So What Is Healthy Color?

I started writing a few posts on healthy color and even have a video or two about the same subject. When you think about it, what exactly is healthy color? Is is color that instantly heals you when you look at it? Is is color that reminds you of a Doctor’s office or hospital? So what is it?

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Color That Heals, Yellow

Did you ever wonder if you should choose a certain color palette if you suffer from depression, have a loss in your life, or perhaps have a gloomy outlook on life? There are colors that you can choose for your home that will make you feel good, that will make you happy when you see them and can literally change your entire emotional status. Which colors am I talking about? Colors that heal. Come read this very special post and see how the right color choices can literally change the way you feel when you look at them.

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What Color Should I Paint My Trim?

What color should trim be? This sounds like an easy question right? Well if you see me writing about it here then you know the answer is a little more complicated then you may have thought.

I bet you’re thinking white right? Well you are right for the most part. But here’s where is gets a little complicated.

Sherwin Williams Whites

Sherwin Williams Whites

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Will Green Will Force Gray Out of The Home?

As I was typing my post yesterday on Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green I was thinking about the other colors that will work well with it – of course the orange hue came to mind for me. I was thinking about the gray trend that is also still very present in most homes  and was wondering, if people want green in their homes now will grey be forced out? Gray and green aren’t the prettiest together.


If gray is forced out what neutral will take it’s place?

  • Beige? Oh no you don’t!!!
  • White? No, too stark.
  • Gray? Looks lifeless next to green.
  • Blue? Too tootie-fruitie
  • Yellow? Possibly
  • Pink? Too cotton candyish

So what color will be the next “go to neutral” when green becomes the new hue to have in the home?

I was thinking a warmer shift away from the cool grays to something like this – it’s more than a beige and less than a gold. I just feel that homes will gravitate to warmer more inviting homey colors. Look how pretty this looks with Guildford Green. It’s showing a little peachy here which is fine too but add a little more yellow to warm it up.

What do you think? Kiss gray goodbye?

How striking this would look with white trim and dark wood flooring.



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Benjamin Moore Nails their Color For 2015

It’s a good green to have in the home! Look at this and tell me what you see. Do you feel good when you see this color? Relaxed? Comforted? Happy? This is what the RIGHT color can do for you in YOUR home.

As you’ve all been reading, I’m writing more and more about Holistic Color and this falls right into the realm of my new twist on color.

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Color + Health = Holistic Color

What is Holistic Color? Color choices that make you feel good Going to a back-to-basics way of thinking Eating healthy Living healthy Bringing healthy color into the home.

Click here to see the Slideshare presentation: Holistic Color … it’s color that makes you feel good! from Donna Frasca

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Colors That Need To Go On Vacation

Are you seeing the same colors over and over and over again? Did the color wheel just get smaller? Did the paint decks get smaller? Then why the heck are the same colors be used? There’s a very colorful world out there people so let’s put some of our faves on vacations and start hiring some new colors. What do you say?

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Color Quickie With Donna Frasca, Holistic Colors

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I have a 4 minute video that I’d like to share with you. It’s a continuing series of mine called “Color Quickies”. This one is super exciting to me because it has to do with Holistic Color and why we should have these “healthy” colors in our home.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this segment, I’d be glad to talk about it.

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Why Fall Colors Are Healthy For You

Is color just color? Heck no! Color is a way of life, and just like our food choices, color can be really healthy for the home. Today I’m going to talk about healthy color choices. It’s a very different spin on how I usually blog but I’m taking it up a notch and going to further explain why some color choices are better than others.

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Should I Choose a Neutral Sofa or Go For A Color?

I’m shopping for a new sofa and it’s fun and frustrating at the same time! The only two choices as far as color go is a neutral (yuk) and a color (yay).  Sound obvious right? So do I choose an “Oatmeal” color to be safe and classic or choose a color because what I have in mind is just so darn amazing?

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