The Blurred Lines of Decor. What Is Appropriate Color for YOUR Home?

It’s all about choices. Will this color be appropriate for the bedroom? Is this color too risqué for a young girls room? Is it weird for a man to have pink wall color? Should the kitchen be dark purple? Can a nursery be gray? Like anything else in life there are boundaries and restrictions but are there any restrictions when it comes to color?


Take some time out to think … before you make any decision.

Everyone will have a different answer to these questions but which answers are right or correct? That I can’t say but I can tell you what the norm is when it comes to color choices for your home. Let’s start with the first question.

What color is appropriate for the bedroom? Let’s assume we are talking about a Master Bedroom here so there will be a man and woman who will have strong opinions about color choices here.

Well we know pink is out, or is it? I do have to say that on one occasion I chose a Dusty Rose for Master bedroom but felt a little uncomfortable for the Mr. The Mrs. CLEARLY had the total say about what color was to be in the room and he just didn’t want to fight that battle. After all, there’s bigger things to fight about and wall color should not be one of them. However, I would have protested the very Laura Ashley bedspread – just saying.


Try to please both him and her … with your color choices.

Is this color to risqué for a young girls room? So what color should you NOT consider for a young girls room? When you think of a young girls room you immediately think of pink, purple or turquoise – I wrote about these kids colors oodles of times and we know that they are all very well suited for a girls room. But what colors are not?

There were a few times during my color consultations where Mom liked a particular color because well, SHE liked it or it matched the rest of the home. I’d have to step in and remind Mom that the color is for a child and perhaps Gray Wisp is a beautiful color but maybe just a tad too mature for an eight year. How about a brighter, happier color like Robin’s Nest would be a better choice. See the difference? Cleaner colors are much better for kids.

gray wispShould a kitchen be dark purple? Now this is a very interesting experience I had during a color consultation and a perfect example of how respect needs to come into play with every color choice.

In a 6,000 square foot home, there were only two colors that were chosen. Beige and purple. My client wanted me to choose one beige (I know, it’s my favorite color) for the ENTIRE house except the kitchen.

After I chose just the right beige for her home I looked in the kitchen and was curious as to why she didn’t want to change out the purple. Mind you, the purple clashed like nobody’s business but on went the poker face as I asked her if she wanted to pick a new color for the kitchen. Abruptly she said, “No! My daughter (she was five) picked this color and I love it.” “And it’s a beautiful purple!” I added after tweaking the beige, “and it happens to look beautiful with the beige we just chose for your home.” What’s right and fitting for one person may not be for another but that’s the beauty of being able to choose whatever color you want to for your home, because you can!


You know it’s wrong … but you do it anyway … because your daughter picked the color and sometimes it’s better to make a decision that will make a child happy verses what’s right for the home. After all, it’s just paint!

Is it weird for a grown man to have pink on his walls? Now talk about blurred lines! Well yes! It’s just not the norm for a grown man to have a pink room. I’m sure there are many men in the universe who have stunning pink rooms BUT when it comes to “right color, wrong color” this would be a wrong color choice for obvious reasons – just like those pants!

man on bike

Odd behavior for a grown man … choosing pink for his room would be … or is it?

Can or should a nursery be gray? Now this is a touchy subject. Again, we’re talking about norms here. Most nurseries are pink, blue, green or yellow right? What about all those gray nurseries? The ones that are “fancy” or “vogue” because some Designer chose a grown-up color for an infant? Gray for an infant? As pretty as some of those rooms are they just don’t sit on the same comfort level with me as far a good color choices go. But who’s really decides what colors are right for a nursery and why can’t they be gray? It’s all about choices and comfort levels.

baby face

Ok, as you see I had some fun with word play on Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. So here I may have stirred up the conversation a bit talking about appropriate color choices for your home. Just as we try to understand the meaning of Blurred Lines and what Miley Cyrus what thinking, I gave you something to think about as well – appropriate color choices for your home … I know you want it! 🙂

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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  1. I love the last line. 😉 You cheeky devil, you. All great advice. I’ve seem plenty of beautiful blue kitchens, but for some reason, a blue kitchen seems ‘off’ to me.

  2. sondramsmith says:

    Reblogged this on Denver Never Stops Moving and commented:
    I love the way Donna uses color. If you are planning on painting check out her blog for some really good ideas. Color does make a statement, what it says is up to you!

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