3 Ways To Create A Holistic Feel For Your Home

Creating a Holistic Feel for your home is easier than you think!

Of course you know that you can change the energy and feel of your home with color, we’ve talked about that before. What other ways other than the obvious can we make this change? Let’s take a look.

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Need to Chill? Go To Green

Feeling your blood pressure rise? Go to green. It’s that’s strong.

Here I go talking about green again but there’s a reason and it’s called blood pressure. What does green have to do with blood pressure? A lot.

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5 Fabulous Greens To Use In Your Home This Summer

Have you heard? Green is the hue to have in the home this summer!

And I’m so glad! I know I may be getting redundant here talking about green all the time but hey, why not? I’m sure you can find a green or two to use in your home. Here are a few suggestions that are just a little bit different but don’t brush these greens aside just because they aren’t the norm. They are from the Color Story Collection of Benjamin Moore.


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So What Colors Go With Green?

As green is becoming more and more popular in the home, I bet you’re wondering what other colors will go with green? Many! Let’s take a look a few that you may like.


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#WildWednesday ~ What Do You Find Wild Today?

Whoa that can be just about anything but of course for today, it’s color again! Predictable me and I promise I’ll step out of my color box next week as these hashtags continue.

Look how beautiful this Wild Pink by Benjamin Moore is! Do you have a wild side? Try this pink in your room.


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Why Do Kids Love Such Bright Colors For Their Rooms?

Well that’s a good thing! I’m a firm believer in letting kids choose their own bedroom colors after all, it THEIR room. However, if the color keeps you up at night, you should find a happy compromise.

Here is a bright one from Benjamin Moore. If your child likes it but you find it to be a little bit too much all you have to do is compromise. Yes they can have this color but how about using it as a ceiling color? Too much for the ceiling? Use it on their door with a wide horizontal stripe all around the room.

There! They are happy because the have picked a color for their room and yet it would be too much color for one space. Great color compromise don’t you think?


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What Does The Best Coastal Color Palette Look Like?

I design a lot of coastal color palettes for my clients and every now and then there’s one that even I say “wow that turned out beautiful!”. I recently designed this color palette for a small home that had some light issues and a very dark wood floor. This color palette was perfect!

I chose a fairly saturated yellow for the living room which was the darkest room of all. This alone will work well and adding the proper lighting of course tops it off.

Butting up to the kitchen a neutral off white was chosen so the main focus would still be the living room color.

Gray was the perfect choice for the foyer since it was the first color that you see as you walk into this home and it directs you to the other parts of the home of coordinating colors.

To the left is the dining room which not only had to match the decor that they had in the room but also had to tie in with all these other colors since I started with the living room first.

Blue was a natural choice for the mater bedroom and everything finished off with a crisp white ceiling and soft white trim.

These are all Benjamin Moore colors which in my opinion, has the best selection for the coastal color scheme.


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The Colors of Yesterday

Some of us may still have the so called “dated” colors in our home. Ever wonder why? Is it because it’s just too much of a inconvenience to choose a new color palette? Is it because it’ll just be too expensive to repaint the house? Or is it because somehow we find comfort in the colors of yesterday?

It could be all of the above or more than likely these colors hold a memory. It’s easy to repaint the house but difficult to release a memory. Memories over color. Which one would you choose?


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My Favorite Benjamin Moore Colors For Summer

As my color consultations are progressing along and people are sprucing up their homes for all summer events to come, there are a few colors that I’m just loving!

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#SassySaturday ~ Sassy, Frassy and Just a Little Bit …

Classy! What did you think I was going to say? Lol, wow – just look at this color!Talk about sassy alright.

The small bathroom in your home is the perfect place to add some sassy color to your home. It’s just one gallon of paint and a whole lot of fun! Experiment with sass, experiment with color.


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