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Did You Just Choose the Wrong Colors for Your Brand?

Choosing colors for your brand is so incredibly important! Choose the right blue associated with an amazing product and you will be known all over the world. Choose the right orange and become known in every single household – which … Continue reading

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Classic Colors We Love

The second you hear Tiffany Blue, what pops into your mind? The gorgeous robin egg blue box of course! Isn’t it amazing how you can associate a company with a color? What color comes to mind when I say Home Depot? … Continue reading

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Is Tiffany Blue for you?

We all know the name, the little box and the color associated with the name. But is Tiffany Blue really the right color choice for your home? I had a client in Marvin, NC who loved Tiffany Blue and she … Continue reading

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I like Tiffany Blue but want a relaxing color in my bedroom. What are my choices?

Donna, I really love the Tiffany Blue color, I was thinking about using it in my bedroom. Can I have Tiffany Blue and still get that relaxing feel in my bedroom? Valerie, Marvin Creek, NC Valerie, Tiffany Blue is a gorgeous … Continue reading

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