Oh Marsala I love you! Let me count the ways.

Marsala has come in hot and heavy for 2015. Come see exactly how hot it is.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Marsala is the perfect color to bring into the home. It’s rich, sexy and a universally strong color that will liven up any room in the house.

A touch here and a touch is all you need to add interest to any part of your home. You don’t have to commit to total wall color because Marsala stands strong all on it’s own. Come fall in love!


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Do we still need white ceilings?

Does the ceiling really need to be white? No, it doesn’t!

I don’t know about you but I’m seeing less white and more color on the ceilings these days. I’m not just talking about accent colors for the tray or decorative ceilings in the master bedroom or dining room either – and I love it!!!!

Virginia DeRoches of Artful Interior Finishing is currently working on a beach house makeover and she’s choosing to paint right over the ceiling. Why you ask? Do I dare say “why not?”


photo credit: Artful Interior Finishing

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Holistic Color Chat this Tuesday (1/27) on Twitter

Do you tweet? Come join the color conversation this Tuesday, January 27th on Twitter.

We (the Twitter community) will be talking about Holistic Color.

How do we transfer feelings into color palettes? It’s a big subject so don’t miss it.


We will be tweeting every Tuesday at 4pm using the hashtag #COLORCHAT and my twitter name is: @Color4Charlotte so make sure you add me to your list :-)

Also, all promotions will be on Google Plus Events and in a Google plus Community page.

It’s tons of fast moving, picture post, color loving fun on Twitter. Come learn about color. The topic is different every week. See you there!

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Coral Reef is a color that will feel great in the home!

Coral Reef, Sherwin William’s Color for 2015, is such a great color to have in the home. Before you read this post, I’d like you to first look at all the pictures I have here then take notice of how you feel, what thoughts come to mind and if you have a smile of your face – go …



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Well Donna, what colors do YOU like?

I get asked this question all the time at my color consultations. I try not to voice any of my personal opinions during a consult because I don’t want to influence my client on their color choices but here, let’s talk.

As a Color Expert I can honestly say that I really love all colors. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll use them in my home or in my closet but there are very, very few colors that I don’t like and I’ll talk about them later.

Here are a few colors that I would say are on my top four.

Purple. I love wearing it but wouldn’t use it in my home even in accents. Isn’t that strange how someone can really love a color but certain hues just wouldn’t use them in the home? Now that’s just me. I know people who love pink and have the color in the home. It all depends :-)

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Cats and hope. Two great inspirations for your home


What does “hope” feel like? Find your hope and bring those colors into the home.



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Want to go bold?

We all need a little assurance in our lives, especially if we are going with a bold color palette. Should we? Could we? Will bold colors look weird in my home? Will I get sick of them six months from now?

These are very legitimate questions and when you decide to use bold colors in your home you won’t know until you try! I have a feeling they will be just fine!

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Find out which colors “belong” to you

What does that mean “colors that belong to you?” You can have any colors that you want right? Yes. However, there are certain colors or color groupings that clearly belong with you. Find out what they are just be noticing how you feel when you look at certain colors or even objects.

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Don’t put Fugazi color in your home!

Fugazi is Italian for fake. In other words, don’t choose just any color for the sake put something on your wall. Choose color with a purpose in mind. Be selective.

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Out With The Old and in With The Right

It happens every year at this time. Reminiscing of the past and looking forward to the future. The clock of Father Time has run out and Baby New Year is ready to step in.

It’s a bit sad to see what’s old take the back burner in time but we really shouldn’t be sad, it’s had 365 days to shine. Now it’s time to look forward to the new, the refreshed.

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