Come See What’s In Store For Your Virtual Designs!

Come take a look at what’s in store for Decorating by Donna. It’s about simplicity, affordability and helping YOU get the RIGHT colors for your home.

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A Peek Into What SHOULD Be In Our Homes For 2018

Well the end of the year is almost here and now is the time when I reflect on what happened in 2017 and what to look forward to in 2018 for color.

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How To Decorate Your Home With Love In Mind

Did you know that you can decorate your home with Chakra Colors? Here’s a way to tap into your Heart Chakra for your living room – think green! It’s a great room to express love for the family. Decorating in this manner, will help balance your Heart Chakra every time you enter the room just by having all this green in the home – it’s that simple!


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PAY ONE PRICE! Starting January 2018

So what will change for Decorating by Donna in 2018? The pricing.

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How To Decorate Using Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

It’s not blue it’s not green and it’s not gray but it’s a little of all three – what is it? Sea Salt! We all love the color but how do we tie this yummy color in with the rest of our home? Here’s some decorating tips for you.decorating-with-sea-salt-by-sherwin-williams.001 Continue reading

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Give The Gift Of Color This Year


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What Color Should I Paint My Walls If I Have A Navy Sofa?

Well it’s certainly not the norm to buy a navy sofa but it sure is a pretty choice. Choosing a sofa with color is a commitment for a room. The question is, once you have a strong color in your sofa, which wall color would match it best? Come see some colorful possibilities for this navy sofa.

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Virtual Design Boards

Virtual Design Boards are becoming VERY popular now! Need a detailed look for just one room? I am now offering Design Boards for $125 per room. This includes graphics like this with links to where you can shop the look. Virtual Design, it really doesn’t get any easy than this!






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How Can I Make My Coastal Bedroom More Cozy?

Color really comes into play here. I know so many of you really love the coastal color palette but as we begin to feel the cooler weather, somehow those coastal hues don’t feel so cozy. How can we update our coastal bedroom to feel cozy? Come see.

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What Color Grout Should I Use In My Kitchen

So much depends on this answer and you wouldn’t think that a little thing like grout color would be so important. Well this color choice can make or break the look and feel of your design plan. Let’s talk about the options.

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