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Use Red In Unexpected Places

I’ve mentioned bringing red into the home in other posts. Red is the color of the Root Chakra and perfect for this time of year when family and friends are near. How are you using red in your home? I … Continue reading

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Decorating With Your Chakras In Mind: How To Bring Red and The Root Chakra Into Your Home

Red comes in many shades and tones from the lightest pink to the darkest burgundy. So you see, you have many choices when bringing this high energy, rich hue into your home. When it comes to the Root Chakra, try … Continue reading

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How Can Red Help Heal Back Pain?

Bring red into your home and begin to self heal and balance your Root Chakra Continue reading

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Decorate Your Home With Chakra Colors

Today on #ColorChat I’ll show you how you can decorate with the Chakras in mind! Do you feel secure enough to have red in your home? That’s the Root Chakra and yes you can! Come watch as the color unfolds … Continue reading

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