Coloring Books For Adults: Color Me Some Relaxation!


You’ve all heard about these coloring books by now. They’re fun and they’re not just for kids anymore. They’re coloring books for adults.

I don’t know about you but I love to color. I don’t have a coloring book but I paint on canvas where I don’t have to worry about staying in the lines. Continue reading

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Love My Virtual Clients!


… and this my friends makes it all worthwhile!

Hi Donna,

We just moved into our condo at Cape Cod . You had come to my house in Charlotte last spring and I just wanted to tell you that the colors are gorgeous. All of them look beautiful and the Silver Strand which is the color used most, LR& DR and kitchen is stunning.

Thank you so much for helping me with the did an outstanding job :)

Warm regards,

D *** *****

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Mahogany Wood: Paint It or Not?

The other day on Facebook I saw this picture of a GORGEOUS room from New England Home. The question here was, do you leave the mahogany in this room or paint it?


My heart flew out of “you know where” when I saw the word “paint” and “mahogany” in the same sentence. I’m sorry to be blunt but seriously, what knucklehead would paint over this gorgeous wood????? Continue reading

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Time To Share A Secret: There’s More To Me Than Just Color Chips


Ok my colorful friends, I have a secret that I’d like to share with you and it has nothing to do with color … well may be a little bit but everything to do with me.

I have another blog called Coffee & Bacon and it has nothing to do with Interior Decorating and Design either and I’d like to share it with you. Continue reading

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Synths: Where Parallel Worlds Create A New Look For The Home


For just this moment, let’s step out of our comfort zone. You’ve seen my blog posts about Holistic Color, Colors That Heal, Colors With Energy and now Synthetic Color aka “Synths”. Have I lost my mind? Well, yes and no.

Let’s back up just a bit. In order to talk about the parallel worlds one should know a little about them right? Right. Let me introduce to you my newest blog called Coffee & Bacon. It has nothing to do with Coffee, Bacon or color but everything to do with me and those parallel worlds. Once you get familiar with the concept of that blog, lets move onto the topic of this post.

Ok, are you still with me? I hope so.

Have you guys seen the AMC series HUMANS? Well it’s a Sci-fi series “set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart.” Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

Well I’ve been watching the series and like anything else, my mind wanders off to color.

  • What would the colors be in the homes of the future?
  • Will we be so tired of following trends and deciding what color to choose that it will just be really simple hues to choose from.
  • Instead of having millions of colors and color combinations will we just have a dozen to choose from and that’s it?
  • Will we even need Designers?
  • Will the entire world eventually be all virtual?

So as these questions go through my mind, I of course have set some color combinations in my mind.

What if the world gets so crazy that our world becomes synthetic and less colorful? What colors we they be? Intriguing isn’t it?

Maybe paint companies will use, and I’ve seen it already before, paint that chances according to the temperature. Taking it one step further, how about if it chances with the lighting? Our moods, with a touch of a button? I guess the possibilities are endless – when you’re in the world of Synths and Sci-fi.

So what will these colors look like? Let’s explore some fun options.

If you look at each individual color that is in this shell, you’ll be looking at the Sixth Sense color palette from Valspar. In that color palette you have a combination of all flat colors that come from something iridescent. Why take color from a luminous inspiration and create flat colors from it? That’s going backwards.


As in keeping the look of both the shell and this bug, iridescence is key.


Imagine if one object could be a multitude of changing colors?


Will the color palettes of the future look like this?


Now that I spoke about the color aspect of “the future” let’s take it one step further and bring in some other senses. Smell.

This is going back to my Holistic approach. Now not only will we have visually beautiful and forever changing colors but how about if they had a scent? Color with aroma.

Come on, let’s imagine here! We’re taking about things that don’t exist yet so let’s have some fun and brainstorm.

Aroma. Wouldn’t it be nice if our “color applications” aka paint, have just about any scent we want? I’m not talking cherry vanilla or pumpkin spice I’m talking about “After the Rain” or “Mountain Top in the Morning” – basically combining a memory with a smell but keeping it nature and holistic.

Touch. How about if our paint colors had a texture. I’m not talking about the Ralph Lauren Suede paint or anything that can be dated in a season I’m talking Holistic. Like:

  • Baby Soft where the paint would have a surface so soft you’d swear it was a newborn.
  • 100% Cotton – but not cotton at all, just the springy, crisp feel of  a just pressed shirt
  • Ice – where your paint is color to the touch, perfect for those hot climates
  • Go opposite with hot – warm walls without the use of electricity but bouncing molecules in the paint to warm it up – like a microwave.

Oh this crazy list can go on and on. It’s fun to imagine what our further will be isn’t it? Think back to when our parents were kids. Try explaining to them what a microwave is or an iPhone. Pretty crazy stuff right?

What is crazy now may be the norm in the future. How is already in our homes and lives?

  • self driving cars
  • self check-out that the grocery store
  • performing procedures in the medical world

Hope you enjoyed this fun post and please bookmark my Coffee & Bacon blog because as out there as that one is, they are all true stores, no sic-fi there.


