Jazz Up Your Outdoor Area with Stone

It’s that time of year when we fix up out patios, work in the garden and get those home improvements going. Today on #ColorChat, I’ll be tweeting the products of Luck Stone in Charlotte.

I visited their showroom back in 2011 and had a blast! There’s nothing like actually being in the showroom where you can touch everything and see all the products. Here is a picture of me and Heather Reid (not sure if she still works there) back in 2011. It was such a great visit and I need to go back. I need some pavers for my backyard and I know Luck Stone has a great selection.

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Delicious Colors To Add To Your Picnic Basket This Memorial Weekend

Get your Memorial Day weekend stared with color! 

Well hopefully you’re not painting this weekend and you can enjoy the sun and fun with your family and friends. However, if you’re taking advantage of this long weekend painting is the thing to do!

You might as well have fun with your colors and here I have a fun graphic that has some colors you might as well put right in your (pretend) picnic basket. From Apples and Pears to the actual Picnic Basket itself, these Benjamin Moore colors will certainly get you in the mood for food.


I love that Melted Ice Cream. Wouldn’t that make a great color for a baby girls room? Even Picnic Basket is great for the nursery if you’re having a boy.

Watermelon Red is a bright one! Where would you put that? It’s a great color for an accent feature for sure but be careful with red, it’s a challenge to get full coverage when painting. You can either use a tinted primer which will help or just stay with the great quality of Benjamin Moore paint which guarantees coverage in just two coats.

Spicy Mustard – yuk! I’m not a fan of that one at all but it may look great in your home. If you have dark wood floors and perhaps a nice big fireplace wall that is screaming for a strong hue to ground the room, that condiment color could be for you.

Last but not least, American Cheese. What a great color! Have a room that faces North? Brighten it up with this yellow. Even a small guest bath will welcome this hue for the loo and I’d take it right over the ceiling to keep the glow going. Add dark brown towels for contrast.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!


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Keeping The Neutral Color Palette Soft and Sweet

Do you love a soft neutral color palette?

The neutral colors that I like are the ones that have a slight hint of hue. Soft, creamy pinks with a warm trim and popping in some decent color for the accent.  Look how elegant this looks and the color palette remains fairly neutral yet it still has color to ground this room.

Another great thing about this color palette is the use of brown. Since it has the pink wall color, this palette may be a bit feminine but bring in brown and it mans up in a New York minute.

Don’t want the pink on the wall? It would be an awesome ceiling color!


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Now This Is How To Use Color

Do you know how to use color?

Let’s put away the blues and grays and venture out into the world of color! Look how pretty this is! Restful by Sherwin Williams is such a great color and so perfect for the bedroom. It lifts and sends such a great energy throughout the space.



Here are the colors to get this look:


Just one of the great things about the wall color Restful is that you can us so many other accent colors to totally change the look of a room. Oh I love this look and if you want me to help you with the look your room, look into my Virtual Color Consultation service. It’s easy and affordable.

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Where Did The Green Beach Glass Go?

Did you ever wonder what really makes up the coastal color palette and why? 

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY so Coastal colors will always be near and dear to my heart. The water, beaches, sunsets, sunrises, harbors and all the colors associated with that are forever embedded in my mind. It was an amazing place to grow up and the images of those coastal hues will be a part of me forever.

Having said that, I’d like to talk a little about how coastal colors have changed over the years and it of course it’s all about color.

You’re probably wondering how can coastal colors possibly change.  A sunset is a sunset, water will always be a blue hue and the colors that we associate with the beach are pretty much the same. Well it’s changed just a bit and I’m going to tell you how.

Growing up on an Island had so many benefits and one of them was beach combing. Everyone did it as soon as their toes hit the sand. You looked down as you walked in hopes of finding that perfect white rock, a pretty shell that was left behind by some mollusk or even a feather that was dropped by a shore bird. Very cool finds indeed. However, there was one element that was a huge part of the coastal color palette back then that in now considered extinct. What is it? It’s beach glass, especially the green beach glass which was always my favorite find.

Beach glass used to be in such abundance back in the day. It would be very typical to find brown glass with the surface etched from the sand, clear glass that was tumbled to resemble a frosty New England morning, green glass for the now antique Coke bottles that were just a memory of yesterday and the very, very hard to find, the cobalt blue glass from medicines bottles. When you think about it, does anyone see beach glass anymore? Have we recycled it all away? Is it possible that it was all picked up already?

We may never know why beach glass has become extinct but there lies one of the very important links to the coastal color palette and that’s green.

I’ve written many blogs posts about coastal colors and the main hue is always blue. Well let’s change that – not eliminate it but just change it up a bit.

Here we have a beautiful design board from Crate and Barrel with green as the main color. It still has that coastal flair but there’s no blue in the picture at all. You don’t need it.


You can have a nice blue-green color but keep it more on the green side like I have shown here for one of the wall colors. Keep you trim a soft gray for a change (or white if you want to say classic) and bring in the beach glass green throughout the house.

Now, isn’t this pretty? If you like this look for your home, I also design these mood boards via my shopping service. It’s part of my virtual design service. It’s an easy way to color your home.

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Get The Coastal Retreat Feel For Your Home

Summer is kicking in and those Coastal Colors are looking good. 

Have you been to the beach yet? I know it’s only May so chances are you have the entire summer ahead of your to soak up the sun, sand and all those gorgeous colors. Once you get back home you can continue enjoying that coastal feel with color.

The blues and grays are STILL the #1 hues to have in the home to capture the coastal feel. I’ll be posting more about this look and will bring in other hues that are also just as gorgeous but not the typical blues and grays.

These products were shopped at Pier 1 Imports which every one loves. You can pick up a cartful of goodies there and instantly achieve this look. Not as far as color, here are a few suggestions that will also capture the coastal feel.


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The Most Gorgeous Public Bathroom in Charlotte

Yes I know it’s weird but I notice the bathrooms when I’m out in public. I check out the tiles, countertops, faucets, lighting and color scheme – I can’t help it!

This bathroom found at Bechtler Museum in Charlotte is the most impressive. Look at the stalls! It looks like beach glass. I’ve never seen a material like this in any public bathroom. Have you?

With stalls this impressive you do not need ANY wall color. Less is more and this gets an A+ in my coloring book.


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Donna Frasca Is The Only Designer In Charlotte Who Specializes In Just Color

There are many talented Designers in Charlotte but I’m the only one who specializes in just color.

Every now and then I like to write a post that’s a little bit of a self promotion but I feel it’s important to let the public know exactly what my services are all about – and it’s color. 100% color.

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What Color Should You Paint Your Life?

Gottcha on that one didn’t I. Well painting a room is so much easier than painting your life. What colors would you choose to represent and make your life happy? It’s a big question and it may not be answerable.

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Sixth Sense by Valspar. Now that’s an eye catching color palette!

Valspar paint just nailed their newest color palette and called it Sixth Sense.

What a great name! It’s different, it’s out of the box and it’s beautiful. It’s truly color that you can feel.

You’ve heard me write about color that changes the mood or energy of a room in my Holistic posts well Valspar’s Six Sense palette will do the same. Just look at this color! Oh I’m just too excited over this. Let’s talk about why.

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