If I Were A Paint Company I’d Have … A Holistic Paint Color Collection!

Listen up Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, I know you’re listening. How can you NOT have this already? Or something even close to it? Even Valspar is on board with their Sixth Sense line. It’s time to update your color palettes and names. I can help, I am a Virtual Designer :-)

So back to color. If I were a paint company I would have had a Holistic Color Collection, Holistic Hues, whatever you want to call it, out years ago. Why? Because people need inner peace not only within themselves but in their home.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Virtual Color Consultations

I LOVE virtual color consultations! For me, it’s the perfect way to provide expert color advice for anyone who needs it.

I’ve been working on this virtual design process for years now and have it finely tuned. The process comes with easy to understand instructions, great visuals so you know exactly where your color needs to go and availability via email if you have additional questions about your color or color placement. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Since I made this process so easy for me, I’ve made it affordable for you. Please view this slideshare presentation and feel free to email me or post questions here. I hope you take advantage of this great process!

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Bring Color Into Your Home With Exotic Angel Plants


You all know how much I love green well look at these plants! Talk about bring color AND nature into your home in one shot.

These plants are from Costa Farms and are literally the perfect way to add beauty to the home.

Not everyone can have plants in the house because of cats. Many of our ordinary house plants are poisonous to cats if they should chew on them so if you’re not sure, put the plants out of reach like I have here.

These plants are in my master bathroom. They get humidity from shower and a tremendous amount of light from my glass block window. Plus it’s pretty awesome to take a shower and see this nice color splash , like I’m in the jungle!


Holistically speaking, adding plants to the home is the perfect scenario for not only a visual balance but for refreshing the air as well. When I see plants in the room, especially unusual plants like these, it just makes me feel good which is another reason to bring the outdoors inside.


Look at all the variations of green here and the pop of red, just perfect. Also, the texture of these plants are pretty cool. Some are sooth and shiny and one (the one on the bottom left corner) has a leave that is a little crunchy. So cool!

So there you have it. Want these plants for your home? You can get them at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. I’ve had these plants for a few weeks now and they are still going strong.  Enjoy.

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What Colors Inspire You?


  • Is it the gold sun?
  • The colors of a sunset?
  • The muted hues of the evening sky?

What does it for you? I recently spent some time on the beach at Singer Island Florida and got recharged and motivated – not that I needed motivation when it comes to color but certainly will be talking about how color fits into the holistic world and why. It’ll be cool beans! Stay tuned.

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Coastal Colors For Sale

Colors A La Carte. 

This is my newest and most popular service called Color A La Carte. You can purchase the entire color palette or just one color. Each color is only $15.

This coastal color palette is my post popular one on Pinterest. It’s really the complete palette that you’ll need for your entire home. It’s having the piece of mind knowing that the colors you choose will coordinate with each other. I take the guess work out of choosing color for you!

  • Pick on color for you bedroom.
  • Pick three colors for your main floor
  • Pick just one vertical row for your entire home
  • Pick a horizontal row
  • or pick the entire palette to mix and match as you please.

Want the entire coastal color palette? That is just $225. That’s a great price for a full color palette for the home.


Here’s what to do:

  • Send me the color palette that you want via email at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com
  • Tell me which color or colors you want – just one? All?
  • Tell me what paint company you want to use. Sherwin Williams? Benjamin Moore?
  • I’ll send you my PayPal link and when the fee is deposited, I will email your colors to you.

It’s that simple to get the perfect coastal color palette for your home.

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Angel Art. It’s Time To Just Be

Sometimes I have to take a step back and recharge. What drives me to design all these colors? Where do I get my inspirations from? Where do I get energy to create hundreds of color palettes day after day after day?

It’s more than just looking at a picture and being inspired by it’s color and composition. It’s about how certain colors and images make you feel when you see them. You’ve heard me write about this before  in some of my holistic posts from the beginning of the year remember?

Well it’s time to get back to basics and just sit. Quietly. Relax. Images come as do their colors. The words also form according to what I see and feel. It’s a really nice way to design color palettes. It’s not commercial, not promoting myself or a paint company it’s just being.

Come take a look at this graphic that I call a #DownLoad and see how you can incorporate this look into your home.

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How Will I Know That I’ll Like My Color Before I Paint?

Nothing in this world in 100% certain, well yea I know – death and taxes but you can also add color to that list as well.

After I meet with my clients I always provide a color portfolio for them. It’s nothing fancy but it’s probably the most crucial part of my color consults. It’s a colorful pocket folder with all the necessary paperwork and color information, photographs for color placement AND color swatches to hang on the wall. By the way, the color samples are also great to bring with you when you shop for decor, it ensures that you’ll be staying in the right color palette. We somehow remember colors differently from what we actually have. This little packet is a tremendous help – if you use it.

I recently received an email from a client saying that she changed several of the colors that I chose for her AS THE PAINTER WAS PAINTING! Hello?? That’s was  little too close for comfort. Changing your colors when the painter is in your home is not the time to decide that you don’t like your color. Also, keep in mind that a painter is a painter and has a handful of go-to-colors that they use over and over again. Will they be right for your home? Will they just be too generic? Oh that gets me nervous.


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Colors That Speak Softly

Sometimes color should be seen and not heard. Color can be heard? Well yes! Did you ever go into someone’s home and the first thing you noticed is the very bright color? Maybe a really bold blue on the wall or a green that was just a little too much? How about a yellow that just got amplified as the days sun bounces off it? These are what I call “shouting colors” or colors that just are a little too much.

What’s a good example of a quiet color? This one right here. I was looking at the Bassett Furniture website the other day and came across some really great room scenes and I’ll show you some today. Look at this pink? It’s quiet yet bold enough to make a statement.

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5 Paint Colors That You’d Love To Hate But Shouldn’t

What paint color would you never put in your home? Never is a really long time but after reading this post, you may reconsider.

First on my list is the M color and that would be Mauve. I bet you just made an ugly face just thinking about this color but think again. It can be really nice in the home. This Benjamin Moore room is painted in Toasted Mauve 1279. See! You can’t tell me that this looks horrible right? I would certainly add some coordinating curtains and bedding but as far as an accent color, this Mauve is certainly doable.


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Jazz Up Your Outdoor Area with Stone

It’s that time of year when we fix up out patios, work in the garden and get those home improvements going. Today on #ColorChat, I’ll be tweeting the products of Luck Stone in Charlotte.

I visited their showroom back in 2011 and had a blast! There’s nothing like actually being in the showroom where you can touch everything and see all the products. Here is a picture of me and Heather Reid (not sure if she still works there) back in 2011. It was such a great visit and I need to go back. I need some pavers for my backyard and I know Luck Stone has a great selection.

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