Colors That Connect; A Message From Spirit about Color and Life

The other night I had a dream that told me about my future; I didn’t ask for it; the information was just presented to me.

In my dream, I saw what appeared to be a woman. She had a pointy nose, pale face, and reddish hair. She approached me and said, “You will design a new color palette that will be extremely popular, and many people will want it to be in their home.” I thought that was exciting because, as you know, by reading this blog, I design a ton of color palettes. I’m excited to know that there is one in the future that will stick.

colors that connect

She went on by saying that the next four years will be unpleasant. This did not sound good to me, so I asked her for more information. “What do you mean by ‘unpleasant’ I asked, like as in having bad health?” She said, “no, just unpleasant.” Whew, as long as I don’t get sick, I’m good. I did want to know what unpleasant involved. Did she not know I just lived through 2020?

She concluded by saying that after the four unpleasant years, everything will be smooth sailing. Well, now THAT’s pleasant! I remember thinking in my dream.

Why did I share this dream with you? Because I’m excited about the color palette. I guess I’ll know when it rears its head which one it’ll be. Meanwhile, I feel the need to redesign my color palettes and dig deep into how they feel and what they’ll be about. I’m excited!

This (see above) is the graphic that has some unique colors in it. I connected with Spirit to find the new and amazing color palette that the lady in my dream spoke of. Can this be it? It’s really very different in size and style from all the other graphics I’ve designed before.

I like the soft, muted colors. These are not colors that you’d typically see in a home, and I like that even better! These colors, at least it’s how I feel, don’t even connect to the chakras, which I always like to tie in. What do they mean?

Placement is essential in this color palette. I love the open circles (closed circles are SO overdone at this point, and I’ve been doing them for years), and they feel powerful to me. I like the open shape and feel it somehow amplifies the feeling and intention of the colors. I love how each circle touches the other and how they are a bit transparent like we can see right through their soul – if they had one.

I may change the design some more. I’ll just sit with this one for a while. What do you think?

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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