminous colors change the vibration in your home? Like a whisper, colors can translate to sound. Let’s compare red to pink: … Continue reading

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Color Tip: Echo Your Kitchen Color Somewhere Else In The Home

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the Virtual Design boards that I work on. I’ll call them Color Tips. When choosing color for you kitchen, tie it in somewhere else in the home. Most kitchens … Continue reading

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Can We PLEASE Have 50 Shades of Brown?

I don’t know about you but I’m getting to my limit with all this gray, 50 Shades or less. Is gray really that fantastic? No it’s not. Gray had it’s day but at this point, it’s getting beat like Grandma’s … Continue reading

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Renting? What Other Paint Color Can You Use Other Than Beige?

Color Quickie: Renting a home? Think undertones! As you know, renting comes with all kinds of restrictions and unfortunately, your color choices are also on that list. I’ve never rented a home before but I do now that in most … Continue reading

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