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Who Says Christmas Colors Have To Be Red and Green?

Let’s break out of the standard Christmas color wheel and look at options other than red and green.

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Color Quickie: Feeling Blue In The Bedroom?

Honestly, most people do, and it’s no surprise. Blue is still the number one color for the bedroom, and it’s for a very restful reason. Like the elements we find so calming, blue can be found there – from the … Continue reading

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What Color Should I Paint My Living Room When My Floor is Too Orange?

Oh, that dreaded orange floor! Easy – go right to the color wheel for this one. Find orange and look at its opposite color, which is blue. These two colors really belong together.

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A Simple Blue, Gray, Beige Color Palette

Sometimes going back to basics is ok. This classic color palette highlights the dark blue and balances it out with some lighter hues. I love the light blue for the main wall color with that creamy beige for yes, the … Continue reading

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What Colors Go With Blue Fabric?

Depending on your decor, there are many colors that can go with most blue fabrics. In this graphic, I’ll show you three colors that are safe bets.

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Colors That Go With Yellow

It’s a challenge to find the perfect buttery yellow let alone colors that go with it. Here I have a color palette for sale that shows you four colors that would be the perfect partners with yellow. Don’t guess when … Continue reading

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When Two Colors Meet

Nothing says love when you have two colors that really get along – well, at least they look beautiful together. Here we have a blue and green that literally can be found in most homes. Why? They feel good together, … Continue reading

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Mix and Match: Mindful

What is it to be mindful? Mindfulness is to focus one’s awareness on the moment. Perhaps to quiet the mind and be in the present moment. How can we do that? By adding the right combination of colors to your … Continue reading

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Colors In Nature Are Hard To Find in Paint Decks

As spring flowers wake up from last year, I can’t help but smile when I see my Bachelor Button in its glory. Look at the color! It teeters between blue and purple depending on the way the sun shines. Want … Continue reading

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How To Add The Water Element Into Your Home

The Elements are a crucial aspect of our well being. To know them is to be healthy in mind, body and Spirit. They represent SO much and now for my winter season, Water is the focus. Just bought this tapestry … Continue reading

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