Virtual Color: This Is How It Works

virtual_clientsThank you for your interest in my virtual color consultation service. I’ve outlined this process for you to make this transaction as smooth and convenient for you as possible. The best way to reach me is via email at but you are also welcome to call my office during business hours (ET) at 704-243-6764.

What I need from you

• I’ll need high quality color pictures (JPG) of the room or rooms you want color for. You can use you phone, iPad or camera as long as everything is clear. Please include as much of the room as possible so I can see the windows, flooring and decor. You may send multiple views of one room. Send all pictures to with the name of the room in the subject space and a description of what you want for that room.


• Tell me the state/town where you live and your phone number. If you recently purchased your home you can send me the MLS listing so I can see the inside and outside of your home which will be very helpful.

• Feel free to send me links from Houzz or Pinterest if you have rooms that you like so I can get a feel of the style/colors that you are looking for. Please be VERY descriptive about what you want, for example, “I’m looking for a very relaxing, soft color palette for my home.” If you ask for it, I will send you that look – this is a crucial time saver step for this process.


• I will also need to know what paint brand you want to work with (Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore etc.) I will be telling you the name and number of the color and YOU will have to pick the colors swatches up at the paint store. Most of my clients use Sherwin-Williams because you can get a FREE paint deck which will be convenient to have as we discuss color options for your home plus most paint contractors use Sherwin-Williams so this will keep your costs down. I happen to love the colors of Benjamin Moore so I will more than likely work with that deck. Both are great paint companies as far a quality.


Timeframe. Please tell me the timeframe that you are working with. If you need color for one or two rooms that can get done very quickly (from 48 – 36 hours) but if you require a whole house consultation more time will needed depending on how quickly you send me the information that I will need.

• Once I get all the information I need from you I will give you a quote. If the quote is acceptable to you and you’d like to proceed, I will send you a link to my PayPal account which is to be paid in full. At that time I will start your virtual color consultation. Keep in mind, this service is non-refundable.

What you’ll get from me

You will receive color recommendations based on the information you send me. You will receive a moodboard very similar to this along with the name and number of each color and it’s placement.


*** Do not judge the color in the graphics that I send you. Monitor representations vary and do not show the colors accurately. This is where having that paint color deck in your possession comes in handy and will save a lot of time. If you need me to mail you colors, this can add at least 10 days on to the project which is why I ask my clients to get the colors themselves thus having the virtual consultation conclude in timely manner. I also highly recommend that you purchase color samples and paint them out before you commit to a color palette just to be 110% sure you love the colors.

Hopefully you will love the first color palette, Color Palette A, I send to you. This is why your descriptions to me are so very important. If you do not love the first color palette I send you, we can tweak it until you are happy with the color choices in Color Palette B. This will be done in a reasonable amount of time otherwise additional fees will be applied but don’t panic, most clients love the first color palette with minimal changes :-)

You will receive Color Palette A. This is the first color palette that I will design for you based on the information you tell me you want. I’ll use some colors that I feel will work well in your home, location and by what you tell me you want so please, be specific in your email.

After you review Color Palette A, we then make changes and I will give you Color Palette B. At this point, we should be spot on. 

Keep in mind that I don’t offer color advice. I’m not offering a course in color but I do tell you in the notes, why I feel these colors are a good choice for you.

When I feel that the consult is complete I will let you know by stating that the color consultation has concluded and to double check to see if you have any questions about your new colors. This is not a perpetual service however, if you would like an extended consult with additional color advice and more color choices then let me know and I’ll adjust your fee. I am more than happy to answer all your questions. You can even call me on my landline if you’d preferr. It’s imperative that these consults get done in a timely manner which is how I keep my costs down for you.

Please feel free to review this website and Angie’s List where I have many A+ testimonials from my virtual consultations. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to choosing colors for you!

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Coloring for Adults; It Does A Mind Good



The world of color is so huge and it’s nice to look back as the days and reminisce of how it all started. And it all started with the crayon.

This article was from an interview I did for the Charlotte Observer and wanted to share it in full with you. Come read about how coloring books are just a little more than recreational fun.   Continue reading

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Think With Your Heart When It Comes To Choosing Color For Your Home


When it comes to Holistic Hues – they have a really important role in the home.

Here I have a graphic that displays a soft green next to pink. Did you know that green is the color of the Heart Chakra and isn’t it a coincidence that it happens to always be oh so close to pinks which means love and also associated with the heart?

I wonder if Mother Nature did that on purpose? <3

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How To Get Classic Color For Your Home

Once you realize HOW color should be chosen for your home, you’ll realize what the classic colors ARE for your home.

how-to-get-classic-color-for-your-home-color-expert-donna-frasca.001 Continue reading

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#ColorChat: The Colors of France

Here are graphics that I’m posting on #ColorChat today. Colorchat is similar to a Tweetchat but it’s not as interactive. It’s more of a slideshow of color.

Come join today and see the colorful show on Twitter – I’m @Color4Charlotte and you have to use the #ColorChat hashtag if you want to comment on any of the tweets.

It’s fun, it’s color and it’s a great place to get inspired by color.

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Color Watch: Brown


Why is brown such a great color to have for the home? Because it’s warm and will go with just about any color that you already have in your home right now.

From blue, to green and many colors in between, brown will be a great companion color.
Continue reading

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Eating and Decorating With Your Chakras In Mind Part I


Ever wonder why you are drawn to red or blue or green? There’s a really good chance that it’s related to your chakras. Our chakras are energies that make up who we are, how we act and how we feel.

You’ve heard me write about Holistic and Healing posts right? Well it all ties in with our chakras and yes, it also includes the foods that we eat. Continue reading

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Say Good-Bye To Those Whitey-Whites In The Home and Bring In Some SOFT Hues


Isn’t that a nice gold? Talk about a color that has Holistic impact. It’s healing, warm and has a strong energy.

You’re hearing me talk a lot about these “colors that heal” and “feel good for the home” and onward and upward I go! Continue reading

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The Easiest Way To Bring Holistic Color Into Your Home

2017-color-trends-Holistic-color-earthy-tones-donna-frasca-.010Don’t you just feel wonderful when you look at this rug? Look at those colors? They really life your energy and just feel good when you look at them.

The colors are bright, happy and have a great energy. No drab grays so sad blue here. This my friends, is the look and feel that our homes should have.  Continue reading

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Get Earthy: Start Bringing Green and Brown Into Your Home


Any green. Any brown.

Get inventive and try these earth hues for your home.

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Color Cures: Sage Is A Must Have Color For the Home


I wanted to share a little tid-bit about Sage and it’s tremendous Holistic properties. As many of you know color is a big part of my life. For those of you who are visual people, color plays a huge roll in how we feel.

So as color trends move away from blue and gray, they move closer to green which in my opinion, should be the #1 hue to have in the home. Continue reading

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