“Thanks” – here’s what it means to me.

It’s that time of year, Thanksgiving. It’s time to reflect on the year, our lives and acknowledge what we’re thankful for.

As I briefly mentioned in the previous post, I said that I “have a secret” and I’d like to share that with you in this post. It’s been an incredible year and one of extreme change. Come read about my newest journey.

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… I have a secret to share …

And yes it has to do with color so please stop by on Sunday when I post about a very colorful adventure!


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Hmmm, I Really Like PPG’s Color Trends for 2015

It’s getting to be that time of year where we or at least I, start getting excited to see the colors that will popular for 2015. I just came a blog post in my WordPress reader and saw a post for PPG The Voice of Color and clicked on the link to their color trends and was pleasantly surprised. I saw colors I actually like and have been posting about!


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How To Recycle Colors For Your Home

The average home here in South Charlotte is about 3,500 square feet. These homes have about 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, the usual kitchen, living room, dining room, office or flex room and a bonus or playroom. If you break these rooms down into “spaces that need color” you’re looking at about 14 or so colors. That’s a lot of rooms/spaces to consider for color and it’s very typical that most of my clients wind up with at least 10 colors for their home.

Now this sounds like a lot of paint to purchase but keep in mind, color is what will define the space in your home. Color gives a home interest instead of using just one color throughout and just makes it pretty darn beautiful.

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Back To Basics.

So lately I’ve been talking a lot about Back-to-Baics. I think after a while all the hustle and bustle of everyday life really takes a toll on both mind and spirit.

back to basics

One day, and it’ doesn’t have to be when you hit rock bottom, it can just be an “ah ha” moment you’ll come to realize that getting back to basics is a healthy choice and just feels good. It’s the direction I’m going in both in life and career.

Colors are getting more natural (good-bye turquoise) design elements are simplified and the need to go-go-go and do-do-do is just taken down a few notches.

Anyway, the point of all this is that today I’m sending my Mom a letter, you know the old fashioned way with a stamp? No email, no Google docs, no faxing, FaceTime or Skyping and you can bet your bottom dollar that letter will be more than just a letter. It will be love in an envelope to her!

Take 10 minutes out of your busy day today and send someone a letter in the mail. It will bring a smile to their face for sure!

Want to get Back-to-Basics in your home? I can help you with your color choices for that but meanwhile, bookmark this website and find me on my other social media platforms for read more about getting basic.

Twitter – Color4Charotte

Google – Donna Frasca

#B2B #BackToBascis

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Is Your Home Color Ready?

The Holidays are right around the corner and soon you’ll have a house full of family and friends. It’s that time of year we celebrate, have parties, dinner events and our homes need to look top notch. Having the right color in your home will make the world of difference and it’s really easy to do. Just ask me!

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Back To Basics. What Is This All About?

I’ve been talking a lot about Back-to-Basics, Holistic Colors and Healing Colors. I also noticed a buzz across the social media platforms about going Back-to-Basics. People are asking and wondering what Back-to-Basics is all about. If there is a buzz about anything, that means that people are looking and searching for it.

So what is Back-to-Basics? Well lets talk about it and I’ll explain how I feel home decor will be or should be, swinging in that direction.

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Love Those Halloween Colors!

It’s that time of year we really start enjoying color. Fall, Halloween and all the winter Holiday area so about the color, at least for me.

Here are a few that I posted on my facebook wall this morning that are just perfect for today. Happy Halloween!

Benjamin_Moore_pumpkin_pie Benjamin_Moore_pumpkin_seed Benjamin_Moore_pumpkin_spice sherwin_williams_black_magic

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So What Is Healthy Color?

I started writing a few posts on healthy color and even have a video or two about the same subject. When you think about it, what exactly is healthy color? Is is color that instantly heals you when you look at it? Is is color that reminds you of a Doctor’s office or hospital? So what is it?

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Color That Heals, Yellow

Did you ever wonder if you should choose a certain color palette if you suffer from depression, have a loss in your life, or perhaps have a gloomy outlook on life? There are colors that you can choose for your home that will make you feel good, that will make you happy when you see them and can literally change your entire emotional status. Which colors am I talking about? Colors that heal. Come read this very special post and see how the right color choices can literally change the way you feel when you look at them.

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