What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture: Updated

I did another post on What Colors Go With Gray Furniture in 2012 and it so needed to be updated. It’s still remains one of my more popular posts and color trends have changed quite a bit since 2012 so here’s the update.

What Colors Go With Gray Furniture? Updated

Color trends change and this updated post shows you some modern colors that you may like with gray furniture

I have a typical gray sofa in this graphic, one that I have seen in many homes. Some grays are warmer and some are cooler of course but this one seems to be the norm or at least the color that is trending now.

The paint colors you see above are from the Benjamin Moore Color Story collection which I love! They are clean and up lifting. Now the colors you see are just some represented from the more popular hues that are in todays homes.

Knitted Cape is a crisp clean pale yellow. There is nothing that screams classic colors more so than a yellow/gray color duo.

Sea Salt (not to be confused with the Sherwin William Sea Salt) is more so staying in the gray color trend that many still have in the home. It reflects a monochromatic palette that will make your home appear to be a larger space. Just make sure the undertones of your grays are the same.

Faded Violet is  a bit more “creative” and for those of you who like to be more expressive, this is a great choice with gray. It will definitely liven up the room. It’s a fun, youthful color.

Sylvan Mist is a beautiful color! It’s one color that you don’t see commonly in the home (I have a similar color in mine) and it is really a breath of fresh air.

Now you may be seeing Tropical Oasis popping up in stores. This is one of those colors that was seen decades ago and is coming back. It’s fun, trendy and says “I dare to have fun with color in my home!” Try it as an accent color if you feels it’s too much color for you.

Closing with Porcelain Glaze, this is somewhat of a typical color choice that most would feel comfortable with in the home. It’s an offshoot from the coastal blues which still are very popular color choices. Now be careful with this color, it is a cooler blue so make sure you do not have a warm gray sofa of it will look off. Again, it’s all about the undertones.

Well I hope you enjoyed the update on this post, it was long overdue. Have questions about your gray furniture? Add it to the comments.

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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12 Responses to What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture: Updated

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  3. Adrienne Rudd says:

    how can I tell if I have cool or warm grey undertones in my sofa? I have a leather natuzzi grey sofa that seems light and I want to paint the walls but I’m not sure. Thanks for any help.

    • A warm gray like SW7541 Grecian Ivory and a cool gray is SW7653 Silverpointe. Put the two color chips together and you’ll see one looks more green/yellow which is 7541 and the other looks more blue.

      • Adrienne Rudd says:

        Thanks for the quick response. I believe my sofa is cool (but I’ll check it with your advice) but I’m trying to warm up the living room which is open to kitchen. Do you think a grey wall from the LR to the DR is a good way to go? What color pillows do you think would be best?

        • Honestly, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m not a huge fan of gray. There are so many other colors that would warm up a room other than a warm gray. Pillows are a great way to add color and warmth to a room but it all has to tie in. I’ll need to see pictures of your home to further consult for you 🙂

  4. dalegreenearts says:

    Thanks so much for this information. I’m an artist but I always have trouble finding colors for my house. They’re usually too bright. This was helpful.

  5. Zoraida Rullan says:

    i have the entire Bedroom 7 pieces Pier 1 Gray Hayworth Furniture. What wall colors would be your recommendation for My walls. i do love colors.

  6. Michelle Lord says:

    Hi, My kitchen is pavilion grey by farrow and ball (I think) with slate grey floor tiles and a charcoal worktop. Im at a loss as to what to paint the walls. I want something that keeps the kitchen light and airy. If I leave it white the kitchen units wont stand out as much as I want them too

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Hi Michelle – is there a color in your countertop that you can pull out? Or in your flooring? Is there a gray/blue that you can see? I’d really need to see a photo of your kitchen to better guide you but those are the areas I’d look at to tie it all in. I hope that helps!

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