A Virtual Color Consultation Explained: Come See How Easy and Affordable They Are

Virtual Color Consultations are the way of the future. It’s all about convenience and affordability.

Do you really want people who you don’t know coming into your home, taking 2 hours out of your day, a day that you had to take off from work or reshedule your weekend for just to choose color for your home? What if you don’t even have a Color Expert in your area? Well you do now!


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3 Reasons Why Virtual Color Consultations Are The Best Way To Choose Color For Your Home

virtual color is the best way to choose color for your home


They get done VERY quickly. Every Designer works differently but when I put the petal to the metal, I can get a full color palette for the home complete within 24 hours. This is great for the client to has the painter IN the house at the time they contact me – and yes, on rare occasion this does happen.


All I need is email access and paint fan decks – that’s it!! This allows me to work anytime, anywhere. Also, think about all the gas I save not having to travel. Think about the time the client does’t have to take off from family or work so I can have two hours of their time. I don’t have to deal with traffic anymore – yay – no more road rage! I also check my emails all day long so unless your email happens to fall into my spam folder (which I also check) I answer color requests usually within minutes.


Now this should be my #1. The last year or so, I stopped going into homes of people I just don’t know. Who really wants to do that? I don’t know about you but I get just a little apprehensive every time I go into the home of someone I don’t know and I’m sure it works both ways. With Virtual Consultations, that is just not necessary anymore. The process is a little different but you get the same high quality and professional service that clients want for their home.


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Cosmic Colors: Where Color and The Cosmos Meet

How fun is this? You know me – having that extra insight to color. Here, I tapped into the Cosmos for a little special something when you’re adding colors to your home.

intuitive color palettesintuitive-color-palettes-002intuitive-color-palettes-003intuitive-color-palettes-004intuitive-color-palettes-005intuitive-color-palettes-006intuitive-color-palettes-007intuitive-color-palettes-008intuitive-color-palettes-009intuitive-color-palettes-010

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Are You Welcoming Fall Color?

I noticed that my Facebook stream is showing decor and color from the Fall color palette. Some of my friends have already switched from the coastal colors of the Summer to the warm, spicy hues of Fall.

Are you welcoming Fall colors? I am!!

welcoming fall color


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Intuitive Color For The Home

Where do intuitive colors come from? Do color palettes magically appear in the mind? How do you know that these will be the right colors for you when there is no reference as to where they came from? These, are the questions that one asks when talking about intuitive color. Now let’s talk about the answers.

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Today’s Thoughts On Color

Don’t you love how color trends bounce around?  I love (sarcasim) how the paint companies announce “THE COLOR OF THE YEAR” and it’s like – didn’t we see this before?

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When Color Unsettles The Home

Just a quick note today about color. Ever wonder why some colors work well in your home and some do not? I’m not talking about undertones or any fancy color lingo I’m talking about how it feels.

color has energy and vibration Continue reading

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An Androgynous Color Palette for The Bedroom

I’ve been talking  about purple for a really, really long time. Why do I think it’s a great color for the bedroom? Come see.

an androgynous color for the bedroom
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Facebook Art Sale Going On Now

Incase you didn’t know, I also paint. I have an online sale going on now with all my paintings that are in need of a new home, they’ve lived with me long enough🙂

Here is the link to the facebook event. They are all originals, no prints and shipping is included unless you live way out there.

Send me an email with any questions.

Paintings for sale by Donna Frasca

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Accent Colors Gone Wrong For Staged Homes

Do we still use accent colors in the home? I don’t know about you but I haven’t suggested a wall accent in a really long time.

Here’s two I found that just totally didn’t make sense. To make matters worse, this is a staged home.

Accent colors gone wrong Continue reading

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The Color Of Birds

I don’t know about you but I LOVE birdwatching!!! What does it involve? Well a lot of bird seed of course but more importantly, amazing color. That is is one of the key identifiers when you are a bird watcher.

The color of birds bringing the outdoors in Continue reading

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