Virtual Color Consultation Holiday Sale

Come take advantage of this end-of-the-year blow-out sale. Need color for your home? For any size home, you can get a full-color palette for just $350. This color palette includes 6-8 colors for your home along with color placement. This service is completed via email and will be delivered right to your email. Need to get your home ready for the holidays? Now’s your chance!


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Who Says Spirituality and Interior Design Doesn’t Mix?

I am living proof that these two worlds, not only mix well but are a perfect mix at that. How do I know? Because it’s my life to the T. As 2021 comes to an end, 2022 is already unfolding and I’m excited to get this journey rolling.

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Turkey Dinner On Your Walls? YES!

It’s that time of year where food is a feast for your table and colors are vibrant. Both are delicious! Now is the time to get this great Thanksgiving color palette for your walls.

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The Colors of Wisdom, Intuition and Transformation

Last Tuesday, I HELD AN OWL! Somehow, the Universe guided a friend and me so we would be in a park, just happening to notice an owl in distress. This is just short of a miracle. Please look the 20-minute video below that explains this unbelievable experience. My life will never be the same, and that’s a good thing.



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New Day, New Beginnings

Don’t you just love the colors of the morning? I started my day feeding the birds outside and heard the honking of Canadian Geese. This made me smile. Nature is always showing up symbols and they are always spot on IF we are paying attention. To me, and the geese were headed east, is symbolic of a new day, and a new beginning! I’m taking it, will you?

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Bring Sacred Geometry Into Your Home

Sacred Geometry is the study of shape and form, frequency and vibration, moving beyond third-dimensional reality. That sounds very cosmic; I agree; however, Sacred Geometry is the key to knowing the Universe and how it relates to ourselves. This frequency and understanding need to be in our lives, in our homes, now more so than ever.

In a nutshell, it’s all about patterns and geomatic shapes. Just look in your yard or at the beach or in the woods, and you’ll see nature has these shapes right in front of our faces just waiting to be discovered.

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How Can Color Make Me Feel Happier?

It’s interesting to watch life unfold. I see a HUGE change in people, the people in my life, since 2020. Instead of getting a softer edge, they’ve become hardened, which is not a good thing. I don’t know how it is happening but I’ve never argued more with my family than in the last 12 months and it feels horrible.

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The Colors Of Air

I visited the Botanical Garden this weekend and the plants were amazing! I was of course drawn to the colors. This plant, some type of Air Plant, particularly caught my eye because I LOVE the silvery sage colors it has.

air plants and the color

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The Five Best Sherwin Williams Colors For Your Home: A Post COVID-19 Color Palette

The arrival of the perfect Sherwin Williams color palette is here. These five colors will be the only five colors you’ll need for your home. No more searching for color trends, or waiting for the color of the year or running to the box stores to see the top ten colors that your neighbors buy. These colors, have been designed with a timelessness in mind.

Over the decades I’ve designed the best coastal colors, holistic color and healing colors for the home which all worked well but now, time has shifted and the needs of the color sensitive homeowner have been addressed.  I now invite you to view the one color palette that will be the one I talk about for years to come.

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How Can I Bring Clarity, and Light Into My Home?

When is color more than just a color? When there is a spiritual message behind it.

Crystal is more than just a pretty gemstone, it’s about manifesting your goals and making them a reality, with just a thought. From a higher state of being to reaching the clarity you’ve been searching for, this magic stone is a must for you, for your home.

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