Putting Bad Color Choices To Rest

When it comes to choosing color for you home, we don’t always make the right choices. Maybe we chose a color that was too bright, too dark, too blue, too green too whatever. No frets, it’s not the end of the world. So pick yourself up and start from the drawing board and I’ll help you through the process. Keep in mind, it’s just paint color and it can be changed very easily.

grave stone


So first you have to recognize what color mistake you’ve made. Let’s say you chose a color that you thought was a good choice but you find out its color that is a bit dated and hum drum. I’m going to use the color Blonde from Sherwin Williams as an example.

blonde blonde


Now what is it about Blonde that should be put to rest? A few things starting with its overall presence. First off, it’s in the gold family. I’m finding that very few people like gold and the golds that they do like are much brighter and cleaner. Blonde has been around for a really long time! It seems it’s one of those go to colors that many people gravitate towards because it goes with so much in our home. It goes with most decors and just about ever color and type of granite that you can possible put in your kitchen which is what makes it so popular. This is not a bad thing it’s just a dated thing.

So let’s put the safe colors to rest and start choosing color for your home that may be out of your comfort zone. For instance. Instead of choosing a beige, gold, off white or a color that the Color Consultant in the paint store says will work, look at colors that YOU like.

Take a photograph, artwork, fabric or even a shirt you like and really look at ALL the colors in it. Here I have the same picture from the top of this post but I pulled out colors from it that I liked. I love the cool gray in the tombstone and the cool blues that you can see in the highlights hidden away in the cracks and crevasses. I even like the mauve color that you see in the brick. I just made a color scheme! Isn’t it pretty?


You can use these colors in your home and I’ll show you how. Keep in mind the lighter colors look best in the foyer or hallways and the darker colors will be great for accent colors if you don’t want to go too dark. I love this color palette and it came from a picture that you probably won’t have given a second look.


So keep in mind that color lurks all around us but more importantly, don’t choose a color because it’s safe or because everyone else has it in their home. If YOU home and it’s up to YOU to bring it alive.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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