Virtual Color: This Is How It Works

virtual_clientsThank you for your interest in my virtual color consultation service. I’ve outlined this process for you to make this transaction as smooth and convenient for you as possible. The best way to reach me is via email at but you are also welcome to call my office during business hours (ET) at 704-243-6764.

What I need from you

• I’ll need high quality color pictures (JPG) of the room or rooms you want color for. You can use you phone, iPad or camera as long as everything is clear. Please include as much of the room as possible so I can see the windows, flooring and decor. You may send multiple views of one room. Send all pictures to with the name of the room in the subject space and a description of what you want for that room.


• Tell me the state/town where you live and your phone number. If you recently purchased your home you can send me the MLS listing so I can see the inside and outside of your home which will be very helpful.

• Feel free to send me links from or Pinterest if you have rooms that you like so I can get a feel of the style/colors that you are looking for. Please be VERY descriptive about what you want, for example, “I’m looking for a very relaxing, soft color palette for my home.” If you ask for it, I will send you that look – this is a crucial time saver step for this process.


• I will also need to know what paint brand you want to work with (Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore etc.) I will be telling you the name and number of the color and YOU will have to pick the colors swatches up at the paint store. Most of my clients use Sherwin-Williams because you can get a FREE paint deck which will be convenient to have as we discuss color options for your home plus most paint contractors use Sherwin-Williams so this will keep your costs down. I happen to love the colors of Benjamin Moore so I will more than likely work with that deck. Both are great paint companies as far a quality.


Timeframe. Please tell me the timeframe that you are working with. If you need color for one or two rooms that can get done very quickly (within 48 hours) but if you require a whole house consultation more time will needed depending on how quickly you send me the information that I will need.

• Once I get all the information I need from you I will give you a quote. If the quote is acceptable to you and you’d like to proceed, I will send you a link to my PayPal account which is to be paid in full. At that time I will start your virtual color consultation.

What you’ll get from me

You will receive color recommendations based on the information you send me. You will receive a moodboard very similar to this along with the name and number of each color and it’s placement.


*** Do not judge the color in the graphics that I send you. Monitor representations vary and do not show the colors accurately. This is where having that paint color deck in your possession comes in handy and will save a lot of time. If you need me to mail you colors, this can add at least 10 days on to the project which is why I ask my clients to get the colors themselves thus having the virtual consultation conclude in timely manner. I also highly recommend that you purchase color samples and paint them out before you commit to a color palette just to be 110% sure you love the colors.

Hopefully you will love the first color palette I send to you. This is why your descriptions to me are so very important. If you do not love the first color palette I send you, we can tweak it until you are happy with the color choices. This will be done in a reasonable amount of time otherwise additional fees will be applied but don’t panic, most clients love the first color palette with minimal changes :-)

When I feel that the consult is complete I will let you know by stating that color consultation has concluded and to double check to see if you have any questions about your new colors.

Please feel free to review this website and Angie’s List where I have many A+ testimonials from my virtual consultations. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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What Gray is The Best Gray for Dark Rooms?

bedroom-colorHi Donna,

I came across your site while searching the internet…yet again…for color ideas to paint the small rooms in my Idaho home.  I know the style I like but don’t intend to change the flooring or fixtures at this time.  I have made numerous trips to the local building stores, have drawers full of color samples and still can’t seem to get the right shades or colors.  Is this something you do?
I am currently repainting my master bed/bath.  I have dark tile/wood flooring and very light (comparable to maple) cabinets with granite top and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.  Not a lot of natural light…just one window in each room. No vaulted ceilings…just 8 feet.   I would like to incorporate my love of the ocean and have created some of my own artwork out of dark stained wood and shells, etc.  I am thinking of painting a shade of grey but I’m struggling to find the right one.

With so many grays out there, how do we know which is the right one for our room? Well there are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about gray.

  • Lighting. Do you have a lot of light, a little light or a North facing room?
  • What color is your flooring? Some grays look horrible with warm undertones
  • Some cool grays look lavender
  • Some muted grays switch from looking like blue back to gray again.
  • Green grays look “sickly”

Oh the list can go on and on. Here I have an email from a client who wants a gray for her bedroom. Well you can read the email above and see exactly what her requests are.

I chose Light French Gray because she wants to work the Behr. Also keeping in with the coastal them, this “gray” will sometimes look blue (good for the coastal appeal) and is light enough for her light restrictions.

