Want to go bold?

We all need a little assurance in our lives, especially if we are going with a bold color palette. Should we? Could we? Will bold colors look weird in my home? Will I get sick of them six months from now?

These are very legitimate questions and when you decide to use bold colors in your home you won’t know until you try! I have a feeling they will be just fine!


These are great colors aren’t they – I like them! Here you have a “make a statement” red which will be an eye catcher for sure. But where will you put it? Just an FYI – don’t put red in the dining room, it’s a dated and very typical look already.

Try using the #2 blue instead. I used a color similar for my clients and it’s very striking. Here it is:


You can always add red to your room with a high quality rug which you’ll need to protect that wood floor. Look at this fabulous find from NW Rugs. Oh and don’t worry about using a lot of pattern in a small space here, when it’s good it’s good. This rug will have a high impact in this space and look great with that blue.


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