Colors That Need To Be In The Home For 2019 and Why

I love this time of year when I can look forward to ending one color year and beginning another. As a Color Forecaster there are very good reasons I choose the colors I do and it has ALL to do with a Holistic approach instead of how the big-wigs choose colors based on politics and economy. I must say that Pantone came VERY close to the colors that I chose as well. Here are my thoughts:


These are from the Color Stories Collection of Benjamin Moore

Now I know you’re thinking this is a 70’s blast but hear me out, color by color. By the way, those 70’s colors weren’t so bad. If you are not comfortable with this color palette, here is another one that blends 2018 and this into one in “A Must Have Interior Home Color Palette for 2019.

PALE YELLOW: I’m going to start with the center color which is SWEET CREAM. This is the color that I’d use for the neutral in the home from foyer to hallways. We MUST, MUST, MUST get gray out of the home! I’ve listened to my clients this year and most of them came to me to get gray out of their home. They lived with it for a while and realized how it made them feel. You should read some of the comments they said about gray:

  • sad
  • depression
  • lost
  • dull
  • lifeless
  • sad

No one should feel this way in their own home! So OUT goes gray for 2019 and is replaced with a warm, inviting pale yellow.

GOLD: Yes! Get gold back in the home! I know for a fact Jack that gold has extreme healing properties because I used in when I had a bout of depression in Pittsburgh because it was so cold and have very few warm, sunny days – at least less than what I needed. Think sun colors. Who doesn’t like the feel of the warm sun on their skin? This is what gold does so take those 70’s memories out of your head and reprogram what gold can do for you. I promise you it feels good!

GREEN: I posted SO many times about how and why green should be in the home. Think of all the green outside that makes you feel good from trees, bushes, fresh grass and a beautiful mossy forest. THIS is the feeling we want in the home you just have to find a green that calls to you.


SPICY ORANGE AND BROWN: Yea, yea I know, you’re saying these are dated colors but they are not! The energy of orange is great to have in the home and it’s not that awful Home Depot orange is spicy and sexy! I have this color in my home and pulled in teal and Alchemy colors to go with it – very cool you should see it! Brown is the color of connection and it connects us to us, and to life really. It’s earthy, strong and warm. I too have this color in my home as an accent feature next to my tub. If these were’t cool colors do you think I’d have them in my home? Everyone likes different colors I know but here, I’m pulling in Holistic colors, colors that actually mean something and can be felt. Yes that’s right! I bet you any amount of money that if you fully designed your home in this color palette and the proper decor you’d be surprised how homey and awesome it feels – so much better than a blue/gray home.


So what I’m trying to do for 2019 is the same I’ve always tried to do, get colors in the home that feel good, that heal and actually turn a house into a home. Color is VERY powerful, you’ve heard me say that before, so put away the meds and start using color to heal. It’s a great first step to feeling good, I promise!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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