The Freedom of Choosing Color is So Enticing!

I’m in the process of painting a few of the rooms in my home. It’s been seven years since I painted last and I’m ready for a color change.


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How To Design Color for A Home That Doesn’t Exist Yet

The mysterious process of virtual color, online color, e-design, whatever you want to call it, is very complicated and not every one is proficient enough to design this way. I know because I’ve been tweaking virtual color consultations for years and finally have the process down to a science. Today, I want to show you how it’s done.

Before I start I will tell you that because this design is from an actual client that I’m currently working on, I can’t reveal any of the color names.

My current client is from the shores of Oak Island, North Carolina and this home doesn’t exist yet. It will be built in a new months but for now, we are getting the color all set up before the first 2×4 is up.

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Color Quickie with Donna Frasca, Beige

For the most part, we think it’s pretty simple to choose beige for the home right? 


Come see what can happen when you choose just any old beige.



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What Color To Chose for Your Bathroom When You Have Ugly Tile

Oddly enough, choosing color for a bathroom is the one room in the home where you can have the most fun. It’s the easiest room to choose color for but can be a challenge if you have ugly tile to work with.

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I Wish I Had A Dime!

Did you ever hear the same phrases over and over again? I wanted to share with you some of the phrases that I hear during some of my color consultations and the comments that I say in return, over and over again.


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Color Palettes For Your Home

I have some predesigned color palettes for you. Like any of these palettes?

Order them COLOR A LA CARTE.


bright-rug calla color coastal flower-chair orange-taupe pink daisy purple flowers spout color sunrise sunset tiger-chair

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Getting Descriptive With Virtual Designs

This past week I’ve been working on a lot of virtual designs and they ALL wanted some type of coastal color palette. One client in particular said that she was looking for a coastal color palette but went on to describe what she wanted as “Nantucket not Miami.” How hysterical is that? Great way of describing her colors don’t you think?


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Virtual Consultation Gets A Great Review!

It’s times like this that just make my job so worth while. Out of the many, many clients I have it’s sure nice to get such a great review.

Sure it’s nice to get a positive review but it’s just so humbling knowing that the work you do is appreciated. It makes my job so rewarding knowing that just by choosing the right colors, I made such a difference in somebody’s life.

Here is a review from one of my Virtual clients from Riverside California.

❝ Donna provided a Virtual Consultation for me for interior paint colors. Her expertise was evident just from reading about her online, and continued as we worked together–which was me sharing pictures of my existing wall colors, and her coming up with the perfect palette, right off the bat, posted on my secret Pinterest board. We used all the beautiful colors she recommended for our interior. We love the result, which is soothing colors that harmonize with each other, flow from room to room, and enhance our home’s features. I highly recommend Donna Frasca–a true artist.❞


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Just Choose Color!

bee happy

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Fresh Colors To Try In Your Home

Ok people! Let’s try some new paint colors in our home! So move over Sea Salt, there’s a new Sheriff in town and it’s called color.


I was just saying to some of my colleagues that it sure would be nice to break aways from most of the colors we know as the “norm” now and try something new.

Look at these colors! Wouldn’t they look great in your home? You won’t know until you try. Maybe the undertone will have to get tweaked or we can lighten or darken if needed but for the most part, these colors are really cool and actually look great together.

Just look at photographs, your garden, magazines, Pinterest anyplace at all that will give you inspiration. Try new colors in your home. You may like it.

Enjoy your day!

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