A Virtual Color Consultation Explained: Come See How Easy and Affordable They Are

Virtual Color Consultations are the way of the future. It’s all about convenience and affordability.

Do you really want people who you don’t know coming into your home, taking 2 hours out of your day, a day that you had to take off from work or reshedule your weekend for just to choose color for your home? What if you don’t even have a Color Expert in your area? Well you do now!


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The Best Sherwin Williams Coastal Color Palette For Your Home

I recently posted the best Benjamin Moore coastal color palette for your home so today, I wanted to post one from Sherwin Williams.

This is an actual color palette that I used for a client and it’s just gorgeous!!! Like the Benjamin Moore palette that sells for $105 ($15 per color) this one is also for sale for just $60 also at $15 per color.

These colors are guaranteed to look good in your home but like all computer graphics, don’t judge them online. You’ll have to get the color chips for these.

Interested in this palette? Email me for details at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com

the best sherwin williams coastal color palette for your home

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Decorating Just For Fun!

I was playing around with some design boards yesterday and I thought – how fun would it be to be able to decorate our home with no restriction, no budget, no color or decor rules. What would we come up with? I came up with this because each element speaks to me.
I always loved warm, gold walls. They have such a holistic appeal and will clearly put a smile on anyone’s face.
I love the color of the sofa because it dares to be different. I added the throw for a questionable color – do it match? Who cares! I like the feel of the bright color against a darker hue. Here we tap into the “feel” of a home.
The drapery is basically plain but needed because all the other elements are more colorful – so that works.
And can you see the area rug? All kinds of cool colors in there that you can echo throughout the room – which is also where I got the wall color from.
I also added a basket for texture and some throw pillows to soften the sofa.
I like it – would it make House Beautiful? Of course not because this design does not appeal to the public who follow all the SAME colors and can’t think outside the box.
So, just my thoughts for today. It’s your home. Make it feel good.

intuitive design for our home

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Colors For A Brick Home

Red is the last color I use when a home has brick. I love picking up the slate blue hues that you can see in the brick. I also like to pull out the pointing color to tie everything in.


colors for a brick home

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Farmhouse Décor

Have you shopped Target lately? Ok, this store is just one mile from my home and I mostly buy my art supplies there but look what I found online today – Farmhouse Decor. How cute is this?


farmhouse finds at target

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Is There Just One Perfect Color Palette For The Home?

the perfect coastal color palette

The colors in this palette are very typical of what most of my clients are looking for. With exception to the yellow, these colors fit really well in most homes. Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why Virtual Color Consultations Are The Best Way To Choose Color For Your Home

virtual color is the best way to choose color for your home


They get done VERY quickly. Every Designer works differently but when I put the petal to the metal, I can get a full color palette for the home complete within 24 hours. This is great for the client to has the painter IN the house at the time they contact me – and yes, on rare occasion this does happen.


All I need is email access and paint fan decks – that’s it!! This allows me to work anytime, anywhere. Also, think about all the gas I save not having to travel. Think about the time the client does’t have to take off from family or work so I can have two hours of their time. I don’t have to deal with traffic anymore – yay – no more road rage! I also check my emails all day long so unless your email happens to fall into my spam folder (which I also check) I answer color requests usually within minutes.


Now this should be my #1. The last year or so, I stopped going into homes of people I just don’t know. Who really wants to do that? I don’t know about you but I get just a little apprehensive every time I go into the home of someone I don’t know and I’m sure it works both ways. With Virtual Consultations, that is just not necessary anymore. The process is a little different but you get the same high quality and professional service that clients want for their home.


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Cosmic Colors: Where Color and The Cosmos Meet

How fun is this? You know me – having that extra insight to color. Here, I tapped into the Cosmos for a little special something when you’re adding colors to your home.

intuitive color palettesintuitive-color-palettes-002intuitive-color-palettes-003intuitive-color-palettes-004intuitive-color-palettes-005intuitive-color-palettes-006intuitive-color-palettes-007intuitive-color-palettes-008intuitive-color-palettes-009intuitive-color-palettes-010

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Are You Welcoming Fall Color?

I noticed that my Facebook stream is showing decor and color from the Fall color palette. Some of my friends have already switched from the coastal colors of the Summer to the warm, spicy hues of Fall.

Are you welcoming Fall colors? I am!!

welcoming fall color


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Intuitive Color For The Home

Where do intuitive colors come from? Do color palettes magically appear in the mind? How do you know that these will be the right colors for you when there is no reference as to where they came from? These, are the questions that one asks when talking about intuitive color. Now let’s talk about the answers.

intuitive-color-for-your-home Continue reading

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Today’s Thoughts On Color

Don’t you love how color trends bounce around?  I love (sarcasim) how the paint companies announce “THE COLOR OF THE YEAR” and it’s like – didn’t we see this before?

holistic color Continue reading

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