How Can You Work With Color and Crystals?

Crystals are very powerful tools if used correctly or even if they resonate with you. Some people think they are just rocks and others, use them as Divination tools for assistance. I love color and I love crystals. Let me show you how I use both in my designs.

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8 Steps To Getting Perfect Color For You Home from a Virtual Designer

Literally, it’s like paint by number. I outline color placement for you so you know exactly where your colors go. This is extremely helpful if you have a very open floor plan.

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What Color Should I Paint My Porch Ceiling?

If you said blue, you’ll need to read this. Everyone and their sister now have some form of blue on their porch ceiling. Typical look. Do you know why they chose blue? They don’t know; they are just following the trends. Come see another option and why it’s a good one.

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If I Could Be Gray Just For One Day

Another restless night with thoughts that will not go away. The kids, the pets, the house, health, life, death, elderly parents, the weather … things that were always there and will always be, are just too heavy on my mind.

I wish I had a button that would turn the world off, and my mind could just be gray for the day to rest and recharge.

healing of gray

Worrying about things I cannot change does me no good; I know this, but it can’t be helped.

So how do I fix this?

Today I am going to the store to stock up on some fresh fruits and vegetables. That will make my insides feel better.

I already started doing a deep clean in my house at 5:30 am, taking time out to write this note, which will keep my physical body busy and help burn off excess energy.

Last night I had classical music playing on Prime Music and really enjoyed it. I even got a little teary when certain songs came on (I was listening to Christmas music), which was healing for my soul.

Deep breathing, moments of meditation, advice from my Guides, and perhaps getting out in the sun today will help.

Not every day is unicorns and lollipops, and this too shall pass.

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Color Is The Doorway To The Soul

They say that our eyes are a doorway to our soul, but I beg to differ. I honestly believe that color is the doorway to everything.

color is the doorway to the soul

painting by Donna Frasca

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What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

A simple question that does not have an easy answer. Think about it; the bedroom is somewhere you will be sleeping, relaxing, or winding down after a busy day. Maybe you have ADHD, maybe you’re recovering from a life-threatening illness, perhaps you are overwhelmed by being a parent, maybe you’re exhausted from life, or maybe you’re here to love, live, laugh or just be alone. I just mentioned a whole lot of emotions and possibilities. How can you choose ONE color for a room that caters to so much?

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The Colors Of Light Language

This post is very different from what I usually post. It is still about my journey therefore, I want to share it with you. I love how we are all changing so very rapidly and I thank all of you who are reading my journey as I grow.

colors of light language

designed by Donna Frasca

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Benjamin Moore Asks: Should You Color Match Your Paint?

Benjamin Moore doesn't color matchNO!!!  Did you all see the new YouTube video from Benjamin Moore? It is such a hoot!

As a Color Expert for over 30 years, I NEVER recommend color matching, ever.

Not only does it never match, but if you should need more of the color for touch-ups a few years later, it’s even worse. I also used to work in the paint departments for both Lowe’s and Home Depot, and it all depends on how well the color matching is calibrated, and let’s just say, it usually is not calibrated well at all. Simply put, don’t color-match to save a few dollars with a cheaper paint brand; just go for the best and use the paint where the color comes from.

Great commercial! 

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The Best Colors For A Guest Bedroom

When I visit someone’s home, you know I check out the wall color. Does it feel good? Does it look good? Nothing says relaxing than a guest room with the perfect color.

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Color Expert Donna Frasca Taps Into The Soul of Her Clients

When I went to college to get my degree in interior decorating and design, I wish they had a course that taught us how to choose colors based on how we feel. 30+ years later, I realized that color is more than just pigment on the walls; it’s an extension of our emotions.

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The Best Beach Glass Colors For Your Home

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and loved the colors of beach glass! If there is one color palette forever etched in my soul, it’s the colors of beach glass.

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What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Soulful Blue ?

There’s nothing sorrowful about this blue; it definitely has a presence of energy and intensity but on the subdued side. This is the color to use to quiet emotions, rest the mind and ease the stresses of the day.

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