Benjamin Moore’s Color of The Year: Simply White is Simply Boring


Credit: Benjamin Moore

If you look on the Benjamin Moore website about their Color of The Year, the only thing that’s making Simply White from being Simply Boring are the colors and designs that are paired up with it. Why are we NOT choosing color???? Gray – go away! White, you belong in the hospital, on trim or on the ceiling. Continue reading

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What Color Grout Should I Use in My Backsplash?


There are so many looks you can achieve for your backsplash, depending on which color grout you use. Continue reading

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Get Your Bedroom Cozy on a Target Budget


Want to cozy up your bedroom this Fall without breaking your budget? Shop at Target! There’s no need to go in debt for a little bedroom makeover. Look what you can do for a very affordable price. Continue reading

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Need A Color Specialist? Ask Donna Frasca

ask donna frasca

Do you need color for your home? Just moved into a new home? Now is the time to get a new color palette for your home BEFORE all your decor and BEFORE you order  your drapery. Color palette first, then the rest will follow.

Have questions about color? I’ll be glad to answer them here!

If you have any questions about my Color Consulting services, please send me an email at Virtual Color Consultations are available if you are not located in the Charlotte area.

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Color Cures: Putting Healing into the Ceiling

ceiling- color.005

We all know that color does way more than just look pretty on the walls right? It makes us feel good, heals us, makes us happy, triggers good memories and so much more.

I’m taking color one step further with what I’m calling Color Cures. It’s specific colors that NEED to be in your home for a very specific reason.

I don’t care what paint company you use or what rooms you put them in, the focus here is color. Get the color that YOU need first then we’ll figure out where it should go in the house.

Here I have a soft lavender.  Where does it go? On the ceiling.

Staring up at a white ceiling is the most irritating color for me. I know if I were sick,not feeling well or had some long term health issues to deal with, white would be the last color I’d want to stare at when I’m in bed. White = hospitals.

Putting a soft lavender on the ceiling is soothing. Think of the lavender herb? It smells great and just looking at the color feels like an instant spa treatment.

Many people don’t pick up on all those little “Color Cures” but your sub conscience sure does.

When you’re feeling ill or have some health concerns, be really, really careful of using gray and blue which is another reason I personally don’t have those colors in my home. I’m not saying that they don’t belong or look great in your home but keep in mind, there are a boat load of colors that do, you just don’t know it yet.

Color Cures. I’ll show you how.

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Dare To Gold Bold In Your Home?


How’s that for a nice bold color in your home? Look how pretty that would look against the cream soft?

The colors are tied in and can be seen in the chair from CR Laine and the red makes for the perfect accent color for this room. The only thing I’d change is that carpeting. Wood flooring with a nice area rug would be perfect.

Can you see yourself sitting in this living room reading? Sitting with family and friends?

I can tell you this for a fact, it will be much more inviting and cozy than sitting in a gray space.

Let’s get back to using color.

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Color Trends: What You Should Be Using In Your Home


Now that’s color! Wouldn’t it be great to use color in your home and have your home look different from everyone else’s?

I’m going to show you how to do that.
Continue reading

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Fall Colors: You May Like These Hues In Your Home Too.


It’s my favorite time of year – color wise that is. I love the rich, warm, cozy hues of Fall. From the changing leaves to the rich hues of Mums, you see these colors everywhere as the days get cooler.

Spicy orange and rich green instantly add a hug to your home. Holistically speaking, these colors are great for any room. Add some of these pillows to your bedroom and watch as you float away to sleep. Continue reading

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I’m Moving Soon: What Color Should I Paint My Home?

movingI just had a client yesterday that was asking the same question. She had a gorgeous house in a warm, cozy Tuscan style that I personally love. To me, homes should have a warm inviting feeling which is THEE main reason I’m not a fan of white or blue. White to me is lifeless and blue, just never connected with that color because no, I don’t think coastal when I see it, I just feel cold. Continue reading

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Love My Virtual Clients!


… and this my friends makes it all worthwhile!

Hi Donna,

We just moved into our condo at Cape Cod . You had come to my house in Charlotte last spring and I just wanted to tell you that the colors are gorgeous. All of them look beautiful and the Silver Strand which is the color used most, LR& DR and kitchen is stunning.

Thank you so much for helping me with the did an outstanding job :)

Warm regards,

D *** *****

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