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Reflections: A New Way To Use Mirrors

Most homes have mirrors. Mirrors should reflect something beautiful in the home, which is the purpose of a mirror. However, there is another way that we can use these magical reflective surfaces other than just looking into them.

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The Magic of Plum

This color is just juicy delicious! It’s rich, color has a magical appeal like the velvet cloak of a Wizard. The mystery behind this hue holds a very intuitive expression and each person who likes this color likes it for … Continue reading

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Bring Amethyst Into Your Home To Soothe Your Emotions

Why is purple so soothing and relaxing? It’s in the spas, nail salons, and wellness centers. They use purple for a reason because it feels good. From having amethyst in our home to a lavender hue on the wall, this … Continue reading

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