Intuitive Color For The Home

Where do intuitive colors come from? Do color palettes magically appear in the mind? How do you know that these will be the right colors for you when there is no reference as to where they came from? These, are the questions that one asks when talking about intuitive color. Now let’s talk about the answers.


Many people ask me how I get the color palettes when I work with my virtual clients and this is a very good question.

So how do I know what colors are best for a client that I can’t see? This is where intuition comes in and works for both virtual and actual clients.

I just met with a client yesterday and she was amazed how I was able to find the exact colors she was looking for. “Wow, you really captured the feel that I wanted for my home!” she said.

The same goes for virtual clients. I’m able to design a color palette for a 3500 square foot home – that I’m not in – very quickly. I see these color palettes in my mind based on the needs of the client. It takes me more time to actually find the color chips then to design the palettes.

There are Designers that have their “go to color palettes” that they use over and over and over again – that’s their business. If they want to pump out color palettes like a machine, that’s fine. Will the colors look good? Yeah, more than likely they’ll be ok because they know what colors work with each other based on popularity and undertones. Is this a good way to choose colors for a client? No.

There are VERY few Designers who are intuitive enough to be able to tap into the energy of the client or who can FEEL what they want. I can do this.

It’s really difficult for a client to convey a feeling that they want in their home. They come up with words that describes the sense they want with big smiles on yet they are stressed knowing that no way can the Designer find what colors they are feeling – or can they?

Well I can!

That sounds all hocus pocus I know but that’s how it works. For me, whether I’m working with a live client or a virtual one, I connect with them and full color palettes pop into my head as suggestions for them.

Most of the time I dig deep into my color file and pull about 2 dozen colors that I feel will work for them. For the virtual client, I just have to find them in the paint deck.

When I arrived to my clients house yesterday I took all the colors that I felt she’d like and displayed them out on the table. She replied with a “these colors are EXACTLY what I want in my home!”

Now you’re probably saying that all Designers get “ideas“ when they meet with their clients – well yes and no. I just take it one step further.

Is this hard to explain? Yes, but I know it works because out of umpteen number of virtual clients I’ve had over the years less than a handful were less than satisfied. Those are remarkable odds when it comes to helping clients that you can’t see.

It’s a gift I have and a colorful one at that! I love my world of color even though my world is hard to explain 🙂

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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