A Few Facts About Blue You Need To Know before Committing

Everyone is running with blue now! What color do you like? Blue. What color are you painting your bedroom? Blue. What color is your bathroom? Blue. What’s your husbands favorite color? Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue.Blue. Blue.Blue. Blue.Blue. Blue.Blue. Blue.

We get it. You all love blue!

We saw tons of blue at High Point Market.


We know you love blue fabric.

We know you love blue paint color.


But what do you really

need to know about blue?

Is it shocking that so many people love blue? Not really because some of those blues are just amazing! Look at the graphic I have up there – they are all very different but all very likable.

So what’s the shocking truth about blue? Well, it’s not that as easy to pick the perfect hue of blue. There are some factors to be careful of when choosing blue for your home and perhaps some factoids you weren’t aware of. For instance …

The Nursery Syndrome

Here’s a tip or two that may help you with your blue picking choices. For instance. When you’re looking to choose a light blue for your son’s room, keep in mind his age. Blue Allure is a great light blue by Benjamin Moore if you have an infant son. Are you choosing  a light blue for a baby? A toddler? A teen? Keep in mind lighter, paler blues may have that “nursery” look that won’t be too welcoming for a 11-year-old.

The Sports Galore Problem

Well what about that 11-year-old boy? What type of blue would be best for his room? Keep in mind that a boy this age will probably have TONs of things on his walls from sports paraphernalia to trophies. You may want to consider a light gray-blue for his room. Keeping his wall color fairly light will not conflict with everything hanging on his walls. Now make sure this color has enough gray in it to “mature” it up a bit otherwise you fall into that baby nursery blue like Blue Allure.

Blue Confusion

When you think you found a blue you like, do this little trick. Take a white piece of paper and several blue chips you’ve been looking at. Place them all on the piece of paper and really look at the color. Is the blue you’ve just decided on light blue? Gray blue? Red blue? Keep that white piece of paper handy when comparing your blues. You can’t really see the color of a blue unless you have others to compare it to.

Too Dark for Hue Blue?

Now that you have a blue you like, hold it vertically against all the walls in your room. The blue will obviously look darker in the once held vertically but also in the shadows of the room and at night. Make sure you still like the blue in its darkest light – if that makes sense.

Like any color, there is so much to consider before deciding on the ONE. I hope some of these mentions helped you out a bit.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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