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How To Get Killer Color For Your Home

We all want our homes to look like a page out of a Home magazine with perfect color, perfect decor and at a reasonable cost. But who has the budget or time to do all that? Well you can transfrom … Continue reading

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Is Changing The Paint Formula a Good Thing To Do?

Changing the formulation of anything is a little risky if you ask me. Let’s say you like Sherwin Williams Chrysanthemum 6347 but find it a little too dark. You ask to have it lightened up 50%. Guess what? You now have … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My House if I’ll Be Moving Soon?

Choosing color for your home is a process. Choosing color for your home when you’ll be moving in a year or two is another process. You’re be able to have a new color scheme but will you AND the potential new … Continue reading

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A Color Specialist in Charlotte Hunts for Color At The Local Lowe’s and You Won’t Believe What She Finds!

It’s the Holy Grail of paint color – the Pantone wall of honorable hues! There it was, the first thing I saw as I walked into the Lowe’s in Waxhaw, North Carolina, PANTONE COLORS!!!! I was armed with my iPad … Continue reading

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When Paint Names Don’t Match Their Color

Who doesn’t think that picking names of paint is the best job in the world? I’d love to do that for a living! You sit at a table with a bunch of colors in front of you and start rattling … Continue reading

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The Best Top 100 Painting Tips Ever Written

Home Improvements? Spring Cleaning? Just want to paint your home? Are you thinking about painting the inside of your home? Decided to do it yourself and save some money perhaps? Well painting is really a big project to take on … Continue reading

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Paint Color Tip: Working with Red

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What color should I paint my kitchen?

The kitchen as we all know is the core of the home. This is where you’ll want to design well and choose the right paint color for your kitchen. Think resale down the road but meanwhile, think of a color … Continue reading

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The Paint Colors of Benjamin Moore – love them all!

I just can’t say enough about the color palettes of Benjamin Moore. From the Classic paint deck which I use the most to my new favorite the gorgeous, Color Stories. Today while I was checking out my facebook pages, I … Continue reading

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What color can I paint my kitchen if I have tan countertops?

Tan countertops? Would that be yellow tan? Pinky tan? Green tan? Gray tan? I’m sorry! You didn’t think this would be a simple answer did you? It’s almost as complicated as “What white should I paint my ceiling?“ Color is … Continue reading

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