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How to Comprise When Mrs. Loves Color But Mr. Does Not

I had a client yesterday who loved color and wanted jewel tones for her home. However, her husband liked neutrals. Today, I’m going to show you how to color compromise when the Mrs. likes color and the Mr. does not.

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What color should I paint my kitchen?

The kitchen as we all know is the core of the home. This is where you’ll want to design well and choose the right paint color for your kitchen. Think resale down the road but meanwhile, think of a color … Continue reading

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The color of Capel Rugs

If you need a quick splash of color, nothing does it quicker than adding a rug. I was looking through Home Fashion Forecast this morning and saw this ad for Capel rugs featuring Genevieve Gorder from HGTV.

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How should I paint my bonus room?

There are so many things you can do with your bonus room or F.R.O.G. [family-room-over-garge] as we call it in our home. Many, if not all the homes here in South Charlotte have these bonus rooms. They of course vary … Continue reading

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So what does the inside a $2.5M home look like?

This beauty is just miles from my own home and I’d love to get inside to take a look! It’s located on 8371 Providence Road here in South Charlotte, North Carolina. Until I can get myself inside this home, I’ll just … Continue reading

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Coastal Colors still going strong in South Charlotte

I’ve been mentioning for quite a while now how Coastal Colors are still going very strong here in South Charlotte – for a good two years now. It’s not because as a Color Specialist in Charlotte that I keep choosing them, my clients are … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Orange Kitchen

I just saw this kitchen listed in 1203 Churchill Downs Drive, located in Waxhaw, NC 28173. This is a $750,000 and a beautiful one at that but look at this very orange kitchen!! This is a tough call because when you’re … Continue reading

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How Does a 4+ Million Dollar Home Go On The Market Without Any Color?

This is shocking to me. How can a 4+ million dollar home be on the market and be white inside! No color – anywhere! Call me crazy but if I’m in the market to buy a multimillion-dollar home, it will … Continue reading

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Do we really need 50 Shades of Gray or just a few good ones?

Just when I thought gray peaked a year ago, it’s becoming more popular than ever. I’d rather see articles about “The Best Grays” than read about how beige is so wonderful. So what do we know about gray and do we … Continue reading

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Dining Room Color

Just had the most wonderful clients EVER! They said, “We LOVE color!!! No beige please!” My heart skipped a beat with excitement. What? No soft, relaxing Coastal Colors? No super light and safe beige’s? No model home golds and greens? … Continue reading

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