8 Steps To Getting Perfect Color For You Home from a Virtual Designer

Literally, it’s like paint by number. I outline color placement for you so you know exactly where your colors go. This is extremely helpful if you have a very open floor plan.

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From Color To The Cosmos: Inside the Mind of a Medium

Who wants to read what goes on inside my mind? You? Her? Him? Them? Maybe everyone? Perhaps no one will want to read it. I know that I have some fascinating stories and experiences to tell you about that to this day, if I hadn’t experienced them firsthand, I would have never believed. Today, I present to you how my worlds of color and the cosmos blend.

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Colors To Help You Recover

Recover from what you ask? Anxiety, stress, work, kids, bills, family – just to name a few. The holidays are now behind us, and we can rest for a bit, but can we really “rest?”

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What Color Is Hope?

Is it the pastel hues of the morning sunrise?
Is it the clear blue of the sky?
Is it the white of our cotton clouds?
Is it the red of our roses?
Is it the inspiring hues of our sunsets?
Is it the lightest pink of a cat’s nose?
Is it the hue of our babys’ skin?


Is it the colors we see that inspire us?
Is it the colors we wear to remind us of a memory?
Is it the colors we see that remind us of a passed loved one?
Is it the colors we see when we close our eyes?

It’s yes to all of this! Color is hope, be inspired by the colors around you and note how you feel when you see those colors. This is #healing my friends. And so it is.

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How To Create The Perfect “Energy Dome” In Your Home

It’s a challenge to change our homes into the perfect “energy dome,” but with a few minor adjustments, you can almost instantly begin to feel the energy move to your liking.

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Color AND Cards for 2022

And this is the COSMOS part of “From Color to the Cosmos.” I love the insights cards can bring and will be sharing them here with you!

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Donna Frasca Available on Spotify: From Color To The Cosmos

You can now enjoy my posts on Spotify! Sometimes listening is easier than reading. Watch how the podcast grows  … from color to the cosmos.

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Would You Go Back In Time?

How often did you want to go back in time and change things? I know I did. We have to ask ourselves a question, “If we went back in time, would the outcome be any better than it has played out?” Let’s talk about time.

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Can Color Help My Depression?

The holidays can be rough for some. For me, I find comfort in working with color. I design color palettes for a living, I work with chakra colors and I even have my own box of crayons just because it’s so darn fun to color. Anyway, here are some colors that I find uplifting. Use them however you feel drawn to – clothes, paint, decor, color chips, markers – just use color, the colors that you’re drawn to. Your senses will guide you to the colors that you need.

healing depression with color

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2022 Trends That Are Crystal Clear

Crystal, from the Greek word meaning “ice.” Color will be transformative, unclouded, clean, and healing. We now look at colors to boost energy, prevent bad energy, release blocked energy and help transform you into a place of zen. This is 2022.

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Get Back To A Classic Christmas

You can’t get any more classic than a Currier and Ives Christmas. It’s the FEELING of going back-to-basics that makes these colors so perfect. Tired of the same blues, grays, creams and Sea Salt colors? Yea, me too!


currier and Ives Christmas

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