What Color Should I Paint My Laundry Room?

Such a beautiful color for the smallest room in the house! But that’s ok! The laundry room is one of those rooms we hide away from and try to spend as little time possible in there. Time is still time. Make the best of your time by making it pleasant with the perfect color. Email DecoratingByDonna@mac.com if you’d like a new and beautiful color for your laundry room or any room in your home.

best laundry room color

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What Are The Best Greens For Your Home?

These new Sherwin Williams greens are hands down, my favorite! I know they look similar but they are all a bit different from each other. I love the silvery, sagey look and how it’s easy on the eye. In my opinion, these are timeless greens and there’s one that I have in my home. Color that feels good!

emerald green collection



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Which Color Will Calm My Nerves?

Think of it as lavender visual therapy. It’s like a spa day for your senses. We all know how fast our nerves can get shattered, and thankfully, we know how we can instantly fix it with color.

With the enchanting natural chemistry of lavender, we will instantly calm our minds with these colors. You don’t have to paint your walls necessarily but certainly, have these colors chips close by for an instant visual.

calming color

As you look at these colors, take a deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold for six seconds and exhale for eight seconds. Repeat as needed.

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When Two Colors Meet

Nothing says love when you have two colors that really get along – well, at least they look beautiful together. Here we have a blue and green that literally can be found in most homes. Why? They feel good together, they look good together, and somewhere in the home, they just belong together. Color love, it’s a good thing!

blue and green belong together

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From Color To The Cosmos: Inside the Mind of a Medium

Who wants to read what goes on inside my mind? You? Her? Him? Them? Maybe everyone? Perhaps no one will want to read it. I know that I have some fascinating stories and experiences to tell you about that to this day, if I hadn’t experienced them firsthand, I would have never believed. Today, I present to you how my worlds of color and the cosmos blend.

color to the cosmos book promo Continue reading

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Shush! I’m Trying to Heal

Color is my world, and when my world changes, I turn to color. Why color? Because it is connected to our mind, body, and spirit, not to mention angels, chakras, crystals, and nature. These are all healing elements.

For me, when I have a lot of thinking to do, I like things quiet. I don’t like to talk much; I don’t listen to music; I just like it quiet. The purr of a cat is as loud, and it gets.

soft healing color

As far a color, barely-there works for me. Here are some colors that are barely noticeable yet are very powerful. These are the colors you’ll see in the facets of diamonds, in the sunrise, or noticed in the sky after a rain.

Archangel Metatron also represents these colors. As light as these colors are, they are, on some level, very strong—Metatron in one VERY powerful Angel.

So, if you’re looking to heal in some way, turn to color. It works.

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What Colors Should I Paint My Home So It Sells Fast?

If you are jumping into the real estate market now and selling your home before the bubble pops, you’ll want to quickly choose the best possible colors for your home.

What colors should you paint your home to sell? Hands down, without a doubt in my mind, I’m going to say holistic colors. What are holistic colors? They are colors that feel good in the home, colors that trigger a pleasant memory, and colors that are respectful to color-sensitive people. Let’s discuss those options.

the best colors to make a home sell

Now more so than ever, people are CRAVING homes that will help them heal. With anxiety through the roof, tempers running short and emotional disorders all contribute to how we accept the colors that are in our home. 

Now the home that is on the market is a bit different. Long gone are the days where everything is painted all white, all beige, and hopefully all gray. Here I have a beautiful neutral color palette that has enough color yet not too much for the new homeowner to like. I happen to have a few of these in my own home!

This is a Valspar color palette and can be purchased for $100. Email me at DecoratingByDonna@mac.com for details. 

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You Can Choose Your Timelines

Doors = choices. Realms = moving forward. Much of our life plays out by reacting to the emotions, words, and actions of others. When these energy waves come in, don’t block them, that is not healthy or, more than likely, not possible. Walk through them; there really is no choice. However, the choice is how we react and how soon we walk into another realm or timeline.

new timeline new choices

Many people remain in controlled thinking, and being around that energy is draining and lowers your vibes. Walk on, walk through, and “bless them on their way.” We have many choices (doors). WE have control of our words, thoughts, and reactions and cannot change that of others.


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Mix and Match: Caring

Caring: Feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others. We know what caring feels like, but what does it look like? We all experience colors differently because of the memories we have. If you could gather a handful of colors that would be everything good and caring, it very well might be this color palette. They are soft, airy, and perfect for people who are sensitive to color. This palette is available for purchase for $75. Email DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com for details. 

color that cares, empathy


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How Does A “Colorful Clairvoyant” Destress and Regroup?

I spent way more time behind my computer and on my phone than I want to think about. Now that my book is published, I don’t have to dedicate so much time to the computer although, I love to write, so that may not stop. However, the phone! Can anyone else feel it? My hand actually hurts after holding it for a while as I scroll through cyberspace.

This week as I feel a shift in timelines for me, I will spend as much time in my meditation room as I can. Here, I’m reconnecting with me, spirit and nature. It’s a great room, can you feel it?

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