What Paint Colors Go With Stone Fireplaces?

The great thing about stone fireplaces is that they have many options to choose from when it comes to color for the surrounding room. SO simple! I like to pick a color that is already in the stone. You can see from this photo, there are a lot of color options here!

fireplace color

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Color Quickie With Donna Frasca: Seashell OC-120

Come join me for a Color Quickie about Seashell OC-120. Yes you read correctly! I’m chatting about a neutral color that I love!

Find out more about these photos in my 5-minute Color Quickie!



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Final Thoughts for 2020

Hi everyone! Join me in this 20-minute video of my final thoughts of 2020 as we move into 2021. See you all next year! Happy, happy new year! LOVE and BLESSINGS to all of you.

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How Will 2020 End?

So by now you know that along with being a Color Expert, I’m also a Psychic Medium. Today, I’d like to tap into my cosmic side and show you a reading I did for how 2020 will end. (read all the way to the bottom of the post)

Of course, 2020 is going to screw with us right to the end. Two spades … uuugggg. As we “try” to find some balance and close 2020, the underlying note is the typical feeling we’ve been living throughout the year.

Okay 2020, be that way! Once 2021 rolls in, we will take back our power, our energy, and our lives! You’ve tried to scare us and succeeded. You took from us – things, people, and parts of our lives we can never get back. You forever etched a black hole in our lives and left us angry, hurt, and emotionally wrecked!

cartomancy reading

2020, you can push our buttons for only so long. Finish up your charades because once we hit midnight on the 31st, WE will be in control.

We’ve had all year to wake up, think, grow, release, heal, learn, cut cords, research, discern, listen, digest, and try to recover from our experiences. We will be entering 2021 with new insights, and I can’t wait to pull cards for that!

For now, be the demon child you are 2020 because we are on to you and see you!

• • • •

Yes, that sounded all dramatic and forceful but that’s ok! We need to let our true feeling out and express who we are and how we are feeling.

I will say this, 2021 is going to be about balance. We have to find balance in our lives in all areas from how we work, how we play, and how we love. It’s called living. We’ve learned a lot in 2020 and I strongly feel that the lessons that we did learn, will be the crutch that we will lean on for 2021.

If you’ve paid attention to my posts, you’ve noticed that I posted A LOT about green. Green will be key to getting through 2021. Why? Because it’s all about the Heart Chakra. No one knows what 2021 will bring but if we stay in the essence of LOVE, we will be standing on strong ground to take anything on. It’s about aligning your mind, body and spirit to live the way you feel is best for you and your family. You also know that I’m going to stay that COLOR is also going to be key to getting through those tough spots right?

I feel like we’re starting from day one like we’ve all been reborn. 2021 is giving us that chance! Please journal your thoughts, feelings, and take notes everyday! Think about the colors that make you smile and bring them into your home – heck – where them!

Be strong, think before you speak or act because for every action there is a reaction. Let’s make 2021 OUR year! 


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Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice! Last night – and I’m up way too early now – what a very restless night. I feel, almost like magic in the air! I’m tired yet exhilarated, happy yet anxious. I do feel a unity with everyone across the board – we all want the same things – to live life not like we once did, but better!
Soak up the energy of this Solstice and store it in your heart. It’s a recharge, a reset and it’s yours!

Solstice magic

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Hemp; The Green That Will Really SOOTHE

The holidays are here, and anxiety can set in fast along with the stress of life. Please know that there is so much that you can do to counteract those feelings. Starting with color of course!  You know I LOVE green, and there are dozens of reasons why but today, we can add this reason to the list. Hemp Oil.

Put your mind, body, and spirit at ease with green. Think about how you feel as you walk through the forest. Love trees? Soak up that green; it’s so very healing!

2020 took a toll on many of us, and it is up to every one of us to heal ourselves. There are so many ways to do this. Focus on color and the essential things in life. I’ll be posting more suggestions! Stay tuned!

Sooth with Hemp


FACIAL OIL: Combine 2 drops Hemp essential oil, 3 drops Lavender French, 1 drop Frankincense Sacra in 1 oz Hemp Seed carrier oil. Apply as a moisturizer after washing the face. Avoid eyes.

Recipe from Eden’s Garden

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Intuitive Color

Where do you look for color? Sherwin Williams? Benjamin Moore? Valspar? Pinterest? How about trying somewhere different? How about looking inwards, in you! Close your eyes, take a deep breath; what do you see when you focus on color? What comes to mind? What do you like? What memory makes you happy? Those are the colors that are in your soul. Those are the colors that should be your home.

Yes, these are many questions, but they are ones that you ask yourself when you seek answers. Even when it applies to color, trust what you see, feel, and know would look great in your home.

In 2021 I’ll be digging deeper and deeper into intuitive color, digging deeper into how you can trust your instincts when it comes to choosing the color for your home.

Intuitive color

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Colors, Crystals and Angels

Colors, crystals and angels, it all fits in. You’ve heard me mention these three elements before and now, let’s dive deeper into those mystical colors.

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How Can I Bring Harmony, Peace and Balance into my Home?

The Bonsai Tree represents harmony, peace, an order of thoughts, balance, and all that is good in nature. Like the bonsai, this green pulls those feelings in your home with just a glance.

I’m working on a quick turnaround for a virtual color consultation. These always come in a week or two before Christmas for some odd reason so I have to move fast. I want to share this graphic with you because of the color. 

I LOVE Bonsai Tint and have used it before – great color for the Living Room. I always prefer green for the Living Room because green represents the Heart Chakra. The Living Room is often the center of the home, as the heart is the center of our body.

This green is bright, happy, and uplifting. Isn’t it a refreshing option other than gray? Oh, I’m happy to say that gray is pretty much out of our design sights. Over the years, gray has been slowly slipping away as people realized, once they painted, that it has no life and no giving back to the home. 

This client is going to love this green not only for how it looks but how it feels! THIS is color.

Bonsai Tint for the living rom

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Give The Gift Of Color for The Holidays


No masks needed! This process is 100% virtual.

Give something special and unique this year for the holidays! This is a full house color consultation.

Photos of homes will need to be provided.

color for your home


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