Just bought a new home and don’t want to live with Contractor’s Beige? Want to update your current color palette? Just bought an older home and want to incorporate a design palette that will match your home decor?

If you have a large home with an open floor plan, choosing color will be a challenge for you. Where do the colors start? Where should they stop? It can be very tricky and if not done properly can be a very expensive mistake.

Most of the homes in South Charlotte are large and have open floor plans. These open concept spaces are what I specialize in. I too live in South Charlotte and know these homes and their layouts.

I have a list of services to break down various levels of options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask. Designing color for homes is highly customized and is priced and designed on an individual basis.

 1Color Coach – $45

A Color Coach option is perfect if you need just one color. This service is usually perfect for virtual clients or just quick color advice via email. Looking for a color for your door or just one room in your home? Do you already have  a color in mind and just want to run it by me to see if it’s the right choice for your space? Than this is the service for you. One color for just $45.


Basic Color Consultation – $85

This is a great email option when you need more than a Color Coach but less than a regular Color Consultation. Here I go into a little more details about your color choices and it includes up to three colors. Again, this is an email option only.


Color Consultations

This service is my most popular one and it will vary depending on the size of your home.

  • Under 2,000 square feet – $250
  • 2,000 – 2,500 square feet – $300
  • 2,500 – 3,000 square feet – $350
  • 3,000 – 3,500 square feet – $400
  • 3,500 – 4,000 square feet – $450
  • 4,000 – 4,500 square feet – $500
  • 4,500 – 5,000 square feet – $550
  • 5,000 -5,500 square feet – $600
  • 5,500 – 6,000 square feet – $650
  • 6,000 – 6,500 square feet – $700
  • 6,500 – 7,000 square feet – $750

Trip charges may be included. Every color consultation includes a color portfolio with all your color information, notes and photographs for color placement.

4Virtual Color Consultations

Click on the link to see how virtual consultations work or please email me at or call my land-line at 704-243-6764. This service is really priced based on what the client needs the best way to find out pricing is to contact me so I can break it down for you.

5Virtual Shopping – $300+

This is a very important service for those of you who are remodeling, building a new home and even the DIYer who are just not sure of your color or design choices. I’ll help you with your color choices for kitchen cabinet stain, hardware choices, tile, backsplash, granite, quartz, carpeting colors etc. If it has color, I can ensure that your undertones will be correct for your home to get the look you want. Fees to be discussed via email for call for a quote. Call me at 704-243-6764.

Let me shop the internet for you! With product suggestions such as tile, lighting, hardware, flooring and granite, I’ll provide a mood board for you so you have a visual of your design direction. I’ll also provide links to the products I suggest for you.

product samples

Color A La Carte

This is my newest and most popular service called Color A La Carte. I provide a color palette for you and you can purchase the entire color palette or just one or two colors for only $15 for each color. This way, if you purchased this entire color palette, all 8 colors, it would only be $120. This is enough color for your entire home from foyer to family room. Both regular and virtual color consultations would be twice this amount. It’s really a great service. Click ion the link to find out more about it.


Payment: I accept checks or cash only for color consultations.  For virtual consultations I have PayPal for your convenience. Just contact me for an quote because everything is highly customized and what you need may not fit into these fees.

8 Responses to Services

  1. owfotografik says:

    I really love color and using colors in many ways. I really enjoy your blog and I love the fact that you are a color specialist. Mastering colors is a really difficult thing to do and you really have to have an eye for it, as you do. Have a great day. Omaste

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    I love specializing in just color. Thanks so much for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. You are just what I’m looking for. I bought The Westley home at Lawson, in Waxhaw and will be moving in the end of December. I would love your advice and help with choosing the right colors for my home. I will be contacting you as soon as we move in.
    Thank You,

  4. Donna Frasca says:

    Welcome to an amazing neighborhood Denise! It’s one of my favorites. I’ll be here when you arrive 🙂

  5. Anne Hicks says:

    You are exactly the professional I am looking for. Wish you were in Mobile, AL.

  6. Donna Frasca says:

    Anne, what are you looking for in particular? ALL my color services are also available virtually which makes up most of my clients.

  7. Connie Hertel says:

    My husband and I have a condo in Florida that we plan on using in the winters
    In two years. We’ve had it for 10 yrs and haven’t done
    Anything with it. Now I want to upgrade it in get it ready for us.

    I’d let to see if we can work something out. My budget is
    not extensive however I don’t want junk. I’ll use Home Depot or
    Lowe’s if you feel it’s quality.

  8. Donna Frasca says:

    Connie – I try to work on everyone’s budget. Send me details at

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