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Virtual Color For Your Home

How can you get virtual color for your home? It’s what I specialize in. I love designing color palettes, but what about people who need help with color placement? I’m here to help.

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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom When It Has Two Undertones?

Having two undertones in one room is never a good idea, but it happens. Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with fun colors or colors that you wouldn’t use in larger rooms of the home. In this case, I’d … Continue reading

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How To Find The Perfect Color Fit For Your Home

Finding color for your home is like finding the perfect pair of jeans; you try a whole bunch until you find some that fit. Paint color is the same but it doesn’t have to be. When I design color for … Continue reading

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Intuitive Color Expert Designs Inspirational Hues for your Home

Come enjoy some of my inspirational color palettes that connect you to places you love, feelings you want to remember, and colors you want for your home. Please note I can create any of these color palettes for you in … Continue reading

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How Do I Know What Colors To Choose For My Home That Has A VERY Open Floor Plan?

Open concept homes or homes with an open floor plan are often a challenge to design color for. Most people, and I’ve seen this a thousand times, choose beige or shades of gray for the entire home. This shows a … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My House If I’m Going To Sell It?

Should you paint your house beige? Gray? White? These are the popular choices but which one is the best choice to sell your home quickly? Let’s explore your choices.

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A Virtual Color Consultation Explained: Come See How Easy and Affordable They Are

Virtual Color Consultations are the way of the future. It’s all about convenience and affordability. Do you really want people who you don’t know coming into your home, taking 2 hours out of your day, a day that you had to take … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Man Cave?

It’s all about the man cave today – and color of course. This is a video that I’d like to reshare with you. It’s from Superbowl weekend 2014. Enjoy your day!

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If I Were A Paint Company I’d Have … A Holistic Paint Color Collection!

Listen up Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, I know you’re listening. How can you NOT have this already? Or something even close to it? Even Valspar is on board with their Sixth Sense line. It’s time to update your color palettes … Continue reading

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