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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.

What Colors Will Soothe My Soul?

As you well know, color is more than just pigment on the wall; it’s a visual that can soothe your soul. What colors can do this? Tap into the coolness of blues, lavenders, and greens. I recently posted about a spiritual … Continue reading

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Connect With Color and You’ll Connect With You

Words, color, vibration, energy – it’s all connected. These are channeled words I wrote and colors I felt when writing. How do they feel to you? Pretty amazing right? Happy Friday everyone!

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How Does The Moon Phases Affect Decorating?

I love tying in my mystical world with design, and yes, they do work together. We are in the Waxing Crescent moon phase, with 5.2% of illumination. As the moon is still close to the New Moon phase (from April … Continue reading

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Colors That Connect; A Message From Spirit about Color and Life

The other night I had a dream that told me about my future; I didn’t ask for it; the information was just presented to me. In my dream, I saw what appeared to be a woman. She had a pointy … Continue reading

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What Is The Best Yellow For The Home?

Yellow is slowly becoming the most requested color for the home. Why? Because it not only looks good, it feels good. Paper Moon by Valspar is light, creamy, and soft. It’s almost like butter yet has a touch of the … Continue reading

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How Do I Choose Color For My Home When He Likes One Thing and I Like Something Totally Different?

I have had several clients who start or restart their new lives together, but each has opposite tastes on the color wheel. How do you choose a color for the home when the people who live in it have very … Continue reading

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The Colorful Clairvoyant

Two different worlds from two different timelines now blend, and I couldn’t be happier. Interior design has a focus on colors of the physical. Living as a Clairvoyant focuses on the colors of the spiritual. Now, they both directly relate … Continue reading

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Make Me Feel Good!

The four words I am now hearing most when it comes to color in the home. So many people are turning to color for healing, to energize and to soothe. Can color achieve this? Yes. I’m getting a lot of … Continue reading

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How To Find The Perfect Color Fit For Your Home

Finding color for your home is like finding the perfect pair of jeans; you try a whole bunch until you find some that fit. Paint color is the same but it doesn’t have to be. When I design color for … Continue reading

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Paint Colors To Help Depression

Let’s connect color with objects just for a moment. Here we have some crystals that are visually soothing. Warm peach, creamy yellow, and a watery blue. GOLD: I know from first-hand experience that most gold hues are very uplifting. I … Continue reading

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