A Virtual Color Consultation Explained: Come See How Easy and Affordable They Are

Virtual Color Consultations are the way of the future. It’s all about convenience and affordability.

Do you really want people who you don’t know coming into your home, taking 2 hours out of your day, a day that you had to take off from work or reshedule your weekend for just to choose color for your home? What if you don’t even have a Color Expert in your area? Well you do now!


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What Color Roofing Shingle Should I Use For My Home?

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right color roofing shingle for your home. You have to consider the color of your siding, trim, and even your accent color. Also, the size of your home matters as well. Come see what this home would look best in.

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What Color Should I Paint My Dining Room?

If you’re like most people, the dining room, if you even have a formal room, is used but once or twice a year. So to make this room super special for these rare occasions, what color should you use for your dining room?

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Why Is It Important To See Amazing Color When You First Enter Your Home?

When you first enter a home, what is the first thing you see? Color right? Either the color will welcome you or it will make you feel uneasy. Come see how welcoming the RIGHT colors can be.

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New Home? First Thing To Do Is Design Your Color Palette

When you just move into a new home it’s a great idea to have a total color plan for your home. You can then paint and decorate room by room but at least you have your color palette determined instead of decorating blindly. This is how I design my virtual color consultations. Everything is clearly labeled.


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What Color Should I Paint My House?

• Do you have an HOA?
• Do you live in the North? South?
• Do you have a lot of shade on your house?
• Can you paint your brick?
• Will you be selling your home soon?


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The Issues That Arise When You Choose Turquoise In Your Home

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Can Color Make You A Grouchy Pants?

You better believe it!!! There were times when I walked into someones “gray” home and just felt like … well let’s just say it wasn’t a good feeling. I still don’t understand how people can have gray as the dominant color in their home.

Some people think that gray is still the must have color trend and that it will go with everything so they paint their entire home gray. Well, you just created a depression cavern for your home.

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Going Darker With Coastal Colors

When we first think of coastal colors the lighter hues comes to mind. How about adding some darker colors in the palette for a change? I think it’s time to get bolder with the coastals. What do you think?

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Taking A Pause To Reflect

So what is Decorating by Donna all about? It’s certainly changed over the years that for sure!

It went from running around High Point Furniture Market trying to find the latest and greatest color trend to really settling down and finding out what people really want or I should say, need for their home as far as color is concerned.

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Holistic Hues That Calm

The colors I have here are from Benjamin Moore Color Stories. I’ve always loved the colors in this collection for several reasons.

For one, the names are really spot on – I mean who doesn’t love Butter Cookie? So what does these colors have to do with calming? Let’s find out.

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