6 Insights From 2018 You Need To Read Before Even Thinking About Color For 2019

Are you ready for a colorful 2019? Well before you get your paint brush in hand, let’s recap some color insights that we learned in 2018.  I listed some interesting facts about color that you might enjoy. I so look forward to new color shifts, new ways and places to add accent colors to the home and breaking away from trends all together and tapping into our intuitive colorful selves! Let’s begin!


Color was awesome for 2018 but will be way better in 2019. We’re tapping into self and how we feel. Let’s take a look at some color insights before we begin 2019

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How To Use Pantone’s Living Coral In The Home

I do get giddy when I see “Color Of The Year” just in hopes it’s not another gray. That was a bit of humor there but when it comes to choosing color for your home, it’s no laughing matter. Here’s LIVING CORAL. Now, let’s see how to make this work in the home.


It’s a pretty color don’t you think? It’s light, bright, totally saturated with lots of energetic color and really just screams fun. So, where and how do we use this fun color in the home?

I used a similar color several years back when my daughter was just 12. It was called Guava Jam by Behr and I loved it!!!! It was like a lighter version of Living Coral, more soothing. Here is it. Isn’t it pretty?


And pretty it is which makes it perfect for a young girls bedroom but for me, it really stops there. I haven’t used this color or one similar since which is a good 11 years ago.

Probably my favorite place for Living Coral would be in a bathroom. Sure it’s great for a kids room but I’d want to enjoy it too!


As far as using it for the other rooms in the home, to me it’s a very feminine color so I’m not sure I’d use it for a full wall color. Accessories and decor? Sure, of course. That’s what we always do with the color that are just a little too bright.

Isn’t that one happy bathroom? How would you use Living Coral in your home?

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It’s Color Q&A Time!

I thought it’d be fun to have a little Q&A time. Do you have questions about color?

Color placement? Trends?



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Colors That Need To Be In The Home For 2019 and Why

I love this time of year when I can look forward to ending one color year and beginning another. As a Color Forecaster there are very good reasons I choose the colors I do and it has ALL to do with a Holistic approach instead of how the big-wigs choose colors based on politics and economy. I must say that Pantone came VERY close to the colors that I chose as well. Here are my thoughts:


These are from the Color Stories Collection of Benjamin Moore

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From Color To The Cosmos! Coming Out Of My Closet

It’s that time of year when we rethink all of the things we did this year. What were we proud of? Did we reach our goals? Our dreams? As the new year approaches, now is the time to step out of our comfort zone and take it one step further, one BIG step and today, I’m going to share a part of me that I’ve kept kinda quiet for about four years now.

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How To Train Your Eyes To Choose Color For Your Home

As this year comes to an end and the new year is in our sights, we begin to reflect on what worked for us in 2018 and what didn’t. How can we improve our home in 2019 just by using color AND be able to choose it for yourself? I’m going to show you a super fun and easy way to do just that.

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How Can I Get A Soft, Cozy, Warm Dining Room?

You know I’m going to say “start with the perfect color palette” right? Which colors should you use? Well, there are options.


As we approach 2019, we should now be thinking about colors that we want to leave behind and colors that we would consider. Some of these colors may be out of your comfort zone but like many things in life, you won’t know it until you try it.

Take a look at my dining room above. The colors are earthy and inviting. Imagine sitting in this room in the evening with your family, candles lit, awesome food and ambiance.

a-calming-cozy-dining-room.jpg copy.001

Tap into these cozy colors for your dining room

Again I don’t have the colors posted in the graphic but for this color palette, Valspar will be the best bet. I love their Historic Preservation colors because they are just that, classic and earthy.

This particular color palette sells for $75 and you can purchase it here via PayPal. Please email me first at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com and we can get that set up for you!

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What Color Does “True Bliss” Look Like?

When you are authentic to yourself, you feel “True Bliss”.  It’s more of a feeling rather than a color of course. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra – when it’s activated and balanced, life is good! Valspar has some of the best greens and it’s the paint company I use when I need that special hue.


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I Want An Earthy Yet Calming Color Palette

Is the coastal color trend beginning to fade a bit? People still want calming colors but are now seeking color that are just a little bit more earthy and do not contain gray. Come see how to tie the two looks together.


My clients give me the best ideas for color palettes. In a recent phone conversation we had my client said she did NOT want any more grays but wanted a similar look – Earthy and Calming. Bingo! This color palette was born.

The main difference with this color palette is the two colors on the right. The top right is not a gray but more like a taupe, a cross between a brown and a gray. It’s actually a very warm color.

The “peachy” color underneath that is a risk taker but I SO want people to start getting this color into the home. Wait to you see this color on the wall! It’s warm, will go with all your warm undertones and best yet, it’s on the upswing of a color trend. I rarely see this color in a home but darn it, it so needs to be!

Also, let’s get rid of those stark white ceilings and get some color on them. That will be the center color. Keep your trim white for contrast and here, you’ll have one amazing dwelling!

  • This color palette is available for purchase, $75
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How To Thrive In The Interior Design Field

I received an email and wanted to share it with you. She is an Interior Designer but is looking for guidance or training since she’s been out of the loop for a while. Where does she start?

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