What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture?

The Gray craze is in full force and many of you are asking what paint colors go with gray furniture? Good question! Now let’s get you some answers.

We all know beige, white, cream, ivory, greige will all go with gray. That’s a given. But what COLORS will go with gray?

Let’s use this gorgeous sofa from CR Laine Furniture as an example. This is the Huntley Leather Sofa which is a great choice if you are in the market to incorporate gray into your home. It has classic lines, great cleanability with the leather and it’s the perfect shade of gray – not too light to show dirt and not too dark to be depressing.


The great thing about investing in gray furniture is it’s versatility. It’s like the little black dress, you can dress it up or dress it down and everyone should own one.

Getting back to paint colors, of course you shouldn’t just jump in a use the colors that I suggested here. They may not be the right choice for your home because of the lighting in your room, you may not like any of these colors or these colors may not relate to anything in your home.

The point is, buying gray furniture is a really good investment. From light gray to even dark gray if you wish there’s just so much you can do with it. Just keep you mind open to color – all paint colors – not just the safe ones.

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3 Responses to What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture?

  1. I love your color pairings with the gray – especially the Buttered Yam and Turmeric. Neutral furniture and COLOR on the walls is so smart :).

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