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Do Your Colors Shout At You? 13 Tips About Bold Colors You Need To Know



You know the ones that I’m talking about. It’s like walking into a brick wall. Bright, bold bad colors and to makes matters worse,  poor placement.

There are a few things that you should now about bright colors.

  1. you don’t have to put bright colors on an accent wall
  2. you don’t have to have an accent wall or walls in your home
  3. not ever home should have bright colors
  4. your home will look like a quilt if you have bright, bold colors in every room
  5. you can put a bold color or your dining room or bedroom ceiling
  6. bold colors are great to strip a room – just one thick stripe around the chair rail is fine
  7. bold colors will be a hard sell if you plan on moving
  8. some cultures love bold colors
  9. if you have bold wall colors keep your decor neutral
  10. don’t have shouting colors like red in the kitchen. It’s too much to handle first thing in the morning.
  11. bold colors are perfect for the office or dining room
  12. bold colors are great for the kids but not if they have ADHD or Autism
  13. bold colors are great for mature people because their eyesight changed as they aged

So there you have it, lucky 13 color tips about bold colors.

Everyone home is unique and if you love bold colors than go for it but keep these tips in mind because bold colors aren’t for everyone.




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3 Tips to Help You Live A Holistic Lifestyle Using Color



Living a holistic lifestyle sounds great on paper but how do we go out actually living it? Well you know I’m going to tie in color of course because color is hugely related to holistic living as far as I’m concerned.

So let get right to it. Here’s three tips to help you live a holistic lifestyle with color.

  1. A Color Therapy Room. I mentioned this before in a previous post and I think that is the best place to start. This idea is not even in the typical home yet and when it catches on, it’ll be as common as the kitchen sink. You can click on the link to read the post about it but what it boils down to is having a room in your home that will visually heal you. It’s more than just painting your bedroom blue and feeling relaxed. That’s so 101. The idea behind a Color Therapy Room is to have one room dedicated to a specific color or the ability to change the color of the room via lighting. Let’s say you are suffering from osteoporosis. Those drugs are not good for your body and some people are having horrible side effects from them. Now I’m not saying NOT to take your meds, I’m not a Doctor. I’m saying to try natural medicines first such as color. What would this room look like? It would be red of course. Red is the color of the Root Chakra and when your Root Chakra is in balance all is good. When it’s out of  balance, your bones will suffer. Our bones are what support us, just like the trunk of a tree and the roots that support it. See?
  2. Go Green – I’m not talking about low VOC paint although that’s a great idea I’m literally talking about green. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra. Having green in the home helps aid in heart issues, lung ailments and circulatory problems. Painting your walls of course is the obvious way but if you don’t want to commit to wall color or it’s just not in your budget at this time, bring in the plants! Keep is simple with pillows, area rugs or even something as little green plates in the kitchen.
  3. Culinary Colors – we eat with our eyes right? Well there you go, it’s all about the color. How about a big red lobster? (Heart Chakra for heart, lungs and circulatory) Love oranges? They’re good for vitamin C to keep you healthy but also that’s what color you Sacral Chakra is. Have problems with your reproductive area? Orange your home up and that’s just too easy to do. I have spicy orange plates and burnt orange in the guest bath. Great color by the way. We all know just about everyone loves blue and that would be the Throat Chakra. Have a sore throat? Dental problems? Afraid to speak in public? These are all Throat Chakra issues.

Oh this list can go on and on and on. Just think how cool it would be if on some level, you can heal yourself just by getting your chakras balanced and by looking at colors. Well you can and it’s called Reiki. It’s the life I lead and it’s a great way of life for the home.


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Mint Green: Eat It Up or Spit It Out?


Color Marketing Group just presented Vintage Mint for their monthly color feature and I love it. Now I know that this is a very hard color to sell for the home because I try it all the time with my clients and it’s always a no. It’s not that they don’t like the color but it’s that the color doesn’t match anything in their home and it will be really expensive to change.

I happen to have it in my home, guest room to be exact, and it looks really cute.

Now the tricky thing about this color is that more than likely, it will not match your kitchen tile, or flooring in your home. What’s the culprit? The yellow undertone of most wood floors and standard kitchen tiles and the dreaded pinky undertone in many Contractor grade carpeting.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have dark, rich wooden floors then this minty green will look awesome! I plan on redoing the flooring in my home so my patina and mint greens will be stunning.


I design Color Recipes when I have time and a few years back I made this card. Isn’t it great? See what I mean about the dark wood flooring and the mint green? Think mint ice cream and chocolate chips, after all, how can you go wrong with that?

Here are some questions that I’ll be tweeting about on the next #ColorChat on August 11 at 4pm et


Q1. Do you think Vintage Mint will be a popular color in the home? If so, which room?

Q2. What other colors go with Vintage Mint?

Q3. What type of flooring looks best with Vintage Mint?

Q4. What about Vintage Mint for kitchen cabinets? Do we dare?

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Virtual Color: This Is How It Works

virtual_clientsThank you for your interest in my virtual color consultation service. I’ve outlined this process for you to make this transaction as smooth and convenient for you as possible. The best way to reach me is via email at but you are also welcome to call my office during business hours (ET) at 704-243-6764.