I also try to keep bedding and decor in mind in my virtual consults. This color looks pretty darn good with the bedding she has and will contrast well with her dark floors.

Like this gray? Sample it out before commenting to painting.


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Valspar: Great Colors But Poor Quality Paint


Does anyone use Valspar paint? They have some really, really awesome colors HOWEVER, and this is the unfortunate part, the quality of their paint is so very poor!

How do I know this? Most of my house is painted in Valspar but I sacrificed quality to get good color. Look at these colors! Beautiful right? Yes but it took more paint than I needed just for proper coverage. Anyone else have that issue?

Should we sacrifice quality to get the colors we want? We shouldn’t have to!


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Teen Girls Just Love Those Caribbean Colors!


The other day I had a color consultation and it was time to choose color for the girls room. She already had chips in her hand of colors she liked. I asked her age (14) and before she could flash me her color swatches, I already knew what color she wanted, Turquoise.

When girls pick colors for their room it’s mostly pink or purple. Young teens have a tenancy to choose turquoise or something very close to the famous Tiffany Blue. It’s bright and fun as a girls room should be.

Most of the time their furniture is white which will leave a nice crisp contrast again these beautiful beachy hues.

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How To Bring Your Room To Life With Benjamin Moore Colors

Color can deaden a room or it can bring life into your home. Literally. I’ve heard clients say that their color looks dead, flat and lifeless. So how can we breathe life into our homes with color? By choosing the RIGHT ones.


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Recapping My Feature Article in enlightenment Magazine about Color Trends

I wanted to share an article that that I was featured in back in the October issue of enLightenment Magazine 2011 to see how the color trends that I talk about then compares to the popular colors now.

Linda Longo, a facebook friend of mine and Editor director of enLIGHTenment Magazine, was nice enough to feature me in this issue (2011) that was distributed in High Point Furniture Market. She did such an amazing job with this Q&A feature and I want to recap it today.

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If I Were A Paint Company I’d Have … A Holistic Paint Color Collection!

Listen up Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, I know you’re listening. How can you NOT have this already? Or something even close to it? Even Valspar is on board with their Sixth Sense line. It’s time to update your color palettes and names. I can help, I am a Virtual Designer :-)

So back to color. If I were a paint company I would have had a Holistic Color Collection, Holistic Hues, whatever you want to call it, out years ago. Why? Because people need inner peace not only within themselves but in their home.

spooky cat Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Virtual Color Consultations

I LOVE virtual color consultations! For me, it’s the perfect way to provide expert color advice for anyone who needs it.

I’ve been working on this virtual design process for years now and have it finely tuned. The process comes with easy to understand instructions, great visuals so you know exactly where your color needs to go and availability via email if you have additional questions about your color or color placement. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Since I made this process so easy for me, I’ve made it affordable for you. Please view this slideshare presentation and feel free to email me or post questions here. I hope you take advantage of this great process!

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Bring Color Into Your Home With Exotic Angel Plants


You all know how much I love green well look at these plants! Talk about bring color AND nature into your home in one shot.

These plants are from Costa Farms and are literally the perfect way to add beauty to the home.

Not everyone can have plants in the house because of cats. Many of our ordinary house plants are poisonous to cats if they should chew on them so if you’re not sure, put the plants out of reach like I have here.

These plants are in my master bathroom. They get humidity from shower and a tremendous amount of light from my glass block window. Plus it’s pretty awesome to take a shower and see this nice color splash , like I’m in the jungle!


Holistically speaking, adding plants to the home is the perfect scenario for not only a visual balance but for refreshing the air as well. When I see plants in the room, especially unusual plants like these, it just makes me feel good which is another reason to bring the outdoors inside.


Look at all the variations of green here and the pop of red, just perfect. Also, the texture of these plants are pretty cool. Some are sooth and shiny and one (the one on the bottom left corner) has a leave that is a little crunchy. So cool!

So there you have it. Want these plants for your home? You can get them at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. I’ve had these plants for a few weeks now and they are still going strong.  Enjoy.

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What Colors Inspire You?


  • Is it the gold sun?
  • The colors of a sunset?
  • The muted hues of the evening sky?

What does it for you? I recently spent some time on the beach at Singer Island Florida and got recharged and motivated – not that I needed motivation when it comes to color but certainly will be talking about how color fits into the holistic world and why. It’ll be cool beans! Stay tuned.

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