A Virtual Color Consultation Explained: Come See How Easy and Affordable They Are

Virtual Color Consultations are the way of the future. It’s all about convenience and affordability.

Do you really want people who you don’t know coming into your home, taking 2 hours out of your day, a day that you had to take off from work or reshedule your weekend for just to choose color for your home? What if you don’t even have a Color Expert in your area? Well you do now!


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What Coastal Colors Can I Use For My Ranch Home?

You wouldn’t expect to see coastal colors in a small ranch home what was covered in pine paneling but my recent client wants just that.the best coastal colors for a ranch Continue reading

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Decorating Your Home: It’s All About Balance

The thing to remember when decorating your home is balance. It’s not just black and white but compromise.


When you have more than one person living in a home, you need to consider everyone when it comes to decor.

Will everyone love the yellow color I just put in the kitchen?
Is the red dining room too much?
Will gray in the living room be depressing?

These are the questions that you need to discuss with your family and together, come up with a colorful solution that you ALL love 

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Color: It’s Medicine On Your Walls

Call in the Color Doctor because color will make you feel good!

Look at these colors. What would you say about them?  Join me as I talk about why each of these colors will help you feel better – really!

Holistic approach to staging your home Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for sharing your insights and reading Decorating by Donna. Without you, this blog would not be complete.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



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Taking Time Out to Raise It Up

Just wanted to share some good vibes today with you all. Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat?” Well you are what you think and do. So, think and do good stuff people and watch what happens❤


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Coffee Chat! Have Any Questions About Color?

I thought it would be nice to have a little coffee chat for a while. I have a really busy November and December and honestly, don’t really have anything new to share about color that you haven’t heard before. I’m SOOOOOO ready for 2017!

So, let’s chat. Have any color questions?

coffee chat

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Q&A: Accent Colors and Rental Homes

Today’s Q&A has to do with Accent colors for the rental home. Can you? Yes!!!

from the email box Continue reading

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Subliminal Color: Let’s Stand United

subliminal color

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What Does The Holistic Home Look Like?

The Holistic home will vary depending on who’s home it is. I like certain elements , you like certain elements but the unifying element is that we all want our home to feel good. Here are some suggestions.

what does the holistic home feel like Continue reading

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How Are You Getting Ready For 2017?

Staring at a blank wall? As 2016 starts to wind up and 2017 slowly approaches, what are your thoughts on color? Are you ready to follow the Holistic approach and chose what you feel is best for your home?

color choices made easy Continue reading

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