What I need from you

• I’ll need high quality color pictures (JPG) of the room or rooms you want color for. You can use you phone, iPad or camera as long as everything is clear. Please include as much of the room as possible so I can see the windows, flooring and decor. You may send multiple views of one room. Send all pictures to with the name of the room in the subject space and a description of what you want for that room.


• Tell me the state/town where you live and your phone number. If you recently purchased your home you can send me the MLS listing so I can see the inside and outside of your home which will be very helpful.

• Feel free to send me links from Houzz or Pinterest if you have rooms that you like so I can get a feel of the style/colors that you are looking for. Please be VERY descriptive about what you want, for example, “I’m looking for a very relaxing, soft color palette for my home.” If you ask for it, I will send you that look – this is a crucial time saver step for this process.


• I will also need to know what paint brand you want to work with (Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore etc.) I will be telling you the name and number of the color and YOU will have to pick the colors swatches up at the paint store. Most of my clients use Sherwin-Williams because you can get a FREE paint deck which will be convenient to have as we discuss color options for your home plus most paint contractors use Sherwin-Williams so this will keep your costs down. I happen to love the colors of Benjamin Moore so I will more than likely work with that deck. Both are great paint companies as far a quality.


Timeframe. Please tell me the timeframe that you are working with. If you need color for one or two rooms that can get done very quickly (within 48 hours) but if you require a whole house consultation more time will needed depending on how quickly you send me the information that I will need.

• Once I get all the information I need from you I will give you a quote. If the quote is acceptable to you and you’d like to proceed, I will send you a link to my PayPal account which is to be paid in full. At that time I will start your virtual color consultation.

What you’ll get from me

You will receive color recommendations based on the information you send me. You will receive a moodboard very similar to this along with the name and number of each color and it’s placement.


*** Do not judge the color in the graphics that I send you. Monitor representations vary and do not show the colors accurately. This is where having that paint color deck in your possession comes in handy and will save a lot of time. If you need me to mail you colors, this can add at least 10 days on to the project which is why I ask my clients to get the colors themselves thus having the virtual consultation conclude in timely manner. I also highly recommend that you purchase color samples and paint them out before you commit to a color palette just to be 110% sure you love the colors.

Hopefully you will love the first color palette, Color Palette A, I send to you. This is why your descriptions to me are so very important. If you do not love the first color palette I send you, we can tweak it until you are happy with the color choices in Color Palette B. This will be done in a reasonable amount of time otherwise additional fees will be applied but don’t panic, most clients love the first color palette with minimal changes :-)

You will receive Color Palette A. This is the first color palette that I will design for you based on the information you tell me you want. I’ll use some colors that I feel will work well in your home, location and by what you tell me you want so please, be specific in your email.

After you review Color Palette A, we then make changes and I will give you Color Palette B. At this point, we should be spot on. 

Keep in mind that I don’t offer color advice. I’m not offering a course in color but I do tell you in the notes, why I feel these colors are a good choice for you.

When I feel that the consult is complete I will let you know by stating that the color consultation has concluded and to double check to see if you have any questions about your new colors. This is not a perpetual service however, if you would like an extended consult with additional color advice and more color choices then let me know and I’ll adjust your fee. I am more than happy to answer all your questions. You can even call me on my landline if you’d preferr. It’s imperative that these consults get done in a timely manner which is how I keep my costs down for you.

Please feel free to review this website and Angie’s List where I have many A+ testimonials from my virtual consultations. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to choosing colors for you!

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What Gray is The Best Gray for Dark Rooms?

bedroom-colorHi Donna,

I came across your site while searching the internet…yet again…for color ideas to paint the small rooms in my Idaho home.  I know the style I like but don’t intend to change the flooring or fixtures at this time.  I have made numerous trips to the local building stores, have drawers full of color samples and still can’t seem to get the right shades or colors.  Is this something you do?
I am currently repainting my master bed/bath.  I have dark tile/wood flooring and very light (comparable to maple) cabinets with granite top and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.  Not a lot of natural light…just one window in each room. No vaulted ceilings…just 8 feet.   I would like to incorporate my love of the ocean and have created some of my own artwork out of dark stained wood and shells, etc.  I am thinking of painting a shade of grey but I’m struggling to find the right one.

With so many grays out there, how do we know which is the right one for our room? Well there are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about gray.

  • Lighting. Do you have a lot of light, a little light or a North facing room?
  • What color is your flooring? Some grays look horrible with warm undertones
  • Some cool grays look lavender
  • Some muted grays switch from looking like blue back to gray again.
  • Green grays look “sickly”

Oh the list can go on and on. Here I have an email from a client who wants a gray for her bedroom. Well you can read the email above and see exactly what her requests are.

I chose Light French Gray because she wants to work the Behr. Also keeping in with the coastal them, this “gray” will sometimes look blue (good for the coastal appeal) and is light enough for her light restrictions.

I also try to keep bedding and decor in mind in my virtual consults. This color looks pretty darn good with the bedding she has and will contrast well with her dark floors.

Like this gray? Sample it out before commenting to painting.


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