Kitchen Flooring Advice for A Home That’s about to Sell

I had a client this week asking for kitchen flooring advice that I wanted to share with  you. It’s a great example of which flooring type to choose and why. Here’s the email.

Hi Donna,

I would like to use your Color Coach service to advise me on what color choice to put down in my kitchen.

I have a lot of the medium golden oak cabinets and woodwork in my kitchen (yes, the dreaded orange) and dark granite counter tops. I’m not going to be making any other changes to  the kitchen other than maybe put a glass front on a cabinet or two.

My old vinyl flooring is shot and we are going to be putting the house on the market in about a year. The color of the flooring won’t be anything about what I want or like but what  will “sell” the kitchen.

Thanks so much

PD, Indiana


Now THIS is a smart client! She would love to put some amazing flooring down that she’d like but she knows it’s all about getting the house ready for a possible sell. Smart.



Dear PD,

I’d love to suggest a flooring option for you. My Color Coach service (just one color or just one choice of product) is just $45 and sounds perfect for your project. If you’d like several flooring options to choose from than my Basic Color Consultation for $85 would be a better fit for you.

Either way, I will send you a general “look” you should have for your flooring but certainly look at pricing that will encompass both the look I suggest and your budget at the store of your choice (I usually shop Lowe’s or Home Depot because it’s convenient for most clients and locations)


My client sent some really great pictures and here I was not only able to see the kitchen but also the surrounding areas which is important.


kitchen_flooring4 kitchen_flooring1


Here’s my response.



The client picked up the tile and sent me this photo. Can you see the difference? The tile all the way to the right is too gray. The third tile looks a bit pinky and the others are pretty good choices for this kitchen.  See? No pinky beige. No yellow. My choice would be the first tile on the left because it’s light, bright and will make this kitchen appear larger will is what you want for staging.



This is was a great virtual consultation and I do a TON of these! If you need ANY color advice for your home, I have options such as these for just ONE color advice for $45 or I can help you with your entire home. Pricing will vary so get your pictures together and let’s start working on your color palette.

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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2 Responses to Kitchen Flooring Advice for A Home That’s about to Sell

  1. I’m wondering if the client would want to put the tile next to the carpet since it’s such a strong color and may affect her choice. What do think?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      That’s a good point Lisa but she had stated in her email that she wasn’t going to do anything else to the home expect replace the kitchen flooring. Oh there’s so many other choices for the rest of her home that I’d would have like to suggested but was just hired to help her with the kitchen flooring.

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