I Have A Florida Home. What Coastal Colors Can I Use?

You don’t need a crystal ball to know which coastal colors are best for your home. Ask yourself this, do you want to use all the other coastal colors that everyone is seeing on Pinterest and Google, or do you want colors that are new and unique to you? If you said the latter, then read on.

crystal ball of color

I have received several emails this month asking for coastal colors for Florida homes, weird coincidence. Nevertheless, when color calls, I come running!

Of course, people are going to ask for a coastal color palette for their Floriday residence BUT let’s not use the same colors over and over and over again.

So many of my clients are asking for Sea Salt, and I refuse to even use that color at this point. You can see Sea Salt a mile away, and there are so many people that have this color in their homes; enough is enough. 

I have some beautiful suggestions from the Designer Color Collection from Sherwin Williams, the Rustic and Refined brochure. Just open it and look! I love just about all the colors here, and they are ones that I know will look amazing in the home. One step further, I use these colors as my coastal base and go from there. 

Sure this color palette is a beautiful, typical coastal color palette but there’s a new look in town, and it starts with green.

the best colors for my home


I must say, those Valspar colors are pretty amazing if I do say so myself, and they are good options, but the point of this post is to start looking and other coastal color options.

So either way, when you’re thinking about coastal colors for your home, start thinking outside the box a bit. Have your coastal Florida home look a little different from everyone else’s home. After all, if you hire a Designer and they are giving the same colors everyone else is … cough, cough SEA SALT … then you hired the wrong designer. 

I you are interested in a new twist to your coastal retreat, fill out the form below, and I’ll make that happen for you!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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