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The Healing Power of Red

Red is all about the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is about family and relationships. This video is about how I used red to help me heal after cutting cords with a family member.

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How To Use Root Chakra Red In Your Home To Heal Yourself

Only some people like red, but if you do, this is the post for you. Let’s first start by saying that using red, in this case, can be any shade or tone of red from deep burgundy to light pink. … Continue reading

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Color and Crystals for January

While we are still in the first month of the year, I want to start, “Color and Crystals.” This will show you a deeper look at the colors you choose for your home, and, perhaps why you choose them.

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Decorating With Your Chakras In Mind: How To Bring Red and The Root Chakra Into Your Home

Red comes in many shades and tones from the lightest pink to the darkest burgundy. So you see, you have many choices when bringing this high energy, rich hue into your home. When it comes to the Root Chakra, try … Continue reading

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Be Careful With The Power Of Red

It’s funny, as the days go on and I continue to deeply study color, mostly on spiritual levels, I’m finding out that red is a very complicated color. There are TONS of meaning behind this hue. Be careful bringing red … Continue reading

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Fire Up The Passion In Your Home With Red

Here is a perfect example of what red can be. It’s hot, passionate, primal and forceful. It represents the element of FIRE. Yes red is a great color to have in the home but be careful where you put it. … Continue reading

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How Can Red Help Heal Back Pain?

Bring red into your home and begin to self heal and balance your Root Chakra Continue reading

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Well Donna, what colors do YOU like?

I get asked this question all the time at my color consultations. I try not to voice any of my personal opinions during a consult because I don’t want to influence my client on their color choices but here, let’s talk. … Continue reading

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Want to go bold?

We all need a little assurance in our lives, especially if we are going with a bold color palette. Should we? Could we? Will bold colors look weird in my home? Will I get sick of them six months from … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need Red in The Morning?

Red kitchens are beautiful and definitely very striking but do we really need to see red in the morning? Shouldn’t we ease into color as we start the day off sipping our coffee as we have our breakfast? We all … Continue reading

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