Getting Descriptive With Virtual Designs

This past week I’ve been working on a lot of virtual designs and they ALL wanted some type of coastal color palette. One client in particular said that she was looking for a coastal color palette but went on to describe what she wanted as “Nantucket not Miami.” How hysterical is that? Great way of describing her colors don’t you think?


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Virtual Consultation Gets A Great Review!

It’s times like this that just make my job so worth while. Out of the many, many clients I have it’s sure nice to get such a great review.

Sure it’s nice to get a positive review but it’s just so humbling knowing that the work you do is appreciated. It makes my job so rewarding knowing that just by choosing the right colors, I made such a difference in somebody’s life.

Here is a review from one of my Virtual clients from Riverside California.

❝ Donna provided a Virtual Consultation for me for interior paint colors. Her expertise was evident just from reading about her online, and continued as we worked together–which was me sharing pictures of my existing wall colors, and her coming up with the perfect palette, right off the bat, posted on my secret Pinterest board. We used all the beautiful colors she recommended for our interior. We love the result, which is soothing colors that harmonize with each other, flow from room to room, and enhance our home’s features. I highly recommend Donna Frasca–a true artist.❞


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Just Choose Color!

bee happy

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Fresh Colors To Try In Your Home

Ok people! Let’s try some new paint colors in our home! So move over Sea Salt, there’s a new Sheriff in town and it’s called color.


I was just saying to some of my colleagues that it sure would be nice to break aways from most of the colors we know as the “norm” now and try something new.

Look at these colors! Wouldn’t they look great in your home? You won’t know until you try. Maybe the undertone will have to get tweaked or we can lighten or darken if needed but for the most part, these colors are really cool and actually look great together.

Just look at photographs, your garden, magazines, Pinterest anyplace at all that will give you inspiration. Try new colors in your home. You may like it.

Enjoy your day!

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Virtual Design in Progress

I am plugging hot and heavy into virtual design and love it! This week in particular is very heavy with requests from Landrum South Carolina, Oak Island North Carolina, Montclair New Jersey, Indiana and Maryland. That is one busy week and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I just love virtual design.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of the color palettes that I’m working on. I can’t share any photographs at this point but I can show you some of the colors that are on the table. Can’t reveal the names of the colors either (I know, no fun) but you can still see how beautiful they look together.

What’s so amazing about ALL the virtual color consultations this week? They ALL want a coastal color scheme. With pleasure!

coastal color palette.001

This palette is for the first floor of a beach house. It has a very open floor plan and a lot of windows as a beach house should.

This is the color plan so far for the kitchen. See the note I have on the kitchen color? That is HUGLEY important!


So many people want a blue room BUT you have to be turbo careful which blue you choose. Pick a blue that is a little too clean and light and you might as well call it a nursery.

This partially blue is perfect because as per my note on the color, it’s the perfect mix of pigment to pick up both the sky and water colors and bring it right into the house. Oh I love this!!!!

Well I have to get back to the design board but I just wanted to show you what I’ve been up to. Be sure to check back, I’ll be posting about coastal color here for a while.

Enjoy your day and keep it colorful :-)

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Coastal Colors That You Don’t See At First

When we think of coastal colors, blue and gray come to mine first.

Think again.

We all love those blues and gray when we think of coastal colors but I’d like to feature some of the other colors that are also associated with the coastal color palette. As I’ve mentioned before, the coastal colors are not just the beautiful blue beaches that you see in the daytime but also the subdued hues that are present in the start of our day, the sunrise.

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4 Reasons Coastal Colors are Perfect For Your Home

Love coastal colors? Come read why they are perfect for your home.

I’ve been designing coastal color palettes for clients for a really, really long time! It’s one of the color palettes that are just such a huge part of me, since I was born and raised on Long Island and know them so well. When you’re around water, boats, sand, sun and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, those hues are forever embedded in your mind.

I’ll be posting about coastal colors probably 80% of the time now so let me know if you have any questions about soothing hues and how to get them in your home. Meanwhile, come read my 4 reasons why coastal colors are perfect for your home.

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Pretty Decor. Bad Wall Color! What’s A House To Do?

Have bad wall color?

That will throw off your home’s decor in a heartbeat!

You may be a DIYer and decided to spruce up your home yourself, which is fine. You love color so you bought colorful decor from Pier One, beautiful bedding from Pottery Barn  went to Pinterest to see what the latest and greatest wall color was and you even had your furniture re-upholstered with the most beautiful fabric from Sunbrella. You felt like a Decor Goddess because you bought the most awesome trendy things! You were excited! Then, trouble hit.


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Want To See A Color Story?

On this page, I will be featuring as many Color Stories colors as I can. Since this collection is fairly new and I’ve used so many of these colors in my clients homes, I wanted to share with you how they look and basically, what they’re all about. Come join me in a colorful journey of Color Stories and keep scrolling all the way down to see the entire collection of these colors.

Which one will be right for you?


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Where Should I Put Accent Colors In My Home?

Today I am talking about accent colors in the home. I have some questions here that many of my clients ask about placement and color. Should we use ascent colors? Where should they go? What are our options? Come take a look at the questions and hopefully I can answer some of the questions you have about accent colors in your home.


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