2021 Color Blends; Bringing Two Colors Together

The end of the year is in our sights and it’s the time I start to think about the next year in color. 2020 has been, how can I say, unexpected to say the least. What can we expect for 2021?

What colors will be popular for 2021? We will see a blending and merging of two colors to recreate a new hue. The new color will be a color that has not been seen in the home before. The blended hues will be welcome for their originality. 2021 is the time to be bright, new, exciting, uplifting, and by blending two hues, highly unique.



The “Color Blends” are no one particular color in any deck. These colors, or similar ones, can be found in just about any color fan deck that is out on the market. All you have to do is pick up the deck of your choice and find a color that looks similar. There are no wrong choices here, it does not have to be spot on. This thinking is part of “letting go” that we all need to do in 2021.

The “purple” lotus flower that I have here is a combination of red and blue – how fitting for us right now. Color Blends are all about bringing two colors together to create one. I want this thought to be the concept for 2021.  You saw it here first.

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Virtual Color Consultations Now on ZOOM

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What Color Should I Paint My Meditation and Yoga Room?

Our meditation and yoga rooms should represent our inner peace and tranquility. It’s the room in our home where we can focus on breathing, managing our thoughts, and releasing the day’s stresses. How do we ever choose a color that will help make this one room in our home the ultimate in reaching our zen? Here’s something to consider.

This is a very popular question I get in my email. With 2020 as is has played out so far, it’s no wonder.

I’d like to share a virtual project that I just completed. When I connect with a client – that where the INTUITIVE part of my title comes in – I base the colors around my client’s energy, much like a reading. Here is an email I’d like to share with you.

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Intuitive Color Expert Designs Inspirational Hues for your Home

Come enjoy some of my inspirational color palettes that connect you to places you love, feelings you want to remember, and colors you want for your home. Please note I can create any of these color palettes for you in the paint brand that you want to use. Feel free to email me at DcoratingbyDonna@mac.com


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Color For North Facing Rooms

Oh, I know how a dark room looks and feels! When I was growing up, my bedroom was north facing and it always felt cold and looked dark. How did I fix it? With color of course! Come hear what colors I chose to instantly brighten my bedroom.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel to see this video:

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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

Once in a while, I get a request to choose colors for just one room in the house. Oddly, this can be a challenge because I can’t see the surrounding rooms. In these cases, I try to give the client a color suggestion from several color groups in hopes that one of them will work with the other rooms.

bathroom color choices



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How Do I Know What Colors To Choose For My Home That Has A VERY Open Floor Plan?

Open concept homes or homes with an open floor plan are often a challenge to design color for. Most people, and I’ve seen this a thousand times, choose beige or shades of gray for the entire home. This shows a lack of color knowledge and placement. This, is my specialty!

I am currently working on a virtual color consultation for a four thousand square foot home in New York. She has a few northern rooms that need to be lightened, a VERY open concept home, and afraid of using color to define her spaces.


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Intuitive Color Expert Donna Frasca Celebrates Over 30 Years Designing Healing Color Palettes

So thankful for my 30+ year career in the world of color and design. Who knew when I was a kid out of high school in the ’80s that my career choice would lead me to a path of design AND spiritual enlightenment. Color is more than just the pigment you put on your walls, it’s what you FEEL when you see it, it’s our chakra system , aura colors, and our memories.

I’ve designed healing color palettes for people who have ADHD, cancer, anxiety, you name it, there is a color for it to heal.

Intuitive color expert

Even for me, color is a therapy that I find when I paint. It’s the auras and chakras I see, it’s the angels I sense when I see certain colors and it’s the emotions that unravel many mysteries for me.

For the next few months, as always, my focus will be on color and how it heals and uplights us in our lives. I invite you to keep an eye out for my posts and please subscribe to http://www.DecoratingbyDonna.com.

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What Is Love Crystal All About?

I think I’m going to start something new. You know how I LOVE color so, I’d like to start the day with a color, an inspirational one.

Here is LOVE CRYSTAL. Is there such a thing as a love crystal or is it just to own crystals that you love? I know rose quartz can be known to represent love but what are we really seeing here with this color?

Love Crystal

Is this a light blue, lavender, or a little of both? When it comes to love, isn’t it always “a little of both” that makes that relationship strong and thrive?

Whether you are looking to find love or relove the things you already have in your life, combine several elements to find the perfect blend of love for you.

Color by Valspar


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How Can Orange Be Your Best Friend?

Strange question, I know, but I will talk to you through my thought. To start with, what you see in this graphic is an Oracle card I designed. They are small, 3.5” x 3.5” but has big messages. The one you see here is about relationships. How does it relate to orange? 

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Are Jewel Tones Good For A Small Bathroom?

Jewel tones are PERFECT for small bathrooms. The rich, saturated hues of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds make small rooms cozy, classic, and intriguing.  Jewel tones are visually appealing and on an emotional level, make you feel like you literally are sitting on a throne.

can I use dark colors in a small bathroom? Continue reading

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When Green Is More Than Just A Color

Is there any color more beautiful than green? Look at all it represents from new grass in the spring, the trees in the woods, the heart chakra,  the luck of a four-leaf clover, and even symbolic for money and greed. It’s a very versatile hue.

How are you growing in your home?

how are you growing?

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