Affordable Virtual Color Consultations; How My Intuitive Design Process Was Born

Need color for your home and don’t know of a Designer in your area? You don’t NEED a Designer to come to your home in order to get professional color advice. I’m talking about my Virtual Color Consultations that are SO easy and SO affordable. Having a Color Expert come to your home will soon be a thing of the past.

I’ve been designing color palettes this way for decades and I won’t have it any other way. As a matter of fact, I turn down my LIVE clients and offer them Virtual Designs, this way both of us save time and money. Come hear how I add a “special twist” to my Virtual consults which is why they are so successful.


I used to go from house to house, door to door years ago before I was solely doing virtual designs right from the comfort of my office. It wasn’t always easy doing “LIVE” consultations. There was traffic, weather, schlepping around all my color paraphernalia, cancelations and even though I had GPS, I’d still somehow get lost every now and then. Oh and I have to mention the creepy feeling that I got in some homes. It’s amazing what one with gifts (Clairvoyance) picks up on when you enter a home.  What do I mean?

There were a few clients that forever changed my color consulting business. Those experiences also forced me to figure out how I can work easier not harder and safety played a large roll in this process.

Here’s the back story.

In 2007 when I first moved to Charlotte, NC my parents came to visit me. My Mom was always nervous that I would go into strangers’ homes on a daily basis just to do my job. She told me every day on the phone that she didn’t like my job one bit. I told her that I was ok and there’s really no way of getting around it – until I spoke to my Dad.

Dad and I went out for a walk one day and he asked about my Color Consulting and how it was going. I answered him with a “very well” which was the truth.

He continued the conversation and suggested that I think about working “smarter not harder.” Dads always want what is best for their Daughters but he just didn’t understand how my job worked.

He continued to talk and when he said, “you should design your color palettes from your home office instead of going house to house.” I laughed and said, “sure Dad but you see, I HAVE to be INSIDE the home in order to choose a color for my clients. How will I ever choose colors for my clients from the comfort of my home? Better yet, how will I get my clients to buy into this swift idea?”

He smiled at me and said, “you’ll figure it out but that’s what you need to do.”

I just laughed and noted that poor Dad had no idea what he was talking about or how my business worked.

Well I thought about this for a solid two years and came up with the idea – no actually my Dad came up with the idea I just figured out how to implement it. “Providing professional color palettes delivered right you your computer” was just in reach and about to be born!

It took a while of cleaver image labeling, having the skill of knowing how social media worked and using the search engines like they were my employees, just sending out the ideas and “they” brought the clients to me. And it worked!

However, as time when on I often wonder how this came so easy to me. How was it that I “saw” color palettes form before my eyes when I received an email request from a client. My clients also asked how was I was able to connect with them and provide the exact colors that they were thinking of or that they needed for their home. There was a pattern here and it was so obvious that I didn’t see it.

It took me a while of soul-searching and I finally came to realize that I was an extremely gifted Clairvoyant. What does that mean? That means that I can see (and also sense things) way beyond what is considered the norm to see or feel. I’m super sensitive to the energies around me and I pick up on a lot of “things” that give me clues about situations I’m about to enter into. It also allows me to see colors and that’s how my Virtual Color process started.

As I was transitioning from LIVE clients to VIRTUAL clients, there were times when I picked up on all kinds of negative things in a home. I sensed abuse, loss of loved ones, when a client loss a child, when there was a recent death in the family when clients had cancer, depression, ADHD and yes even murders that took place in the home. Mind you all this information comes with visuals for me so know that these visits were not pleasant for me and sometimes downright scary.


Thankfully there were only two incidences where I had to leave the home for my safety and only one incidence where murders took place in the home. I was safe but looking at ghosts a week prior and a week after that client, was not pleasant. Also while I was IN the home I did sense those Spirits behind me as I walked the house. I was safe but it was an awful feeling of dread.

So, I now knew that I had to change the way I did my color consultations. I took my abilities and spun them into a very successful and rewarding design business in my home office.

I continue to get compliments of how I am able to zone into their feelings as if I were right in their home, with them walking from room to room when in a way, I am.

This my friends is how I do my Virtual work now and I wouldn’t go back to LIVE consults for anything. As a matter of fact, I price my consults WAY out of someone’s budget just so they turn me down but then offer them an affordable way to get the same results, but virtually.

This is my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Have any questions?


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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