Color Therapy For Your Home Using Healing Rooms

Color as we know can make us feel happy, sad, relaxed, energized and just about any other emotion you can think of, it all depends on what colors we are looking at. What if we designed or designated just one room our home as a “healing room?”  I don’t think I mean painting the walls a certain color because that would vary on what ailment we have to what type of healing we need.

I was thinking that this Color Therapy Room would not have a super neutral wall but with a slight yellowish undertone like Antiquity by Benjamin Moore. Isn’t that a nice color?

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Colors For Your Mind, Body and Spirit

How is color for your home different from color for your mind, body & Spirit?

Very different. Colors for the home will be just color that everyone else is buying. You know the ones that have flooded retail at this point. All the blue, all the gray, all the blue gray combinations. Are they nice colors? Yes and very much the desired coastal color scheme but are they right for you?

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Benjamin Moore Just Has the Best Colors for a Coastal Color Scheme

So I started a huge project in my office, I guess you can call it Spring Cleaning. I’m taking all my color chips and mind you probably have way more than I should, and putting them all in folders alphabetically. As I was going through dozens and dozens of colors starting with Benjamin Moore​, every flipping color is gorgeous! There was maybe one that I said “yuk” and it was some clay color but darn, talk about gorgeous color after color after color. I always knew Ben has awesome hues but it’s not until you’ve been starting at them all day long when the light finally goes on.

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Virtual Color Expert Paints Morristown New Jersey Home

The best thing about Virtual Color Consultations is that anyone can have instant access to a professional Paint Color Expert such as myself. Here are a few AFTER pictures on a project that I worked on with CraftPro Contracting.

The client had just moved to New Jersey from Florida and this is what she had to say about color:

“ I worked with an interior designer in Florida to help pull my ideas together, but have yet to find one in our new town.  I have always found paint selection and determining undertones particularly challenging.”

Those undertones can make or break the look of your home and with a large home, that’s one mistake you don’t want to make. I was very excited to work with this client. She wanted the ever so popular coastal colors. My favorite!

The color I chose in her living room is light, airy and has a feeling that just swooshes you lightly from room to room. With color like this, there is an endless selection of decor that will coordinate with this palette. It’s timeless color.


It’s the heart of the home – the kitchen. It’s where we start our day, cook our food, gather with family and friends and just start to build memories for the home. It’s thee most important room of the home.

Kitchens don’t really have that much wall space so you don’t want anything that will really pop out at you. A soft background color is all you need here.

If you look at the granite you’d say that the wall color and granite were meant to be together. That is a crucial part of kitchen design. You want to feel the color not let it be the first thing you see as you walk in the room. Wall color should be part of the design not the solo act – like teamwork so to speak. All the design elements as a whole works well together. Separately, it’s just color. Together, it’s a great kitchen design. See what I mean? Wouldn’t you just love to make coffee in this kitchen? I sure would.

Also with homes that have open floor plans such as this one, it’s imperative that the undertones are spot on otherwise you’ll feel jarred as you transition from room to room. Oh I can just go on and on about this home! More pics to come soon.


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Donna Frasca Published in Ballantyne Magazine, Talking About Those Coastal Colors

How fun was it to write an article for Ballantyne Magazine on the ever so popular Coastal Colors. Now this article is a little more than just talking about those beautiful hues. I talk about how these colors “feel” more so than how they look.


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Why I Can’t Use Gray for My Pittsburgh Clients

Gray is a touchy color. It’s popular yet has to be used with caution. It’s not a cheery color but can be amazing when paired with the right hues. Use it alone and you risk the chance of the blues or should I say “the blahs”.

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Jump Start Spring With Those Coastal Colors

Spring into those Coastal Colors!

You’ve heard me say before that coastal colors are more than just blues and grays. Look at the beach at sunset and sunrise. There’s a plethora of peachy hues and yellows that are  so great for the home – why? Because they feel good!

I’ll be continuing to post about coastal colors and those awesome feelings you get when you see them. Can’t you just feel this? I can!


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It’s Spring Home Improvement time! Get Your Coastal Color Palette Ready!

Nothing says Spring like a fresh coat of paint in your home.

Come make it Coastal!

I don’t know if you noticed or not (touch of sarcasm) but I LOVE Coastal Colors. I said it time and time again that I’m from Long Island so every time I design one of these coastal color palettes is brings me right home.

This color palette is from a local client I had in the Ballantyne area of NC after seeing an article I wrote for Ballantyne Magazine on page 32. The coastal colors are so beautiful in the home and literally are the perfect color scheme for homes with open floor plans.

Valspar is the paint company I used this time and such a perfect fit for the coastal because they have such amazing blues and greens – so crisp and clean, not muddy.

Want this look for your home? Let me know, and also keep in mind that my Virtual Design service will be perfect for you!


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Paint Companies. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

So what paint company should you use? Read this before you decide. 

There are four main paint companies that are used here in the Charlotte area. In alphabetical order, it’s Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Valspar. Yes there are others but these are the four main paint companies that my clients have been asking for and that I use most often.

Some are better than the others. Come read the nitty-gritty about these paint brands and find out why some are good and some need to do a little more homework.

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3 Ways To Change The Energy In Your Home With Color

We can change a lot of things in our lives but can we change the energy flow in home?

Absolutely! If there is anything on this planet that I know it’s color. The second thing I know really, really well is how I feel when I see color. That “feeling” is energy.

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