From Color To The Cosmos: Inside the Mind of a Medium

I am super happy to announce that I will be publishing my first book, a memoir. I’m excited yet terrified all in the same! My book has been two years in the making, and it covers the work I do here in Decorating by Donna, which is the COLOR part. The COSMOS is my spiritually based career from

Over the years, I’ve been slowly incorporating chakra colors, colors that feel good, colors that heal, and overall a good sense of mind, body, and spirit. I love how my two worlds have now blended, and shortly, you’ll be able to read how it all got started. For now, I have the cover designed; although that may change too, I wanted to share it with you!

Slowly, I welcome you into my world.

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Will You Be My Opposite on The Color Wheel?

The earth is full of natural healing power, and I genuinely believe the colors that we see, we see for a reason. Wouldn’t you know that just by staring at the plants in our gardens, we can get some amazing messages IF we open our minds.

Here I have two flowers, for the sake of simplicity, a yellow flower and a purple flower. Now let’s dig deep.

Life as you all well know throws us many curve balls. Also as we all know, things happen for reason. Is it any coincidence that these two plants just happen to be growing next to each other? And no I didn’t plan my garden that way, I just let it unfold naturally.

As I was looking at these two flowers, I realized that they were complementary colors, which means they are opposite from each other on the color wheel. I was sitting in the sun, not staring at my phone or with my nose in a book, just relaxing as the sun hit my skin. I stared at these flowers.

Yes, I saw two colors, but I dug deep and wanted to know how these two flowers relate to life and knew there was a message somewhere!

This is my 2¢. Not everyone in life gets along, be it friends or family. The people we choose to be in our lives somehow should complement us and the way we live with our thoughts and beliefs. Now, this is where many conflicts come in because everyone is so different, and no, we will never like someone 100% because they will have or be something about them we may not like. Hopefully, it’s a super small thing like you don’t like the way they chew, and it’s not something big like you dislike the way they spend money, which is faster than they can make it; that would be an issue.

So my point is to be ready NOT to have someone in your life that is close by you on the color wheel but certainly look at the opposite side of the wheel and find someone who compliments you.

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Bring Amethyst Into Your Home To Soothe Your Emotions

Why is purple so soothing and relaxing? It’s in the spas, nail salons, and wellness centers. They use purple for a reason because it feels good.

From having amethyst in our home to a lavender hue on the wall, this color transports us to a tranquil and serene frame of mind which is precisely what we need in our homes now. Even if it’s just one room in the house, any shade of purple will help you find your inner calm, mellow your mind after a long day and help ease the world’s stresses.

Here I have four colors from the Color Stories collection of Benjamin Moore. I just LOVE these! If they are too dark for you, consider just an accent color on the ceiling or just one wall in your room. Where would I use these colors? In the bathroom for sure! It would be my lavender retreat with tons of candles, light-colored towels for contrast, and ample accent lighting to keep the room bright yet cozy all at the same time. Feel the ahhhh with these colors! Enjoy.

Bring Amethyst Into Your To Soothe On An Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Level


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Mood Boosting Color

Combining two primary colors that alone are high-energy colors now creates a mood. A burst of fresh energy to put a smile on your face.

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The Best Valspar Color Palette For Your Home


Valspar Color Palette

Don’t have time to pick out the perfect color palette for your home? I did it for you! Just purchase, and paint. Once you purchase, email to receive the names of these seven beautiful colors.


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The Best Benjamin Moore Color Palette Now For Sale

The Perfect Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette

Don’t have time to pick out the perfect coastal color palette for your home? I did it for you! Just purchase, and paint. Once you purchase, email to receive the names of these seven beautiful colors.


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Colors That Make A Splash

Nothing says Memorial Day like BBQs and water. No BBQ’s here today, but I do have some awesome watery inspirations for you! These colors can be translated into Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Valspar. Splash into color for your home. This palette sells for $65. Please send me an email at for details on how you can purchase them.

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Turquoise and Dragonflies: Her Perfect Bedroom

I rarely get feedback from my virtual clients because of time. By the time they receive all my color designs and get to paint and fix up their home, a year could have elapsed. Once in a blue moon, a client is so thrilled with their color and kept me in the back of their mind, they send me a photo. Today I’d like to share this beautiful room my virtual client sent me.

Hi Donna, 
I’m sure you have many clients and so I hope you remember me. But you popped into my mind just now. I was thinking about the room and how I was pretty set on going a particular direction (color wise) until you helped me to be open to something else…which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for/needed, and what feels just right. Just wanted to share a pic of the finished room (as of earlier this year) and to thank you again for your intuitive gifts, sound insight, and for helping to steer me in the direction in which I needed to go. 
Peace 🙂

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Color That Is Cool As A Cucumber

Nothing says cool like Sherwin Williams Cucumber 6722. Botanically considered a fruit, the cucumber brings you back in the day when cucumber essence was all the rage. Fresh and invigorating, this color will surely cool off any room with just a glance. It pairs well with a dark wood flooring for high contrast. Like a spa day on your walls! Enjoy.

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Exterior Color For Your Home

I guess it’s that time of year when people are sprucing up the outside of their home. It’s so easy and simple to get exterior color for your home. This is a sample graphic you’ll receive with your colors clearly labeled on the bottom. Cute right? You can purchase your exterior color in this link via PayPal for $125.

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