Come Meet Me! Donna Frasca, Intuitive Color Expert and Virtual Designer

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog, Decorating by Donna. I do things a bit different than most Designers. Here, I specialize in Virtual Color palettes and Design Boards for the home. I also tap into colors that “feel” good, you know, the Holistic approach to color! Come make your home not only look good but feel good as well right from the comfort of your home.

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What Color Heals Grief?

Ever connect colors to feelings? If you’re a regular reader on my blog you’ll know that yes, color and feelings go hand in hand. What about getting really specific with feelings such as grief? Does grief have a color if so, what does it look like?

Healing With Color - Color Cures

Does GRIEF have a color? It sure does! This is what grief looks like to me. Come see what colors I chose to “heal” it.

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Best Nursery Colors For Baby Development

Back in the day the color for nurseries was pretty standard with pink, blue, yellow or green when technology didn’t allow us to know the gender of our love bundle. Today, we do have the means to know the sex of our baby yet the color trends are very, how should I say, neutral.

What color should a nursery be?

How did nurseries go from pink, blue or yellow to white?

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Which Gray Should I Choose For My Home? 5 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right One

The gray trend is definitely on its way out but there are still some homes that are staged in this very precarious color for the home. Here are a few tips to think about IF and only IF you need to choose gray for your home.

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What Color Should I Paint My Meditation Room?

When we meditate, it’s imperative that our surroundings soothe, calm and relax us. After all, this is the point of meditation. What color would you paint your meditation room to visually relax your mind? Here are a few color suggestions for you meditation room.

Color Choices for Mediations rooms

Tap into that zen place to help you relax. Start with color.

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Home From The Hospital? Colors To Consider To Help You Heal

You just got home from the hospital and you couldn’t get out of there fast enough. You wanted to be in your home, in your bed and eating home cooked food. What are we talking about here? Comfort of course but also healing from within.

A Healing Bedroom

Why not? Revisit your youth as you heal. Doing this is one of fastest ways to naturally heal your body.

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What Color Should I Paint My Animal Clinic?

I’ll tell you, these posts are so inspired by the emails I get from my clients. I’ve designed color for animal clinics before and so much, like anything, goes into the thought process for this.


Animal clinics need great color too!

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Let Color Rule Your Room

Ok color, do your thing! Lol, seriously though, why don’t we let color make a statement in the room instead of the decor for a change? Sure the two work together but since your wall space is the biggest part of your room, let it rule!

Let Color Rule Your Room

Why work harder? Your walls make up 90% of your room space, put it to good use with color.

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What Colors Go With Sea Salt?

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time to change up the look of Sea Salt. If you Google “Colors That Go With Sea Salt” then click on IMAGES you’ll see just about every single image that looks the same – and it’s the same look over and over again much like several variations of the same color. I say let’s change it up!

What Colors Go With Sea Salt?

What Colors Go With Sea Salt? Let’s try something other than the typical washed out coastal colors.

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What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture: Updated

I did another post on What Colors Go With Gray Furniture in 2012 and it so needed to be updated. It’s still remains one of my more popular posts and color trends have changed quite a bit since 2012 so here’s the update.

What Colors Go With Gray Furniture? Updated

Color trends change and this updated post shows you some modern colors that you may like with gray furniture

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Selling or Updating Your Home? This Hottest Flooring Trend Will Be the Dealbreaker

I am currently putting in new flooring in my home. So many homeowners are gravitating towards the vinyl planking. It looks like wood, is waterproof, goes right over existing tile or wood and is great if you have pets. I’m watching the homes on my block that are for sale that have 12×12 tile in the kitchen and standard Gunstock engineered wood in the LR with some carpet and guess what? It’s not selling! The home across the street who put in GORGEOUS vinyl planks throughout – sold in a NY second. Everyone things that wood is the best but it’s not! Since most homeowners have dogs, it scratches and is a BIG problem if fido has an accident. Vinyl plank flooring – the flooring to have in the home and I can’t wait to get mine next week!

Photo credit: Discount Floor Covering Outlet, Inc.

Want to sell your home fast? This flooring is a must

The hottest flooring trend now. Say good bye to wood!

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