Decorating With the Chakras In Mind


Here’s a way to think about color in a whole new way. How about bringing these hues (color family) into your home?

The true Chakra colors are on the left – really bright and a bit too much for the home but you can tone them down to the ones on the right and easily decorate your home with this palette.

How nice would it be to say that my bedroom is decorated in the Crown Chakra or my Living Room is the Heart Chakra?

Next time you bring color into your home or even the colors that you wear, think about the Chakras.

  • Need to have a little more confidence and trust in yourself? Incorporate yellow.
  • Need to feel more grounded in life? Get the red on!
  • Want to envision how certain events may unfold? Dark blue is great for that.
  • Have infertility issues? The Sacral Chakra will assist with that.
  • Having trouble forgiving or letting some issues go? Feel the love with green.
  • Communications issues? That’s the Throat Chakra all the way.
  • Want to feel more connected with the  Universe and your Spirit? Lavender.

Could this be a whole new way of decorating the home?

This is how I would love to get color in the home – not follow some silly color trends and decide that white is the hue to have just because it goes with everything. That is not how we should treat color for our homes.

Choose a color based on the feeling you want for that room or the feeling you get from it. For instance. I have green for the family room. Now it can be ANY green from light to dark but keep it in the green hue. Green is the Heart Chakra and what better color to have for a family room. A color that represents the love you have and the love you have to share for your family.

Let’s say you want red for the dining room. Red (Root Chakra is a very grounding color. The dining room is where we meet with our family and friends and share meals. This is a very grounding experience and reminds us who we are in our family circle and keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground to remember what is important in life. It’s a family.

Want to start a family? Orange (Sacral Chakra) for the Master Bedroom would be perfect! That’s the Sacral Chakra zeros in on our pleasure zones.

Intentional color. These is just a few examples of how to color your home with the chakras in mind.

Color Trends for 2020

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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