Color May Look Good in a Photograph but That Doesn’t Mean It Belongs in a Color Palette

I woke up way too early today but had a chance to sift though all my social media streams. I came across an unattractive photograph, from a high profile tweeter but I’m not going to mention them, and they posted a picture with a color palette to the side and the color palette was just so wrong! Yikes!!!

They had a photograph of a kitchen, a dated, ugly one at that, with a “color palette” on the right side, you know the color boxes that EVERYONE is doing now. Anyway, whoever pulled those colors out from the photograph just did that – they pulled any five colors from the picture without a thought of how they look together. The colors weren’t even related. The strange this is, that picture got a ridiculous amount of retweets and shares. Was I the only one that noticed the colors were wrong? Here’s what I mean.

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Some Of The Best Color Combinations Are Found In Nature

I recently came back from a quick visit to Florida. It wasn’t really warm there during my stay oddly enough but it didn’t stop me from catching some beautiful color schemes.

Come take a look at a few of my favorite pictures and look at the colors palettes that I highlighted. This is a prefect example of how you can find beautiful color no matter where you go and just about anywhere you look.

I always have my iPad with me to capture a new look or color combination. Here I highlighted just a few of my favorites. Feel free to bring these colors into your home.

beach colors.001



beach colors.002

Here you have the typical blues and grays that are most commonly seen at the beach. Come take a look at the rest of my photos and see what other amazing color combinations you can find. Remember to look up, down and all around you when you are out enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer, it’s where I get some of my most creative color combinations.

beach colors.003


beach colors.004

Love this peach and brown combination I found on the beach of Singer Island, Florida. This is a perfect example of showing you that there are great color combinations on the beach and they are more than just blues and grays.

beach colors.005

Look beyond the water when you are at the beach. Some of the surroundings have some beautiful colors as well. Just keep your eyes open!

beach colors.006

Look up and don’t forget to look down at the ground when you’re at the beach. Shells and flora are sometimes extremely colorful but you may have to scoot down to notice it.

beach colors.007

This was taken at one of the local parks in West Palm beach by the Everglades. Love the shades of gray here!

beach colors.008

Stronger hues popping in also at the Everglades as seen in these boats. It’s such a nice pop of color when you’re looking at the swampy, serene views. This shot has a nice Nautical feel.

beach colors.011

Believe it or not this picture was taken by a little park area by the beach. Somebody was really using their head when they chose to paint this bench this color.

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Do Your Fabrics Have Color Charisma?

Like a movie star! When you walk into a room people notice you. You have that look that people like to see and you really just stand out in a crowd. It’s called charisma. Few people have it but we all would like to have it.

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A Color Expert Hunts for Hues at High Point and Finds A New Color Trend

The verdict is in! I went, I looked, I found and now I have the color results of my High Point Market trip for April 2014.

This was a very interesting trip to High Point. I go in like a bull in a China shop and hunt for the hues that stand out and see where the next color progression will be. I must admit that I’m glad that blue, purple, pink and gray has taken the back burner. It was still present just not shouting very loudly.

So guess what I found?

Is it pink? Is it purple? Blue? Green? Neutral? Come see what I found and I’ll tell you why my finds may be different than the finds of one of the Style Spotters. This is why I wanted to get this post out quickly before the results came in from the Style Spotters. Did they see what I saw? Time will tell!

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How To Choose Forever Colors for Your Home When Your Home is HUGE!

I was driving around town the other day and drove by the Firethorne community in Marvin which is just 5 miles down the road from my house in Wesley Chapel. I always loved looking at the McMansions there and admired the beautiful landscaping, the architectural features of some homes and the gable roofs are amazing.

Then I stopped for a moment and wondered why don’t I have any clients in this community? I have clients all over South Charlotte in just about every community expect Firethorne and Longview. Why is that? I then put 2 + 2 together and figured it out.

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Color 101 • What Are the Must Have Colors For the Home?

“I need wall color for my home and don’t know which colors to choose!” Sound familiar?  You’re not alone. So many people are getting ready to paint their home now that the Spring Home Improvement season is just about here, they are left with the dreaded choice of decided what colors to use for their home and figuring out how to do it.

How do we go about choosing color for our home? Well there are literally dozens of ways to go about this from reading about your choices online to going to going to the closest paint store and hoping for the best. 

Take a look at this chart and see which colors are most popular in the home then I’ll show you colors that you really should think about as a new and innovative choice.

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Are Home Libraries A Thing Of The Past?

When I was growing up, my parents had a living room that had one wall entirely shelved with books – wall to wall and ceiling to floor. I am not a book reader because somehow I always wind up face down and fast asleep just five pages in. However, give me my iPad or magazine and I can read for days.

Anyway, back to the books. I always love to looks at the books, smells them and just admire how impressive they looked in a room. I was wondering, are the library room days over? Do newer homes still have impressive libraries or have they become a thing of the past?

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The BEST Coastal Colors for Your Home!

Coastal colors are just so perfect for the home! Want these beautiful hues in your home? Do you have some favorite coastal colors you’d like to share? Add them to the list!

coastal colors

Click on the link below and add your best

coastal colors to the list or just see what they are!

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Blue, Teal and Gold Color Palette

I’m always hunting for a unique color palette. I’m a little tired of the blue-gray color trend that’s out there now and am in search for something that has a little more kick.

I took this picture during my last visit at Rug and Home and they have some beautiful, colorful finds there! It’ll take me many posts to show you the unique combinations that I think you’ll like. Meanwhile, here is one that shows the popular dark blue mixed in with a teal and gold. STOP! I know you just made face at the gold but don’t do that! Look how pretty everything looks together and adding cream accents to the house will really make this color palette pop.


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The Colors of Restoration Hardware

I think we all have seen the beautiful paint colors at Restoration Hardware right? They are just a perfect blend of color and just a little bit of gray to make them smokey and very sexy. They really have a very distinctive color palette and I can spot of their colors a mile away. Here are some of my favorites.


Shore Collection


Slate Collection


Flint Collection


Silver Sage Collection

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