What Color Should I Paint My Man Cave?

It’s all about the man cave today – and color of course. This is a video that I’d like to reshare with you. It’s from Superbowl weekend 2014. Enjoy your day!

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Decorating With Love: It’s All About The Heart Chakra

Continuing on with the Holistic theme, come see why you’ll hear me talk about green –  a lot – but more importantly, come see why.


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Have You Found Brown?

Why do I love brown so much? Well, first off, it’s a great grounding color and fits right in with the Holistic Color approach. Brown goes with so many if not all colors which makes it the perfect neutral and not as stark and lifeless as black. It’s warm, inviting and strong. These are all good principles.  for the home. Let’s see how they’d look in the home.

There are so many variations of brown from yellow browns to a red browns. Again, it’s all about the undertones. There is a brown for everyone! Have a look.


Continue reading

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Color Palettes for ADHD and Depression


We all know that when we see color, it makes us feel a certain way. Blue and green is very calming, red, yellow and orange have more energy, pink is relaxing and purple may make us feel fun and flirty or Spiritual. All these feelings depend on you as an individual and the experiences and memories you’ve had with these hues, however, if you have medical issues there are some colors that will help and some colors that will hinder. Continue reading

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When Is Green More Than Just Green?


When it’s the color of your Heart Chakra. Talk about a play on words. Look at this:

  • Heart
  • Love
  • Green
  • Decorating
  • Home
  • Color
  • Fun

All these words involve you and your heart – your heart chakra that is which is green.

Whatever your “loves” are, bring them into your home. This is how we should be decorating our homes, with things that we love but taking it one step further and knowing why.

Make your home special for 2016. Make it a healing home and home that is catered to how YOU feel instead of how retail tells you to.

Color is all about the chakras. The chakras are energy centers in our bodies. Tap into that energy and see what happens. I’ll be here to help you because for 2016, I’ll be combining my love for color with the chakras!


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Tenshintai Reiki Usui Reiki Ryoho and Color for 2016


Photo credit: Caroline Frasca

I know that was a mouth full but that is the type of Reiki certification that I have. Notice I posted a lot about Chakra colors and Holistic Colors in 2015? Well this is why. I’ve combined my love for color with my Reiki training and it’s a perfect fit for me. I’ll also be posting a lot about this in 2016.

  • Want to follow all the commercialness of color and the who’s who in the Design world?
  • Want to know all about the latest and greatest color trends and decorate your home just like very one else?
  • Want to have your house look like a show place instead of a home?
  • Want to spend thousands of dollars painting your home and then feel it’s still not complete?

Then this is NOT the blog for you.

How about …

  • Choose colors that feel really good when you look at them.
  • Have your house look and feel like a home, like you want to be in each and every room.
  • Choose colors because they mean something to you.
  • Have your house look like a one-of-a-kind home that everyone else will love too.
  • Activate your good memories just by looking at a certain color in your home.
  • Have health issues? Choose a room just for healing purposes. You can do that with color!
  • Get rid of those “end of the day headaches” just by looking at indigo blue.

This my friends is how I choose color. I will be talking a lot about this in 2016 so please bookmark and subscribe by email so you don’t miss a post.

Ask me questions!!!! I’ll be glad to give your question a guest post. It won’t be a free color consultation but it will guide you and tell you which colors will work best in your home.

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My Direction For 2016: Holistic Color, Colors That Heal and Virtual Design


A good part of last year I started writing about Holistic Colors, Colors That Heal and Virtual Design. Well those three areas will be my focus for 2016. Continue reading

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Kisses For Christmas!


As I close my office for the rest of the year for the Christmas Season, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and  happy and healthy new year!

May all your dreams come true and remember to always think and live with your heart.

Kisses to all!!!!

Love Donna xoxoxo

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Color Just Never Gets Old For Me

I was going through my Pinterest boards this morning and came across this video I made a long time ago. It’s nice to see how I’ve changed in style and design but the love for color … never got old.

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Here’s Where Pantone Went Wrong for 2016


pantone-color-2016-rose-quartz-heart-chakra-donna-frascaI have to admit, I was excited when I saw “Rose Quartz” as ONE of Pantone’s “Color of The Year?” but then got totally bummed when I saw “Serenity” yet another blue.

They went from a crystal to a bladder control undergarment – sorry but that’s all I could think of when I saw “Serenity.” Here’s what they should have done. Continue reading

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